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The Brand Market could not have come at a better time.

I had been feeling a little tapped dry lately and was struggling with both motivation and inspiration.

I remember seeing Anna post about The Brand Market a couple months ago and thought it would be really cool to attend. In fact, I considered driving to Atlanta for it. And then I learned that it toured, so I waited to see if it would come to a place nearby so that I could attend.

Well, it’s hard to get closer than the town in which I live, so it was a pretty exciting day when I learned it was coming to Raleigh.

I wondered, though, how much would be applicable to me. It was called the “brand” market. Am I a brand? I never really considered myself a brand. When I think of a brand, I think of Kate Spade or Merona or Trident. I don’t think of my blog.

Nonetheless, I decided to attend for a few reasons. I wanted to be around creative people, I wanted to meet new people, and I thought I would at least glean some sort of inspiration while I was there.

The ratio of expectations to actual results was incalculable.

bmwphoto credit from left: mine, @brandmarketworkshop, Jen Riedel, Molly Stillman 

 It was held in the coolest co-working space downtown Raleigh called HQ Raleigh. There were about 18-20 attendees, which was a great size for what The Brand Market is supposed to be. One of the greatest features was the one-on-one time with either Anna or Mike & Megan Gilger (the co-hosts and creatives behind Wild Measure). It was much more conducive to an educational/learning session than a large, informal motivational speaker type of conference. You were free to ask, “well, how does that work for my ____ business. . . ” and people would help you process through it.

Sometimes at blog conferences or sessions the focus is so heavy on motivation and inspiration that the practical teaching part of it can get lost. And yes, motivational talks can be great for the right place and the right time, it is invaluable to learn from other peers in your industry.

I left The Brand Market feeling more revived and motivated to dive back into blogging head first than any other blog conference I had been to. Not only was it the perfect time for me to be motivated, but I was able to actually apply the information I learned once I got back home.

I got home that Saturday afternoon and told Justin all about it. We talked late into the evening about my blog and I started working on organizing an editorial calendar. I set some goals for myself, goals for the blog, and became genuinely excited about working hard on it again.

I woke up the following morning at 4:45a and was excited to get out of bed to get started. And it was so timely with the relaunch of my blog happening the following day.

Like I mentioned above, The Brand Market travels. Check the website to see if it’s coming near you and I’d highly recommend going if you take your blog/business/brand seriously and want to grow.


*I was not compensated for this post, these were just honest reflections about that day.


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Arielle says · 05.02.14

Sometimes we need that burst of inspiration to get going. I love when that happens!! I need to get back into an editorial calendar. I found it helped me quite a bit.

Kate says · 05.02.14


Jessica Baker says · 05.02.14

Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe if my blog becomes as great as yours I will have to consider attending! But, I actually just started it today! So it will be a while! 🙂

Kate says · 05.02.14

hey, it’s never too early to start learning!

Michelle says · 05.02.14

Thanks for sharing your honest feedback! I am a Pilates instructor just staring a blog and read about attending this only after it had passed through Atlanta. I will keep an ear out for their future visits after reading your review! The new design looks great.

Kate says · 05.02.14


Sarah says · 05.02.14

I’m not able to read your blog on the feedly app anymore, it just shows a preview! I do love your pretty new look but the font is hard to read on a phone and the app made it much easier. Any possibility that this could be changed in the future?

Kristin says · 05.02.14

The thought crossed my mind about how you were attending this at the same time of your blog redesign! Sometimes a little inspiration from a different perspective is such a breath of fresh air!

Courtney Reese says · 05.02.14

It sounds like it was a worthwhile workshop! I was SO close to going to that conference and now I’m kicking myself for not attending. My husband and I just moved to Raleigh from Maryland and I’d love to meet more creatives.
Been following your blog ever since you announced you were pregnant and it’s been so fun to watch your story unfold. 🙂

Emily S says · 05.02.14

Bummer! I can no longer read your blog in Feedly. Do you think you’ll change this in the future?

Stephanie Turner says · 05.02.14

That sounds like a very worthwhile workshop! I’m from Michigan and don’t see much advertisement for workshops in my area… but I will definitely be on the lookout now. 🙂

Erin says · 05.02.14

I think you are doing a great job Kate! I love the look of the new design and look forward to future posts 🙂

Lindsay @ The Newlywed Notebook says · 05.02.14

SO neat! I would LOVE to attend something like that one day but here in my little old Midwestern town I’m not expecting anything anytime soon. can’t wait to hear about some of the great things you learned!

ashley @ LeavingTheRut says · 05.02.14

Kate, This sounds like a great workshop, and I hopped over to their site to take a look because I have been looking for a blog conference to attend but I think that this one is geared towards more established bloggers like yourself (I just started my blog a few weeks ago)
Is there a blog conference that you have been to that was really helpful at the beginning of your blogging experience? Maybe one that covered more aspects of blogging and how to develop a blog.
I would love to hear your suggestions!
Ashley @

Ashley says · 05.02.14

Please share where you found that lovely white top you’re wearing in the first picture!

Stephanie says · 05.03.14

Yes please share! Pretty top!

Samara says · 05.02.14

I have heard other bloggers say the same thing about that workshop! I would love the opportunity to attend one of their sessions (I’m in the Detroit area and I’m not sure how much of an audience there would be here). I have lots of ideas and am having trouble organizing them:) Yeah you for having had this great experience!!

Kristin S says · 05.02.14

I’m so glad you were able to go!

jennifer says · 05.03.14

Wow! I bet that was a fun day! Just being around other creative people is a nice way to get that creative “spark” back. ‘they’ get why we are so crazy excited over the things we love to create!

I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets in those moods unmotivated or I have so many idea’s that I never create them- Brain overload is what I call it for myself.
But being a mommy,wife,taking care of the home etc…CAN and does take a lot of energy- Enjoy the down days & relax. That is what I have to do sometimes,step back. Recollect my thoughts & just relax(my brain).in.front. catching.up.on.shows. I taped. Lol

Glad to see you DO have your motivation back:) I enjoy your blog post!

Jamie says · 05.04.14

I think it’s funny how my blog gets my butt up early at times! I am not a morning person but because of my love for my blog it motivates me! I am def going to look and see if the Brand Market is coming close to Ohio!

Daisy says · 05.06.14

Thanks for posting this! You are so thoughtful always.

melinda says · 05.06.14

I was really excited to hear about the Brand Market. I sent them a request to come to Fort Worth, TX. I think the traveling conference idea is GREAT!