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We went to the farmers market yesterday to pick up another batch of peaches. Peck? Peck of peaches? Bushel?


I went last week and got, like, eight, and that was dumb because they were gone in about 2 days.

So this time I bought about 14. That should last us about 3 to 3.5 days.

So there I am, picking out some green beans from a box (peaches were already obtained), and I turn around to see David surrounded by 3 older gentlemen. They were tickling his feet and talking about what a chunk he is. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

David just stared at them the whole time, while I was secretly hoping he’d gift them with a smile. It was too much newness, so he remained contemplative and tried to get a better view of the huge ceiling fan behind one of the old mans’ heads.



David has been drooling since about April, and there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. The tiny man has 2 teeth but there are no signs of any others. . . yet.


He’s a champion napper as long as he has his friend “the right thumb” with him. Unfortunately he has given himself a little blister on it because he only uses that one! I wish he’d change it up so the blister could heal. It’s just about the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure he enjoys any toy more than his feet. Not only are they a blast to play with and hold onto, but they are excellent teethers in David’s opinion. Poor guy struggles to get to them when he’s in the car seat. I always set a toy or two in the car seat with him, but he’s started to whip them around and they end up on the other side of the car shortly into our drive. I’m thinking I’ll need to start strapping them to his bib or something.


David is new to the wonders of Puffs. He’s a thorough chewer. I think he spends about 40 chews one 1 puff. And I’m not complaining–the more mushed up the better (aka no choking). He’s learning to pick things up with his hands, slowly but surely. Usually all he does now it “rake” the puff toward him off the end of the table and if it’s not stuck to his palm, it will fall to the floor where the cats have already learned to wait.

As always, he’s such a delight to be with. Generally happy and easy-going, but still a little stingy on the giggling. He’ll smile big, squint his little eyes, and let out long breathe when we are trying to make him laugh, but the actual “giggles” are rare. Once Justin and I get one though, we spend the rest of the evening trying to make him laugh even harder.

Because no sound is sweeter.


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josie says · 07.16.14

Cutest baby EVER!! These pictures make my heart do flip-flops!! 🙂

Tiffany says · 07.16.14

Absolutely love / adore that last picture! That is definitely frame worthy but, what ones aren’t, right?! He’s adorable <3

Ashley says · 07.16.14

I love Wednesdays!!!

Lisa @ Life as Lisa Knows It says · 07.16.14

awww, he is absolutely adorable! 😉

Taleen says · 07.16.14

He is adorable! I feel the same way with my great-niece…when I finally get her to laugh, I feel like I have accomplished something next to world peace!

K says · 07.16.14

This may be your cutest post ever. ( and my babies are all grown up …the good ole days, sometimes hard to remember until I read these. ).

Holly says · 07.16.14

Kate, he is just the CUTEST thing! I love the chunk! My youngest drooled forever. He always had a drip hanging from his little chin and it didn’t really stop until he was about 3 1/2 years old. Poor little drooly man! Enjoy that sweet baby!

Kaitlin says · 07.16.14

He is so precious!! Love that you are able to get such great pics of him. The whole raking the puff toward him thing?? Totally developmentally appropriate for his age. He probably won’t start using the pincher grasp to pick things up consistently for a couple months. I majored in child development and am now studying to be a pediatric nurse practitioner, so I love seeing all the milestones play out. You are a great momma! Have a wonderful day!

Kate says · 07.16.14

great to know! 🙂

Sarah says · 07.16.14

I always LOVE reading your blog on Wednesdays! David is adorable!

Lindsey says · 07.16.14

He is absolutely beautiful!!

Lauren says · 07.16.14

So sweet! He sounds like a joy! My son is also a thumb sucker (just turned 2). Do you have any lanolin leftover from your breast

Lauren says · 07.16.14

Oops! I was NOT done with that comment…and it cut off really awkwardly!! Haha!

Do you have any lanolin leftover from your breastfeeding days…after he falls asleep at night and hopefully drops his thumb out of his mouth put a little bit of lanolin on it. The trick is to do it stealthily enough that you don’t wake him up even a little bit. If my son got woken up just a little bit he would automatically stick his thumb back in his mouth! (Which would then remove all the lanolin!). The good news is that once my son’s blister healed he never got another one. I thought it would be a reoccurring incident.

