January Favorites

Friday Fives
Another month has passed and it’s time to round up my favorite beauty products of the month! 

Products Mentioned:

Nars bronzer in Laguna (the description says there is shimmer in this bronzer but it’s barely noticeable)

Check out some of my other Favorite Video’s here!


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Erin Ferraro says · 02.10.14

Been using Nars Laguna bronzer for years… It’s the best! I can even use a touch of it in the winter on my pale skin. It still looks fairly natural.

Hurley Caroline says · 02.10.14

If I’m guessing right I think I have that same sweater from Loft from a couple seasons back. It’s the best! I also got Sigma brushes for Christmas and I have really been impressed with them so far! I love how soft they are and I think they apply make up better than my Sonia Kashuk brushes.

Veronica and Daniel says · 02.10.14

I’ve been thinking about getting some new brushes, so this video was perfect timing for me – I’ve never had a sigma brush before but they sound fantastic! Also, on a totally unrelated note, a Chick-fil-A just opened last week about 6 blocks from my house and I was going to swing by yesterday to get a lemonade (my favorite too!) on my way home from church…but I forgot it was Sunday (which you think I would have remembered since I was coming home from CHURCH!!) I feel like this wont be the last time I will have to wait until Monday for some yummy lemonade 🙂

Emily @ ACanDoAttitude says · 02.10.14

I am loving the your new length and you wearing it straight. I am guessing you used a flat iron straight tutorial method. A new tutorial idea might be to do it again with he new length, if you are considering requests.

Jennifer Leigh Wirtz says · 02.10.14

Love your videos. If you are into nail polishes check out Zoya. They are probably my favorite nail polish. My sister had a baby in September and she read where Zoya are free from ingredients like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) which can be harmful on a baby. They carry it at Ulta.

Gin says · 02.11.14


Hello. I do not see a recipe for the sugar cookies on the link you provided for Ree’s site. I even clicked on her pictures and nothing came up. Was that error on her behalf? I even did a Google search and nothing. 🙁


Laura Harring says · 02.11.14

Love your sweater!!!!! Just for the record though, I really am going to have to hate you for looking so darn put together even with a new born!! How are you even awake enough to do all that??? 🙂

Anita Finn says · 02.11.14

Quick question…when you use the Ta-Da Quick Dry drops do you notice your polish isn’t lasting as long? I have painted my nails and they last almost a full week without any chips, but when I use the Quick Dry Drops they seem to chip faster.
I was curious if I’m the only person this is happening to.

Morgan says · 02.12.14

Have you tried Essie’s “Go To Go” Top Coat? It is a quick-dry top coat (3-5 minute dry time), but I have found that my nails won’t chip for up to 5-7 days, sometimes longer if I happen to be easy on my hands that week. Like you, I am very hard on my hands and I have found that using 3 Way Glaze as a base coat and Go To Go as a top coat have helped my manis last much longer.

Morgan says · 02.12.14

Haha, I’m sorry, I meant to type “GOOD to Go”… my bad!

Mark north says · 02.13.14 Reply
Rebecca says · 02.19.14

I recently purchased the Sigma F80 foundation brush because of all the hype, and I have to say, it was very worth it. I really want to get some eye shadow brushes next!
Rebecca – sweetandsimplelifeblog.blogspot.com