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 1. Nautical Stripe Dress, 2. Enamel Leaf Drops, 3. Theadora & Callum Scarf, 4. Slim Knot Ring Set, 5. Hiralle Sandals , 6. Brown Sunglasses, 7. Studded Clutch, 8. Eyelet Maxi Dress

My wardrobe is pretty plain and simple, and I love it like that. If you looked through the dresses I have hanging in my closet, you’ll see a few different colors but no patterns. I just added a lace dress from Loft to my wardrobe, but that’s as “busy” as it gets.

I alternate a few pair of jeans, neutral shorts, simple tops with the occasional maxi skirt during the spring and summer. I don’t mind the monotony of a simple outfit every day either. I enjoyed having a reason to dress up when I worked behind the chair, and I am enjoying this season of my life now that embraces a bit more casual look.

I totally understand the draw to keep the “nicer” clothes for days when you won’t be covered in baby drool, but I’m trying to wear them regardless. And baby drool comes out in the wash anyway, so as long as it isn’t silk, it should recover just fine.

Despite the fact that I’m dressing more casual, I still like to feel put together. Jewelry, bags and other accessories add just enough of a variety to my repetitive simple outfits to satisfy me. Earrings and a few rings are a daily addition to whatever I’m wearing, and on a rare occasion I’ll throw on a long necklace.

My goal for my wardrobe this summer is to be comfortable. I picked up this maxi dress at Old Navy and loved it the second I put it on. I added a few stitches around the top to keep the front panel from falling down, but other than that it’s comfortable and light for really hot day.

So are you a shorts + t-shirt kind of gal, or a light maxi dress with flat sandals wearer?


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Susan Wright says · 05.30.14

Shorts & T-shirt! I wore dresses for 34 years in a really strict church. I am ready for some short, capri’s and jeans baby !

Kate says · 05.30.14


Lauren Ford says · 05.30.14

I’d say both. I love the beachy feel of a cool, cotton maxi dress or skirt and the comfy, casual look of shorts and tees. Bottom line, here in the deep, deep south (Louisiana) whatever doesn’t stick to your skin by noon is the go to outfit!!

Kate says · 05.30.14

Loud and clear on the “sticking to your skin” part!

Denise says · 05.30.14

I love to wear both depending on my mood. I absolutely love how summertime dresses flow and make me feel pretty, but I also love to sport cute shorts and a comfy tee as well. Love the idea of including accessories to feel put together each day. 🙂

Angela says · 05.30.14

I am definitely a dress and flats kind of gal. I don’t know why but I have never really liked the look of shorts on myself. For me, there is nothing easier then tossing on a comfy dress. I recently was shopping at the Gap Factory and saw some really cute dresses and maxi dresses, I believe they are 50% now.

Kathryn B says · 05.30.14

honestly, i’m neither! i’m a “tank top and slouchy cotton pant with sandals” or “shorter skirt and tee with other sandals” type of girl. maxi dresses don’t ever seem to look right on my figure and shorts tend to irritate me!!

Alex says · 05.30.14

I’m all about the skirts and linen or cotton tops. Anything to keep feeling fresh but still covering up most of my legs from the sun. Is it weird that I am still hiding my legs in the summer?

Lauren says · 05.30.14

I love both it just depends on the day and how I feel! 🙂

Jessica says · 05.30.14

$119 for a scarf! Really?

Rebecca says · 05.30.14

And that’s on sale!!

Lori-Ann says · 05.30.14

Shorts have a tendency to ride up and I find knee length a-line cotton skirts or maxi skirts and dresses much more comfortable, modest and feminine!

Melissa says · 05.30.14

I used to be a nothing but capris or knee-length shorts with a t-shirt or tank top in the summer kind of girl. But last summer I started branching out into jersey dresses and I fell in love. Now I’ve found a few maxi dresses that are long enough for me (I’m 5’10”) and I can wear a bra with (because these “girls” need a suit-of-armor bra!) and I’m wearing them nonstop. However, with dresses I like to wear like a pair of not-too-snug lightweight Spanx underneath. Smooths things out and keeps my legs from getting sticky if it’s hot.

Laura says · 05.30.14

In the last year I have lost 96 pounds, so I am now obsessed with shorter dresses for Summer! LOFT is one of my favorite places now.

Allison says · 05.30.14

I love a simple outfit as well. For summer, I have had my eye on this maxi dress from a shop called Kiki La Rue, ironically it’s called the Summertime Maxi. Love the sandels and scarf-I’m a scarf girl.

Thanks for sharing, always love reading your blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

Allison over at Allison’s Eye

Jamey says · 05.30.14

I’m a teacher, so in the summers I tend to prefer to be as casual as I can get away with… My husband came home from work yesterday and asked if I had worked out. I guess he doesn’t quite understand the desire to dress for a workout without actually doing one! 🙂

Heather says · 05.30.14

I’m a stay at home mom of 2 littles under the age of 2 and I refer to maxi skirts as my “dressy yoga pants”. They are as comfy as yoga pants but they look a lot more put together on the days we go out in public. Plus, everything stays “covered” during the chaos of mommyhood better than a short dress or skirt.