Chelsea says · 07.16.14

I love seeing how happy a baby can make other people! It is one of my favorite things about motherhood. And you’re right, there is no sweeter sound than a baby giggle! My little guy was stingy with his giggles also, but he is slowly becoming more of a giggler. David is SO cute!

Haley says · 07.16.14

He is such a sweetie! My 15-month-old has always been a one thumb girl, too. Her blister healed, but unfortunatly she developed a callous on her thumb that she still has.

Ashley says · 07.16.14

Oh my goodness, can he get any cuter? I agree with the above reader, I’m so glad Wednesday is baby David day!

Cara says · 07.16.14

best investment ever is toy links – http://www.amazon.com/Bright-Starts-Links–Solid-Colors/dp/B001ABZGU2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405514170&sr=8-1&keywords=toy+rings – cheap and you can use them to connect toys to the carseat, stroller, etc. They also are fun toys on their own!

Ellen says · 07.16.14

I was just going to suggest these. They are the best! Connect the toys to whatever he is in. No more scrambling for dropped or thrown toys in the parking lot or grocery store floor. And my boys loved having their toys within reach in the car.

Asra says · 07.16.14

I was also just about to suggest these too! Linking rings are amazing. I was so confused what to do with them when I first got them for my daughter, but now I have a few stuck all over. Great for keeping toys on car seats and high chairs at restaurants. Stick one in your stroller to hold shopping bags. They work as tethers and older kids love making and taking apart chains if them. Best $3 you will ever spend!!!

Katie@LifesNextBigStep says · 07.16.14

He is such a doll – seriously! And my daughter throws her toys from the car seat too…it’s a struggle but I just hope for a stop light 🙂

Michelle | Birds of Berwick says · 07.16.14

He’s adorable and what great pictures! I know what you mean about the giggling. I was visiting my niece a while back when she was about 9-10 months old and I got her giggling SO HARD by making her toys dance and peek-a-boo from inside a pack and play while she was on the outside. She giggled so hard it gave her the hiccups but no one wanted us to stop, it was just so darn cute!

Joe K says · 07.16.14

We tried lots of different teething aids. We finally settled on a washcloth. Seriously. We’d wet 1/2 of it then put it in the freezer to get it good and cold. The frozen part felt nice while the dry part gave baby something to hold onto, and the cloth absorbed (most of) the spit. My babies loved it. Hope he gets some relief soon!

meredith says · 07.16.14

Yes! We did this too, and it is the greatest!

Angela says · 07.16.14

This post is making me want peaches. A few more weeks and we will have fresh ripe Ontario peaches in Canada.

The pictures are so sweet. David is such a cutie!


Susan says · 07.16.14

Hi, Kate! I wanted to encourage you in that David’s thumb will eventually develop a little callus there where his teeth hit. He is a sweet baby for sure. How do you like to use fresh peaches? Cobblers, milkshakes, etc.? Thanks, Susan

JNJxn says · 07.16.14

Wow, he is your mini-me!! So, so cute!! Baby giggles are the best. I’m willing to bet you’ll get more and more in the coming months. 🙂

Charity says · 07.16.14

Such a sweet post about David! He is absolutely adorable! I bet that was a precious sight when the men at the farmer’s market were oooh-ing and aahh-ing over him!

Caitlyn Bainum says · 07.16.14


My nephew is about the same age as David. He just got his two bottom teeth about a week ago and my sister decided to make a teething necklace for him. She made an etsy shop and adds a few more styles every other day or so. They are cute and very helpful!

Laura says · 07.16.14

Hi Kate! My little guy is about 3 weeks older than David so it’s fun to compare the two and see what yours is up to. Mine got his top two teeth almost exactly two months after the bottom two…. and it seemed like teething symptoms were MUCH worse with the top ones. Hope David’s pop through soon and that he’s not too cranky with the process.

