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Although I frequent Sephora for beauty products, I am almost never sucked in to the walls that contain all the fragrance options.

Perhaps it seems a little overwhelming? I also feel like I could spend hours smelling each one but it would take about 10 minutes of exploring before I’d have a raging headache from all the strong scents.

Enter Commodity Goods. I heard about this brand through my sister and thought it was so cool so I wanted to tell you about it.


The best way to try out the fragrances is through the fitting kit. If you order the full fitting kit, you’ll get 20 fragrances to test out at home. I loved this option because I could test it in batches instead of trying to decide on my favorite scent right away.


The black fragrances are more masculine than the white options, but I think either can be worn depending on your preferences. I was surprised by a few of the mens fragrances that I liked for myself.

Of the options, I really loved tea and dew for myself, and I chose cloth for my husband.


Tea has a bit of lemon and citrus notes, along with jasmine and sandalwood.


Cloth is a soft masculine scent that isn’t too sharp. Some men’s cologne is over-powering to me, but this was a really nice, warm scent.


Dew is a bit floral with a hit of pear, orchid and violet petals.


The packaging is beautiful, which can make or break perfume in my opinion. It’s sort of a luxury anyway, so to ย have it contained in a really beautiful bottle is a nice perk.

Commodity Goods is kindly giving away 1 full collection fitting kit along with 1 100mL bottle scent of your choice! Enter using the giveaway tool below! US only.
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Divya says · 05.22.14

This is such a unique idea..! A fitting kit?! The packaging is no-fuss very sophisticated! I hate bottles which have too much going on with them! sadly the giveaway isn’t for me! ๐Ÿ™

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Kate says · 05.22.14

Sorry about that!

Amanda says · 05.29.14

Do you have an email address we can reach you with questions? (Under contact, advertise tab pop up but won’t take me to the advertise page. I’m viewing from an iPhone)I love your blog.

Jolene says · 05.22.14

So cool!

Trisha says · 05.22.14

This is perfect! I have been looking for a new scent but like you get overwhelmed at the fragrance counter. I have always worn Beautiful… It’s timeless and sweet but I have been ready for a change. Thanks for this giveaway!

Nicole says · 05.22.14

This is super cool! I definitely want to try this. Love!!

Jenny says · 05.22.14

What beautiful packaging and clean but unique website they have — I was pulled in immediately and enjoyed surfing their site. A stellar concept too! Thanks for introducing me.

Heather dela Cruz says · 05.22.14

What a great idea!

Jen says · 05.22.14

Love your giveaways, but I’m always bummed when I can’t enter because I’m not on social media.

Kate says · 05.22.14

The company chooses their entry methods. I will try to encourage them to provide an alternative option in the future!

Kellie says · 05.22.14

I’m glad you mentioned that the company decides because I have always felt left out of the give aways…I’m also not on social media.

Angela says · 05.22.14

This sounds so cool. I love the idea of having the time to properly sample the fragrances. The samples would be great on there own for traveling too. Neat!


Emma says · 05.22.14

I have such a hard time finding a scent that works with my skin chemistry, I usually end up smelling up like fresh-out-of-the-box Barbie Doll (how pleasant) This is such a great option for testing out new fragrances without standing out the counter for hours developing a headaches from all the scent. Thanks for sharing!

Crystal says · 05.22.14

Is this the brand where Lauren had the (paper) scent? Dying to try that out!

Lori says · 05.22.14

Just wanted to make sure you knew that at Sephora they will give you a little sample vial of any fragrance you want to take home and try out! They are super nice about it and will give you as many as you want to try!

Louise Corbally says · 05.22.14

Where can I purchase this kit? ๐Ÿ™‚

Diane says · 05.22.14

What a great idea!

Christine says · 05.22.14

Love your site. I visit it almost every day. I’ve used the hair tutorials, bought products you’ve recommended and recommended you to friends. I do have to say that I no longer participate in your giveaways as I am really turned off by the new format that is tied to social media. Please bring back the old way!

Kate says · 05.22.14

The company chooses their entry methods. I will try to encourage them to provide an alternative option in the future!

minacoleta says · 05.22.14

I’ve heard about this company before on another blog and I’ve always wanted to try it, as I love the sound of their Gold and Moss parfum’s, but I’m not in the position right now financially to commit to one of their full bottles! One day, when I feel like I’d actually be able to purchase one of them, I will test them all out!

Great giveaway!


Carsla says · 05.22.14

Love this idea! I’m so indecisive. Looking forward to your future posts. (:

<3 Carsla
Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
A stylist, foodie, & writerโ€™s blog in development.

Tori says · 05.22.14

This is amazing! I now know what all my girlfriends are getting for their birthdays – fitting kits and a bottle! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

Gretchen says · 05.22.14

I just ordered the sampler and the “Magnolia” fragrance, it was a must.
My Euro Cream Golden Retriever’s name is Magnolia, so fitting!

katie says · 05.22.14

I just ordered a kit ๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda says · 05.22.14

I reviewed their fit kit a few months ago and I loved the Tea scent as well! I thought the $108 price tag for a full bottle was a little outside my budget, but I loved the concept of the home try-on.

Kristin says · 05.22.14

Thanks for sharing, Kate! Picking a scent can be so time consuming…plus I like my boyfriend to smell the fragrances as well.. and he’s definitely not going to stand in the mall as long as it takes for me to pick one out haha
I’m so excited to order a kit.

Darlene says · 05.22.14

Love your blog, especially the hair tutorials. I just ordered the full kits for men and women for my husband and me. I can’t wait to find my fragrance.

Mel J. says · 05.22.14

I love this and anything jasmine.

Megan says · 05.22.14

This is so cool! Just ordered my fiance and I a kit. I’m looking for my perfect wedding perfume!

kitkat says · 05.23.14

Thanks for sharing!

Juliana says · 05.23.14

Such a shame they don’t ship to Alaska! I was looking forward to trying out their scents.

Sarah says · 05.23.14

Looks interesting!

If the Sephora fragrance section is overwhelming, you might try their “fragrance samplers” — kits with sample vials of their most popular perfumes (8-14 samples depending on which set you choose). They’re around $50 or $55 I think, and each set includes a certificate for a free full-size bottle of whichever one you end up loving the most.

Cindy Braziel says · 05.24.14

Very cool!!!

Jen says · 05.25.14

This sounds interesting and like something I would be interested in but I’m trying to find out what the cost of a full size bottle is when you decide on the samples that you like. Is it really $100+ for a bottle?!

Genevieve Wilkinson says · 05.26.14

Pretty much want to go out and get every one of these for the modern minimalist packaging alone! Love these.

kristy brown says · 05.26.14

what a GREAT idea. LOVE THIS! thank you for sharing.

Stacy Peterson says · 05.29.14

I will try to go boldly where I have not gone before…with lipstick! I ALWAYS wear neutral glosses.

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