November Birchbox

In Anticipation of “Mom Style”

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My November birchbox arrived and I was pleasantly surprised!

A full size bar of chocolate?! Yes please. 

I really liked the grey nail polish as well. Perfect for my toes. Speaking of toes, I always bring in the shade I want to have my toes polished whenever I go in for a pedicure (which has been once in the past 8 months). Do you? I never know what color they will have, and I like a neutral on my toes. 

I’ve had two visitors (my mom and my sister) over the past two weeks and offered them both the Bath Milk. Both losers declined, but maybe I’ll take a bath once I’m getting closer to my due date. I’m personally not a “bath” kind of gal, but coconut and vanilla bean sound delicious. 

I really like the Chella eyeliner/highlighter. Perfect to use in my waterline. As I’m approaching the days of little sleep and tired, red eyes, I think I’ll be using that highlighter a bit!

Finally, the derma e products look gentle and worth a try. I may hold off trying it out for a few months since my skin has been a little sensitive to new things, but I like seeing the word “soothing” in front of each description of the product.

I always look forward to my monthly Birchbox. If you are in need of a gift this holiday season, I cannot recommend Birchbox more (and they don’t pay me to say that). It’s fun to get products to try out and experiment with each month! 


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Jackie Mama says · 11.21.13

I received the same things in mine and I don’t know how/where to use the highlighter pencil. Help! LOL

Andrea says · 11.21.13

You can use it on your brow bone just under your eyebrows! Just put a few strokes parallel to your eyebrows and use your finger to blend. Also, depending on your skin tone, it can work well as a concealer–especially (for me at least) on the inside part of the eye where it meets the nose… I have huge veins that show there, so the Chella highlighter pen works well at concealing those. 🙂 Does that help? 🙂

Jackie Mama says · 11.21.13

Yes Andrea, thank you so much, I can’t wait to try it!

meghan says · 11.22.13

I just googled the product and found this video to be helpful!

R2P2 says · 11.21.13

I never bring in nail polish to a pedi because for me part of the fun is experimenting with a color I don’t have at home! If I got them more regularly, I might bring my own. & give a bath a shot! The water really helps take the weight off your back.

Megan {Willow Way Blog} says · 11.21.13

the toffee crunch sounds ah-mazing!

Kacia Hosmer says · 11.21.13

ooooooo! I would have loved to get that highlighter pencil! Your box was better than mine was this month! oh well! 🙂

Angela Richardson says · 11.21.13

I got the highlighter pencil too. I like it ok. Never thought to use it on my waterline, I might try that. I got the color club polish in Top Shelf. LOVE it! You should try it, its almost like a nude/rose gold looking shade.

Kelly King says · 11.21.13

My box was completely 360 degrees different, but I liked every product. I also found them to be more affordable on the full sizes, maybe they have seen all my reviews—about 90% of them say “love the product, but way too expensive for the full size!”.

Curtis and Crystal Emery says · 11.21.13

Take a bath! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and it’s the only thing that makes me feel light as a feather. The pressure it takes off my back is worth it every time

Rebecca Jay says · 11.21.13

What’s the perfume sample?

Kacie Jackson says · 11.21.13

The only thing we had simliar in our boxes was the nailpolish, but mine was in Top Shelf (a pale gold, which is currently on my toes!). I also got POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer lip gloss in a TOO vibrant pink for me to use, Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (which I have been using, love, and reminds me of Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliation wash), Tiossan Body Cream (which I have’t used yet), and some Ahmad Teas (can’t remember in which flavors though). I was pleased with this box, minus the lip color.

That chocolate bar would have been awesome to receive! 🙂

Olivia Rickert says · 11.21.13

Do you like birchbox or beauty box 5 better? Which would you recommend for a teen?

Brittany Swafford says · 01.22.14

Hey, Olivia! I would recommend birchbox. Also they have a great points system so youll be able to shop on the birchbox shop for free if you do your reviews! 🙂 heres an invite and a special promo code. and also use code CRSUB for a free Cynthia rowley black liquid eyeliner. Thank you! 🙂 and if you have any questions feel free to ask

Amber B says · 11.21.13

Based off of your recommendation, I signed up for Birchbox 3 months ago and am LOVING it! It’s so nice to get a box of goodness every month! I’m starting to want to save all the products for a special occasion, but am trying to break myself of that and enjoy them! I really like the highlighter pen! I got a little crazy with it yesterday! Much like a good book…everything was in need of highlighting!
Thanks for the awesome recommendation!

Christine Presto says · 11.21.13

Your box looks great!! Mine was kind of a bust. They gave me a lip tint, the same nailpolish brand in a blue color, and a perfume scent I liked. BUT, then they sent me tea packets?? I was kind of confused. That chocolate bar looks A LOT better, haha.

bonnieshee says · 11.21.13

I’m totally not a bath person either, but starting several weeks before my due date, I began taking them with the Bath and Body Works stress relief aromatherapy bubble bath. I cannot begin to tell you how much better they made me feel as they eased my discomfort. After my son was born, my desire for baths tanked again, but I still use the aromatherapy as a body wash from time to time. It now reminds me of those final weeks of pregnancy and the anticipation of his arrival.