Amanda says · 05.30.14

Dresses all the way! Shorts are great for certain occasions (like baseball games!), but other than that I pretty much wear casual dresses all summer long.

Kaitlyn says · 05.30.14

Not at all related (though I’m a mix of shorts and tee shirts and maxis and sandals – depends on the occasion), but I just scooted over to Sephora at lunch to buy some new lipstick and picked up a tube of Tarte Amazonian Butter. I think I’m in love!! I’ve never worn a lipstick that feels so much like balm. This is amazing! I ended up with Poppy, which was a nice orangey-red, and I love how it looks and feels! I spent a few minutes staring at/trying on the foundation that you love, but couldn’t pull the trigger because of the steep price tag (over $50 to get the makeup and brush! I’m sure it’s worth it, but I was already buying two lipsticks…).

Anyway, thank you so much for your recommendations! I know you’ve been getting some flack for not posting as many hair-related things, but I love your makeup recommendations too!

Carolina Little says · 05.30.14

LOVE maxi dresses for summer, the blue one looks great with your complexion! and I finally signed up for Julep. I can’t wait to receive my first box!

Kelly P. says · 05.30.14

Can I say “both” to shorts and dresses? I stay home with my kids and I totally agree about “wearing the good stuff anyway”. It feels good to put myself together even when I’m working at home. It boosts the morale. 🙂 Do you ever get comments like “Where are you going so dressed up?” Or is it just me and I’m over dressing? Ha! Would love to hear your take. 😀 I looked and looked at that dress from ON. Super cute.

Chris says · 05.30.14

I’m all about the dresses in the summer, but I’ve yet to find a maxi dress that I think looks quite right on me. So, I’m usually more for the short dresses. Old Navy’s Tshirt dresses and Loft are usually some of my favorites. ON had their dresses on sale for $15 last weekend- t shirt dresses in stripes and solids, those with a cute shrug and long necklace are some of my go to easy outfits. My favorites were last years Loft T Shirt dresses they hung perfectly but so far none of those this year. Sigh.

Kristin- Imperfectly Wonderful says · 05.30.14

Depends on the day. I love to dress up a bit, I just feel better when I am pulled together…But I have 3 small children so shorts & a tee are more my reality. I try to dress them up with cute sandals and jewelry. I also try to pick tees that have some sort of detailing whether it’s a jeweled collar or an interesting hem.

Michelle says · 05.31.14

I love the maxi dress & the flip flops, maxi dresses are so comfortable & can be stylish!

Sarah M says · 05.31.14

I’m shorts & t-shirt. I’d love to wear more skirts, but the practical side of me just can’t get myself to spend the money on them. I feel you can’t wear skirts/dresses as interchangeably as a pair of shorts or jeans. Maybe one day I’ll be able to tap the less-logical part of myself and just go for it!

I agree with your statement about dressing casually and adding good accessories to spice up an outfit. You do a really great job with that, from the pictures you’ve posted in the past!

Sarah from {Unbecoming Eve}

Joe K says · 05.31.14

I love the look of maxi dresses on others but I feel like I sometimes look frumpy in them. I’m not very tall and admittedly I’m still holding on to about 10lbs of baby weight. (It’s ok to call it “baby weight” even if the baby is almost 2 years old, right?) Usually I end up in capris but I would love some tips to transition to summery skirts.

Simran@leavepillow says · 06.01.14

I love sunglasses and maxi dresses

Esther says · 06.01.14

Strangely enough, I’ve seen both of those dresses on your style-board in person in the last week, and admired them both. I’m a nanny, so, for work, I definitely wear shorts and v-necks (I have a phobia of things touching my neck, so tees are a no-go). For time off, though, I love skirts and sandals 🙂

Molly Beaupre says · 06.02.14

I have recently begun to enjoy maxi dresses and how they feel. I was never a shorts person and usually favored pants. I love the length of the dresses and how light and cool they feel. I am also a sucker for cute sandals.

Jill says · 06.02.14

great blogs, love all the video and tutorials,check out my blog as well

John Louis says · 05.11.16

Amazing blog!!!

I love to live like cool and stylish. I really like your blog. You have shown really amazing and beautiful dresses, sunglasses and all other accessory.

I am the lover of sunglasses and have great collection of it.

Thank You 🙂

Louis Bishop says · 07.04.16

Amazing…Great Collection!!

My spouse and I want to wear both depending on my mood. My spouse and I absolutely love how summer dresses flow and make me feel pretty, but I also wish to exercise cute shorts and a comfy tee as well. Love the idea of including accessories to feel put together every day.