I haven’t introduced Puffs yet but I’m thinking I will soon! We just got a puppy so I’m sure she will love picking up the ones he drops. 🙂

Suzzy says · 07.16.14

I frequent your blog, and enjoy every day of it, but I have to say that Wednesday’s are my fave!! Your little man is adorable 🙂

Jackie says · 07.16.14

My little one is just a week younger then David and her giggles are also rare. She seems to giggle the most at her silly cousins bouncing around for her. We are obviously not as exciting!

Kirten says · 07.16.14

Ah, the thumb! It’s so cute, but geez, it’s a hard habit to break as they age.
Giggles are the best! Even at 6 years old like my daughter is.

LaurenCarny says · 07.16.14

My daughter (Clara) is about 5 days older than David and I absolutely love when you post about him because I love to read about babies who are about her age! Clara is new to Puffs too- although she’s not as thorough of a chewer which means I’m always watching her like a hawk! I’m curious what Puffs do you use?

He’s adorable! Love those rolls!


Megan says · 07.16.14

Kate, he is positively TOO cute! My daughter was a total chunk like that too. I need another baby. Like now.

Kim says · 07.16.14

Have you heard of the amber teething necklaces for babies? A friend’s baby was wearing one and I thought it was just a cool surfer type necklace for baby and she explained that it helped with drooling and teething. My boys are older, but I was curious and found this http://blogs.babycenter.com/products_and_prizes/amber-teething-necklaces-do-they-work/

Cindy says · 07.16.14

My little guy is also just a few weeks older than David, so I enjoy reading about your milestones too! What a cutie pie he is!
For the drooling, try an amber teething necklace. They work wonders! Still Being [Molly] wrote about her experience with them a few weeks ago on her blog (http://www.stillbeingmolly.com/2014/05/20/mamas-baltic-amber-teething-necklace-review/ ).

April says · 07.16.14

So sweet! I love your posts about David. My first son is due next week so your posts and pictures are extra exciting!

Jen says · 07.16.14

Love the pics:)

Janie Lynn @ My Over-all Apron says · 07.16.14

Oh my goodness! HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!

From you whole foody!
Janie Lynn

http://www.myover-allapron.blogspot.com – recent post: COCONUT PORRIDGE

CindyK says · 07.16.14

Kate, I am so glad you are enjoying your son. I have been a stay at home mom now for 12 1/2 years and home school my kids now. They still do stuff that I enjoy and they are the ones that make me laugh until I cry! I pray that you have a glimpse of God’s wonderful love from your experience of loving your David. His love is so deep and wide. Blessings~

Brooke Gregg says · 07.16.14 Reply
Hannah wiggins says · 07.16.14

He’s the most beautiful baby ever!! You’re a fantastic mama!

Traci says · 07.16.14

Is he a redhead? I’m so jealous! My first three are all either blonde or brunette, even though I’m a natural redhead. 🙁 Let’s hope my last one, due in December has red hair like your little guy!

Katie says · 07.16.14

My little one, Madelyn, is about 1 month older than David, so it’s always fun to see how they relate. She, too, isn’t much of a giggler. Very happy baby, but the giggles are something my husband and I treasure when she decides to give us a good baby belly laugh. Enjoy! It’s just so much fun 🙂

Sabrina says · 07.17.14

The last picture is beautiful! I said with my children, if I could bottle their giggles and sell them this world would be a happier place!

Michelle says · 07.17.14

Reading this brings back the memories. My babies are now 10 and 12 and I this morning asked my husband for another and he said NO!
Avoid the sweet potato puffs, my kids loved them but they stain. And his throwing the toys in the car is only cute til he hits you in the head with one. Not that I know this from experience. LOL!

Becca says · 07.17.14

I love that the cats have figured out that they will get fed if underneath him. 😀 Love the David posts every week.

Katie D. says · 07.17.14

I swear, the old guys go nuts for the babies!

Lyndsay says · 07.21.14

What a cutie! We always referred to puffs as baby cracks!

Jean says · 07.21.14

Kate, love the posts about David. He is so adorable and I know such a blessing. Just a little insider tip about the drooling and teething… there is a amber baby necklace that takes away all the teething symptoms. You can find it on amazon… It has saved many of my friends during the teething stage. It wasn’t around when my girls were going through that and I hate that I missed out on the nifty tool.