5 things to buy/try/do with Grace of Camp Patton

A few things I’ve learned about being a mom + a quick family update!
(This post is a part of a series I’m running while I’m on maternity leave! I asked a few fellow bloggers and friends what they would insist their own friend buy/try/do. I thought this would be a great way to get to know these bloggers a little bit, and to hear some of their secret “must-have” things!)Ā 
I can’t remember how I discovered Grace’s blog, Camp Patton, but I’m really glad that I did.
I love her dry sense of humor. She has me (and Justin) laughing so hard at her posts. My favorites are Simon Says.
Anyway, Grace has 4.5 kids (she’s expecting her 5th!) and we’ve bonded over having children close together. She’s given me sage advice and I guarantee I’ll be texting her throughout some of the crazy days saying,”TELL ME IT’S NOT ALWAYS THIS CRAZY!”
Anyway, I asked Grace what 5 things she would insist that a friend buy/try/do and here is what she told me:
Ohhh, the postpartum period of inexplicable joy, unfathomable bliss, terrible sleep, and hormonal heaven! Then hell. Then heaven again! I am a huge, huge fan of the newborn stage (I know not everyone is, understandably!) but experience tells me that it comes with its fair share of transitional hardships and hurdles that can make for quite the roller coaster as our bodies heal and adapt to life with an ex-utero baby. I put together a little list of the five things that come to immediate mind when I think of postpartum lifesavers. I could go on and on and on (and I have!!) but we’ll start with these for now. I had to crack a smile when I went to grab the links for the following five products because it showed I ordered every single one of them less than a week after my last baby was born. God bless Amazon Prime.

1. MegaFood Blood Builder – let’s start with the fun stuff, a supplement! Definitely check with your doctor (mine is fine with it) prior to taking but odds are good that if you’ve been instructed to take iron supplements post-delivery … this will be safe. It helps build up your iron (energy!!) levels without the nasty side effects of straight iron pills and is super gentle on your stomach. If you’re pregnant and suffer from anemia or your levels are flirting with being anemic … I cannot peer pressure you enough to buy and take this. It’s good. I promise!!

2.Ā Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom SprayĀ – unless you had a c-section … odds are great you’ll benefit greatly from this miracle spray. Even if you didn’t have the pleasure of needing stitches … things are probably a little traumatized and well, I won’t type in detail about it but I’m still feeling cheated for not knowing about this with my first three babies.

3. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (or Milk if that’s more your chocolate speed) – let’s be honest with ourselves and our coffee that we’ve reheated six times since 5:28am … sometimes the fuel just doesn’t make it down the hatch for a million reasons all rhyming with bundle of joy. Someone gave me these after our last baby and life changing is the only way to describe them. They were great because they tasted like candy to me but my older three kids hated them and I could not order a new stash to keep my addiction alive and unhealthy fast enough. Obviously be careful if your breastfeeding lest you accidentally pass along enough caffeine to keep the baby awake long after his or her bedtime of 2:23am but … two, or three, or four here and there won’t hurt. They will help, immensely.

4. American Eagle Jeggings – As much as I truly love an excuse to live in my yogas for weeks and weeks and maybe months post-baby … I’m not a big lover of wearing maternity jeans for that long after the baby is born. Do I shrink right back into my pre-baby jeans? Laugh. Never! Ever. But I have a solid little collection of in-between denim that helps me feel put together for those treasured 20 minute alone trips to Target or um, Target. My favorite pair is dark wash from American Eagle because they are cheap and stretchy (but they run SMALL so, don’t be alarmed when you need a much bigger size than usual – who cares?!) and even though they are called, “jeggings” they look very much like a respectable pair of jeans. Truly.

5. Milk Frother – For the days that your coffee making AND drinking game is on point … take it up a couple notches with a totally frivolous $7 milk frother. It will make you feel so fancy and substitutes nicely when you forgot to run the dishwasher AGAIN and you have no clean spoons. Starbucks who?

And let’s end on that cozy little note. Thank you so much to Kate for having me! It was such a pleasure and maybe even a little bit of a dream come true. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your suggestions Grace! I’m a milk chocolate kind of gal, so I’m going to be hunting down those chocolate covered espresso beans stat.


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Haley says · 02.19.15

Love that milk frother! We got one as a wedding gift along with our coffee pot (such a cute idea!), and I am in love with it. It definitely makes saturday brunch feel a little extra fancy šŸ˜‰

Jennifer says · 02.19.15

#2- “but Iā€™m still feeling cheated for not knowing about this with my first three babies”… First three babies?

Jennifer says · 02.19.15

nevermind I see this was written by someone else… šŸ™‚

Holly Paige says · 02.19.15

I have this milk frother and I use it everyday! It makes a huge difference in my morning coffee!

Jenny says · 02.19.15

I do not have children yet, but I swear by jeggings. Jeans you could sleep in? I’m all game. Also- the espresso beans are delicious, the milk frother is amazing, and the blood builder really has helped me with energy levels. šŸ™‚ Great picks.
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Agoprime says · 02.19.15 Reply
Midwestern Belle says · 02.19.15

The AE pants even look pretty comfy to us non Moms in the crowd!

Rebecca says · 02.19.15

The American Eagle jeggings are some of the only jeans I have. Definitely the ones I wear the most. And even 30 weeks into my pregnancy they still fit! They are low rise enough to fit just under my belly but come up high enough so you’re not showing any crack. šŸ˜‰ They are wonderful and I need to get more!

Beth says · 02.19.15

I’ve found those milk frothers at Ross for $3-$4! They don’t always have them, but keep your eye out if you are in the market for one.

Kelsey says · 02.19.15

Grace is the absolute best!! And I have to second, third, and fourth the Bottom Spray! It is a game changer for postpartum care. I am getting close to having baby number four and a new bottle of that spray is in the bathroom…juuust waiting!

Colleen says · 02.19.15

I must be doing something wrong (somehow?) but I did not find the Bottom Spray to be miraculous. Dare I say it actually stung a little?

mara says · 02.19.15

Yay for Camp Patton as a guest!!! Two of my top favs collaborating makes this feel like a day when my kids both wake up with dry beds šŸ˜€ šŸ˜‰

Kimberly says · 02.20.15

She’s funny!

meagan says · 02.20.15

Great guest post! Love dark chocolate anything!

Leigh Anne says · 02.20.15

Love Grace from Camp Patton….soooo funny & relatable!! I’ve got 4 littles and none on the way but I’m still definitely checking out these recommendations!! I think I need a pair of those jeggings stat :). Loved this guest post!

Fallon says · 02.20.15

Oooooo can’t wait to try these! Love this blog so much :))))) be sure to check out my blog for tips on fitness and interviews on our big win with Ellen degeneres!!

Cherie says · 02.21.15

The 3 In 5 Approach: Day 1 – Day 2 – Off – Day 3 – Off.
Many gamers jerk their controllers at one point or other.

I’m no Jack Kennedy but I’m pretty sure I know easy rim walking.

Marci says · 02.23.15

What a fun post! I totally love that Grace guest posted on your blog because you are both definitely two of my favorite bloggers! I love seeing two bloggers i love collaborating – it’s so fun!

Sydni Jackson says · 02.24.15

What the what?!?! I love Camp Patton. Both of you guys together is like perfection!! Good choices, good choices šŸ˜‰

Christina says · 02.26.15

Love this post! I absolutely love the Camp Patton blog and I’m glad you got her to guest post while you are enjoying your time with your new baby! xx