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If you’ve just been around this blog for about a year, you may not know that my sister and I owned a handmade jewelry shop together and we sold on Etsy. Since then, she’s become the sole owner and I just send her lists of earrings she needs to bring me when she comes to visit.

I’ve been a big fan of Etsy for a long time. I  remember discovering it back when Domino magazine was in it’s hey day. I loved the concept of artisans having a platform to sell their goods! There are so many talented creators to discover, and my favorite way to support them is by purchasing product from them.

One problem with Etsy is that there is a lot of stuff for sale on the site, and sometimes the really good stuff is hard to find.

If I’m buying a gift for someone, Etsy is usually the first place I look. It makes the gift a little bit more special when you’ve taken the time to seek out a unique item that you think the recipient will love.

Above are a few of my favorite things on Etsy right now. They make perfect gifts for yourself or your friends.

My favorite “sections” to browse on Etsy are “Home + Living”, “Jewelry”, or paper goods. You are sure to come across something unique, beautiful, and very well-crafted!


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Theresa @ AMomInTheMaking says · 07.29.14

Kate, those are all really pretty! I’ve recently been falling in love with etsy… but I’ve never actually purchased anything. This is silly… but I’m sometimes nervous wondering if I will actually get the things I buy.

Do you have any tips for figuring out what shops to buy from?

Kate says · 07.29.14

Have you had a bad experience before? I’d check out the reviews of the shop before buying but otherwise I wouldn’t assume there would be any issues!

Elizabeth says · 07.29.14

I love etsy! I find that what I can buy on there is usually the same price or cheaper than what I can buy in the store. Plus, it’s unique.

If anyone is wondering about the buyers, there is a feedback tab where previous purchasers have rated the seller and left reviews of the items.

Sarah says · 07.29.14

I love Etsy. I just got the best natural deodorant from Fat & The Moon. I’ve been trying to eliminate the amount of metals that goes into my body and sorry, these pits aren’t loving any of the commercial deos out there! Then I saw an interview by Kristin Bell and she suggested Fat & the Moon. Its great.

Becky says · 07.29.14

I love number 4 and 7!! Etsy just has way too much good stuff!

Becca says · 07.29.14

Any suggestions for a special gift for a stylist? My sister-in-law is a stylist in a different town so she doesn’t do my boys’ hair on a regular basis as we don’t want to bother her in her off time. However , she just gave my youngest his 1st trim. She also had given his big brother his 1st trim. I tried to find a special little thank you yesterday (related to doing hair), but wasn’t really excited about anything. I thought maybe you would have good ideas based on things you have received or seen. I am looking to spend less than $30. Thanks!

Jessica says · 07.29.14

I can never have too many cute zippered pouches – I love #4!

GenevieveDesignsBR says · 07.29.14

Etsy is my go to place for gifts as well! I just love it. I got a lot of my wedding decorations from Etsy earlier this year.

You do have to be careful sometimes because I have had other shops steal my pictures & try to sell my wreaths as their own for a much lower price. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Vanessa says · 07.29.14

Wow, your wreaths are gorgeous!!

Katherine says · 07.29.14

I’m just starting a business on Etsy called KatieDid Textiles Co. I sell handmade bags, purses, and totes. Any tips for a new beginner trying to learn the ins and outs of selling online??? Thank you!

Bergan says · 07.29.14

Oh keep doing posts like this!!! I agree that it’s hard to find the really good stuff on Etsy! I love love love etsy suggestions. You’re right; etsy makes a great place to shop for gifts!!

Kacie says · 07.29.14

Etsy is also usually the first place I go when I’m looking for gifts for people, or just for myself! I’ve been doing a lot of browsing on there for things for my upcoming wedding, and already have had success with some cards I bought when I asked my sister and future sister-in-law to be in my wedding party (they loved them!). I just sent out emails to have a cake topper made by one shop (mudcards), and now starting to look for jewelry for myself and my gals, as well as more personalized “thank you” cards for our families. I want it all!!
My first purchase was some items to wear for an Alice in Wonderland costume I wore about 4 years ago – and I have never stopped! This last year its been everything from wall vinyl decals, jewelry holders (cat shaped!), boot cuffs, jewelry (including your sister’s store), and holiday wood signs. I can’t get enough!!

Ciara says · 07.29.14

I agree with you I think Etsy is lovely and I always find the nicest gifts on their. The notebooks on there are to die for 🙂

Rachel says · 07.29.14

I hope you continue to do this type of post! I love Etsy and it’s great to see what other people find! Thank you!

Mariuca from NNUMM says · 07.29.14

I love the zipper pouch! it’s so lovely.

Vanessa says · 07.29.14

I love posts like this!
And I love Etsy. I love being able to support a small business owner and get something more unique than you can find in a chain store. Plus you never have to leave your comfy couch.
My husband has a small shop and I just happened to write on my blog a post about a couple new things he started to make. 🙂

Mexican mint says · 07.29.14 Reply
Katerina says · 07.30.14

Hello, my beautiful friend =)
thank you very much for you blog! I start read it several weeks ago, and I love it.

Could you please help me with one question… is it possible to send some jewelry to Russia?

Thank you in advance!

Meg says · 07.30.14

I started shopping on Etsy a few years ago after I discovered a friend’s jewelry shop. Her jewelry is still my favorite
I have bought everything from table cloths to prints and have never had a bad experience. Thanks for sharing Kate!

Hannah P. says · 07.30.14

I just opened up my first ever Etsy shop! I sell fabric teething necklaces for mama and baby. Do you have any tips on marketing/ getting people to see your shop? That is what I find most challenging. Thanks for doing a post on Etsy!

Sandra says · 07.31.14

Gorgeous picks! I’m a huge Marble & Milkweed fan x

Rachel says · 07.31.14

I love etsy! You’ve picked some lovely items here, so cute! xx

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