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High Five for Friday
Did you know I write for babble? Here are a few articles from this month! 


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Miss Therriault says · 01.11.14

This comment has been removed by the author.

Meg says · 01.11.14

Sorry, I deleted my comment because I didn’t want my display name like that. I have no idea what I’m doing. Anyway, I love your blog and am so psyched about the birth of the little man! Congrats! I do have a question about hair, though – can you do a tutorial on how to get your bangs to fall on your forehead? Like actually on top of your forehead so that you can sweep them to the side? Like the picture of you that you posted Christmas day with Justin – that’s what I want. Whenever I style my bangs they go up and away from my face sort of like a rainbow cut in half and on top of my head. Thanks!

lyricsoprano82 says · 01.11.14

She has a great tutorial on how to style your bangs in her hair tutorials list! It’s a good ways down and I run it’s combined with another technique.

Liz says · 01.11.14

Kate, I have a lung condition requiring use of oxygen therapy at home. Anything fragrant or strong scented causes my lungs to seize up and I start coughing something fierce, forcing me to hook up to my oxygen. I am needing a strong hair spray that has no scent. Do you know of one? Thanks for your help.

Ashlee Chu says · 01.11.14

Good reads for a Saturday (and the wanna-be pretty) in me!

MissBrunzy says · 01.12.14

Thanks for posting, I really liked reading these! 😀

Me says · 01.12.14

You should try Jamberry Nails instead of polish. They’re so easy to put on (like nail stickers) and can last a couple of weeks on your hands and up to 6 weeks on your toes. They’re fun, stylish and there are over 250 designs!

Easier and more cost effective than manis and pedis!

Alison Lewis says · 01.12.14

So I was actually reading your post about darker hair today while my hair color was setting. I have used box color the last few times and have had no problem. Even my hair stylist said it looked great. Well today I tried a shade darker. For some reason these horizontal bands of dark color appeared on my front sides. So I spent 3 hours in the Ulta Salon getting it fixed. No more boxed color for me!!

Anna Woodward says · 01.13.14

I have read your darker hair blog. I am really impressed. I love the tips of stay neutral. Thanks for sharing.

Clinique bonus at Nordstrom

Courtney Doell says · 01.14.14

You’ll have to update your profile on Babble to include your handsome little David! 🙂

Jue gos says · 01.14.14

I actually find that you are having problems there. lol
Juegos 2