Abby says · 11.21.13

Wow, this actually looks like a really good box! I love when subscription boxes include full size nail polishes. 🙂

xo Always, Abby

Ashley says · 11.21.13

Love that nail color!!!! Lots of goodies 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

Julie | alonewithmytea says · 11.21.13

I can’t wait to order a subscription. It’s on my to-do list for when we move back to the States (currently in Brazil, I haven’t checked but I doubt they ship here!).

Jen says · 11.21.13

You mentioned using the white highlighter in your waterline… whats that? How/where do you apply it?

Eleanor says · 11.21.13

I enjoyed this months birchbox too! except my nail polish was the exact same shade of Green that i have gotten from them for the 3RD TIME now… i have three bottles of it now and i don’t know what to do with it all!

Larissa Ann says · 11.21.13

I got a chocolate bar too! I was very pleasantly surprise! Mine was chocolate mint cookie, never heard of it before but it was so good!!!

Night Owl says · 11.21.13

so how much is it a mth.

Amanda says · 11.21.13

My chocolate bar was Mint chocolate cookie flavored…I immediately threw it into the trash to avoid consuming the entire thing right away. I’m sure it was delicious… I miss that chocolate already…

Also, the waterline pencil is WONDERFUL. It’s the perfect color for me. I’ve been using Benefit’s Eye Bright…but it is so pink and looks really artificial on me instead of looking brightening.

Kim says · 11.21.13

I got the same candy bar… I was way too excited about it 🙂 This was only my second box and I’m loving getting them so far! 🙂

Bethany Sloan says · 11.21.13

Kate, you know what would be so fun?? What if you did a monthly two-part Birchbox post–first with the initial reaction as you’ve been doing so awesomely, and then with a follow-up review?? You could explain how you used the products and what you thought of them! (I never would have known one of my shampoos was a clarifying shampoo for once-a-month use if you hadn’t mentioned it!) 🙂 Would love hearing the things you would buy full sizes of… or what order you try hair products in (like the Amika blowout spray–before or after Aquage? does it matter?) Just a thought! Not that you need more blog post ideas. 🙂 Yours is my all-time favorite.

Lisa Cuba says · 11.21.13

where is your “waterline”?

Ashton and John's mom says · 11.21.13

I actually canceled my birchbox after this month…tired of getting things that I didn’t like. I will stick with ipsy…I have YET to be disappointed with their products.

Sara says · 11.21.13

Hi Kate! I also receive Birchbox and got the Chella eyeliner/highlighter, but I’m having trouble figuring out how/where to use it and how to get it to blend well. Any tips? Thanks! (I didn’t get any chocolate in my box! What a bummer!) Thank you!

Jillian Dolberry says · 11.21.13

THEY GAVE YOU CHOCOLATE! Why did I even cancel?! Plus I love that new box design.

Julie says · 11.21.13

Looks like you got some good stuff! : ) After always seeing your boxes every month, I finally decided to sign up for Birchbox just the other day, so I am patiently (NOT) waiting on my first box to get here!! Can’t wait! Thanks for the recommendation!

Michelle Ash Latham says · 11.21.13

Great haul this month!

Melanie says · 11.22.13

I’m the same. I am always attracted to a product when it has soothing in it too!

xo Mel
turquoise blonde

Emily [Louisiana Bride] says · 11.22.13

I’m loving my Chella stick too:)

shehulkout says · 11.22.13

This is the first birchbox ever that 1. I didn’t like anything in it 2. Didn’t get any of the products you mentioned. I was so disappointed! I will try to be more open minded but I like all the things you got, not what I did. Oh well!

Evelyn Morales says · 11.22.13

I love the fact that Birchbox are giving chocolate! What a good combination going through beauty products while eating chocolate!

Macy Sopia says · 11.22.13

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Applebypie says · 11.22.13

I get Birchbox over in the UK and I love it too. I have never had a box that has disappointed me yet! X

Haley says · 11.22.13

I got a bar of chocolate as well – amazing! Mine was the mint cookie and it was soooo good. Highly recommend.

Carolina Little says · 11.23.13

Can you include a tutorial on how to use the Chella Highlither! Thanks!

Jaimejam says · 11.23.13

You need to stop talking about ‘days of little sleep’! Being a new mom does not mean you will never sleep, work hard and schedule your baby and you will still get to sleep and your baby will be happier as well!

anna says · 11.24.13

I recently came back to birchbox and I have to say that it beats the pants off of the other boxes I tried in the meantime! I could live without the bright pink lip pencil but you can’t win every time lol 🙂

Bella Vie says · 11.25.13

I will be honest, I don’t get my nails done and baths are definitely something that I don’t do.. But Birchbox looks awesome! I have been wanting to try it!

John PGW says · 11.27.13

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