Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick (is it butter?)

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I’m a big fan of Tarte products. I happen to have deep affections for their 12-hour Amazonian clay blushes. I own 3 shades, but in my dream world I would own 10. 

I stumbled across their Amazonian Butter lipstick on Sephora.com. I went to the store to see if I could swatch some out and try them on, but no stores carried these lipsticks. 

So after much deliberation, I picked out the Watermelon shade and ordered it online. 

Ordering lipstick online is like ordering jeans online. It’s the kind of product that you really need to try on, you know what I mean?

But I thought, “Tarte knows what’s up. I bet I’ll love this lipstick.”

And that ended up being the case.

The texture is light and creamy. It’s almost more along the lines of a gel-like feeling instead of a thick creamy lipstick. It’s buildable and wears really nicely. And the shine? Over the top. 

Beyond the fact that the lipstick is nearly flawless, the packaging is just about the cutest thing I ever seen, am I right?


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jessica rose says · 01.09.14

I know what you mean about ordering on-line….can be a hit or miss affair…but this is most certainly a hit!


Arielle Thibodeaux says · 01.09.14

I agree with you. I have to see it in person first. The shade is nice on you!

Michelle Ash Latham says · 01.09.14

Such a cute package! The color looks great on you!


Jackie S says · 01.09.14

I love Tarte products, and they have some new products for their Spring 2014 collection that I can’t wait to try! This lipstick looks gorgeous on you!

Mackenzie says · 01.09.14

You have way more guts than I do…props! I have fallen in love with their “liquid” (cream?) foundation. Great coverage, but based off your posts I think it would be a little “thicker” than what you generally want. I tried their cover-up based off of your suggestion. Unfortunately my local Ulta failed me and didn’t have anyone to help me match shade…so an exchange is in order. It’s still great coverage!
Love the lipstick color!


katie_shannon says · 01.09.14

Beautiful color!

Carolina Belle says · 01.09.14

Am I the only one that reads the title as butt-ah or butta? Probably. 😛 Great color and love their products!

Phon Wills says · 01.09.14

Tarte’s Amazon Clay like is awesome!!!

Maggie Baker says · 01.09.14

Oh, I totally get what you mean about ordering a lipstick! And even when I’m in the store, it still takes me a (long) while to choose a color! I may like the color how it looks like on the lipstick but it may look different on my lips! I hate to buy something that I end up not using after the first try.

rachel j says · 01.09.14

That packaging is gorgeous! I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging. Definitely looking into this x


Morgan S. says · 01.09.14

OH, and I love the cute case it is in!


Rebecca Lately says · 01.09.14

Ooh, I haven’t heard of these before! I love that shade. It looks so creamy.

Kellie says · 01.09.14

That shade looks fantastic on you! I’m also a fan of Tarte…I started using their foundation and powder after a recommendation by an Esthetician. And like you, I love their blush. Thanks for sharing the info, I may have to look into this! 🙂 Did you order from Sephora online? If so, do you think Sephora would take it back if you didn’t end up liking it?

Lori says · 01.09.14

I’ve been using the Tarte Lipsurgence for awhile and really like it. This shade is so pretty on you–will have to check it out!

Valerie Dagostini says · 01.09.14

This sounds like something I could wear on my Michigan chapped lips and get some moisture along with color. Checking it out this weekend. Thanks!

StephjLessard says · 01.09.14

Its a really pretty shade! BTW, you are looking great Mama! : )

Glazed Over says · 01.09.14

Loving this color – will be great for spring!

xo http://www.glazedoverbeauty.com

Ashley Cook says · 01.09.14

I love this color. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick because I don’t think I know how to put it on right without making my lips look super small. Cangrats on the new bundle of joy too!

Carly says · 01.09.14

This looks like an amazing formula! I’ve never even heard of these lip sticks but this one looks so nice! And the color is a perfect match for you!

8698e4ea-7944-11e3-b0e1-000bcdcb5194 says · 01.09.14

I adore their Amazonian Clay BB Cream and lip glosses. The BB cream goes far! i go through 1 about every quarter. It provides just enough coverage and “glow” that i don’t need other makeup. I add a little mascara and gloss and go! This is a perfect routine for a mommy of 13month old twins! It also works great as a primer. On days I need a little more coverage (work) I add a quick sweep of bare minerals foundation over it, pop on some bronzer and go! That says alot coming from a make up artist aka MAC addict!…. I may have to try their blush next!

