Capsule Wardrobe, week 2-3

Growth and Gratitude

Last week was pretty hectic around the house, so I was only able to take a few pics of my outfits that week! Nonetheless, I’ve caught up this week with a few more shots.

So, I really intended to take my capsule photos in real time, but that is not happening as easily as I imagined it would. I only “work” a few days a week, and those other days my time is spent cooking, cleaning, etc. So getting my camera all set up and the lighting right in my dimly lit office has proven challenging.

So are you cool with me just taking photos of outfit options based on my capsule that I may not exactly wear in real time? Cool. Thanks.

This is sort of morphing into more of the 30 in 30 that my sister and I did many moons ago. But this time it’s built off of a very strategic wardrobe.


A few thoughts on my capsule so far: 1. I buy a lot of the same “shape” of tops, especially when I’m pregnant. I feel pretty huge right now so I’m much more comfortable in looser tops rather than fitted ones. Fitted ones tend to be much more flattering, but sometimes comfort dominates over appearance. 2. I just don’t get sick of grey or neutrals. 3. My shoes are boring.


top, scarf, denim, shoes (similar)


sweater (similar), cords, flats, earrings


tunic sweater, denim, boots (similar), scarf


zip sweater, denim (same in black), flats, scarf

capsule25sweater, denim (same in black), flats


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corinne says · 11.13.14

You look amazing in the skinny jeans!

Hannah says · 11.13.14

I NEED some mauvy, pink pants now!!!

Cami says · 11.13.14

I love this week’s looks 🙂 I am a fan of stripes and they seem to be a recurring theme in the capsule wardrobe. And with your color palette it gives it a very classic, preppy look. Great outfits!

Megan says · 11.13.14

Ugh I hate fitted maternity shirts anymore! I wish they made more loose and long fitting ones because by the third trimester it doesn’t fit anymore because it’s too uncomfortable or not long enough.

Megan says · 11.13.14

beautiful! I love those mauve cords!

Susan says · 11.13.14

Kate, you look great! Love the outfits you put together, they really flatter you.

Mrs in London says · 11.13.14

Amazing. What a lovely idea.

Margie says · 11.13.14

Kate — Love your outfits, but my struggle is with tying scarves so they look cute — any suggestions you can give for the scares that aren’t “infinity”?!! Thanks!!

Kate says · 11.13.14

I just wrap it around my neck in a loop and let the tails hang in the front! Nothing special! 🙂

Melissa G says · 11.13.14

Margie…if you go on Pinterest, there are a ton of “pins” that show multiple ways to wear scarves!

Nicole says · 11.13.14

You look absolutely beautiful! Love the outfits!

Katie says · 11.13.14

Hi Kate, I just love your blog! I can really relate 🙂 I have a 10 month old son and a baby on the way due in May. Just wondering where the last stripped shirt is from? I LOVE it and have been looking for something like that. The “sweater” link underneath doesn’t link to anything. Thanks!

Kate says · 11.13.14

I found it at Marshalls so that is why it wasn’t linked! Try checking out Lou and Grey pieces from Loft–they have a lot of similar stuff!

Jenny says · 11.13.14

These are really cute outfits! I hope to be a cute pregnant girl one day. Is it bad that I’ve been buying maternity clothing from Target since I was 20 years old, just because I like the fit on my body type?
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Beth says · 11.15.14

A girlfriend who had twins told me the secret about maternity underwear, & I started wearing them long before I had a baby! So much more comfortable….

Krista says · 11.13.14

Looking good! Love the outfits you’ve put together…you really know what works for you!

Olivia Ruth says · 11.13.14

Kate – I am loving these looks. I want both of those scarves!!!! I have been considering trying to capsule wardrobe after the holiday season!

XO – Olivia

Sydni Jackson says · 11.13.14

You’re so cute 🙂 Love these posts!

Amy says · 11.13.14

Love the outfits Kate! I LOVE neutrals and stripes too. I feel like it’s a timeless, classic look and it definitely looks great on you 🙂

Tyana says · 11.13.14

Love the outfits, you should do a side pic of your baby bump so we know how “big” you are

check me out

chrsitine says · 11.13.14

cute outfits, your so brave wearing all that white, my kids are older then you little guy, 4,6,7 and I still cringe when I wear white lol

Stephanie says · 11.13.14

Oh my word!! You look so great!! Love the Strip Top!!

Kim says · 11.13.14

Man, you look awesome. Seriously, you I can barely tell you’re pregnant!!!

Becky Hines says · 11.13.14

You’re absolutely beautiful! I love all of these outfits, they look great on you!

Becky, x

Lindsay Ropella says · 11.13.14

Gosh, each time you post pictures I’m getting more and more into this capsule wardrobe idea! I love all of these outfits, but especially the ones with the jeans and brown boots! You are adorable. 🙂

Rebecca says · 11.13.14

Love all your outfits. You are super cute! All my shoes are boring too…I’m one of the few girls that don’t have that many, and the ones I have are plain. 😉 Your’s don’t look boring with the different outfits you’ve shown. I need to get on my capsule wardrobe.

Carol says · 11.14.14

I find that if you do wear a shirt with pattern as the striped one, you look a lot kurvier and it flatters you more. It could be that the light coloured shirts in front of the creme coloured wall give less shape and maybe it would make a different impression with another darker backround. This is supposed to be a positive comment about the stripped top and an encouragement to show the kurves. Just so that’ s clear 😉

BiancaZ says · 11.14.14

Great bump! 🙂
love the outfits!

Stephanie Eva says · 11.14.14

I love your capsule posts! And I am so head over heels in love with those dusty plummy cords.. So pretty!! I hope that one day when I am pregnant I look as chic as you do. Seriously, I’ll have to bookmark this page for the future for reference, hahah…

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

arnella kajtezovic says · 11.14.14

Oh my gosh all your outfits are so cute! I especially love look number two!

Caroline R says · 11.14.14

I simply MUST know what lipstick you are wearing in the last photo. You look so radiant in all of the photos! Pregnancy definitely suits you.

mitchypoo says · 11.15.14

You look so great, I love these outfits and pieces. My dream is to have a capsule wardrobe, but I’m losing weight, so I may wait until I’m in the size I want to be. Love seeing how you are putting yours together.