Susan Wright says · 01.09.14

Glad you’re back girly !

Jamie says · 01.09.14

That lipstick is gorgeous on you! What luck with an online order. I definitely will have to try out one of these – I think Tarte makes THE BEST lip products – my go to, number one lip product is their lipsurgence crayon lip tints, so I can’t wait to try these!

Meekie T says · 01.09.14

Looks beautiful on you!

Lauren says · 01.09.14

That is a gorgeous lipstick! It looks beautiful on you! 🙂

pretty little things says · 01.09.14

thats a really pretty shade on you and definitely looks buttery and smooth! xo


Bella Vie says · 01.09.14

This is such a beautiful color on you! I absolutely love it

NDchick1 says · 01.09.14

Love it! Now I want to try it out. I wonder if ULTA carries it…

Christina Warren says · 01.09.14

Ordering lipstick ONLINE! You ARE a risk-taker! 🙂 It looks yummy like you say. I LOVE the Mac Cremesheen because they have more moisture to them…I may have to check these out.

kristinwithani says · 01.09.14

100% with you on this one. I own six. Yep, six. Last summer QVC (yes, I get makeup from them cuz the prices are usually amazing) debuted this formulation in sets of three and then you could pay the same price for another set of three in different colors to arrive in November. I did that and love each and every one. I also love the packaging and how the cardboard container really closes well. They are super easy to find in my purse too.

Shannon Gorman says · 01.09.14

I might have to try this one out now that my daughters (ages 5 and 3) destroyed my favorite Urban Decay Revolution lipstick. There were tears shed, I cried for about ten minutes mourning my favorite lipstick.

Abby says · 01.09.14

You look stunning! The color really suits you. I adore Tarte’s lip products… I have quite the collection of their LipSurgences.

xo Always, Abby

Unknown says · 01.09.14

You are glowing 🙂 The lipstick does become you.

Dawn says · 01.09.14

The packages are all different and all adorable – crap I may have to buy one (or two)!

The Grass Skirt Blog says · 01.09.14

I love Tarte so much, and let’s face it…I’ll buy this for the cute packaging alone. 😉
The Grass Skirt

randomtaskzombie says · 01.09.14

May i ask what other products you are wearing in this picture, you look AMAZZZIIINNNNG! 🙂

erin m. says · 01.10.14

Wow! Gorgeous color and that packaging is to die for! Officially added to my wish list 🙂

xoan hoa says · 01.10.14

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Gemma Chew says · 01.10.14

Ohh the packaging is so cute and the colour looks really good on you! Definitely a win! 🙂 🙂
xx gee @ gemmachew.com

nicolas coupe says · 01.10.14

woow; The color looks great on you.
i love it

exploresmore says · 01.10.14

I’m so scared of ordering any beauty product online! However, that color looks absolutely incredible 😀


Lily-Rose Cantik says · 01.10.14 Reply
Calicrest says · 01.11.14

I’ve never used their lipstick but it’s beautiful on you! I think I better order some tonight!

Lipstick, Coffee Beans and Chevron. says · 01.13.14

this is the most adorable packaging that I have ever seen!

Brenda Franklin says · 01.13.14

Would you be interested in an all natural face cream that I have just created and is doing quite well in our area?

Niki {Glossy Blonde} says · 01.22.14

That shade is really beautiful, and I really love Tarte products in general. The packaging is adorable, too!

Kelsey says · 01.23.14

This is super pretty! Have you ever been able to find another red/orange/coral/pink coral like the J. Crew Poppy King from way back when? I have yet to find another that fit so perfectly. Again, this is beautiful but I would really like another like that one!

Kristin Davis says · 01.24.14

I bought this lipstick last night after seeing your recommendation. I absolutely love it You are right, the color is fantastic and the formula couldn’t be better.


Heidi Taylor says · 02.04.14

I recently picked up this lipstick in Plummy Rose. I love it! I will have to try Watermelon now. Thanks for the post.

lyniseamanda says · 02.05.14

Hi Kate! I just wanted to let you know that I was in Ulta yesterday and they have this lipstick line there. Just in case you want to try before you buy in the future! 🙂

Lindsay says · 07.30.14

Tarte is having a 30% off Friends & Family event now through Aug 4th! promo code: FANDF