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Ever since “retirement” I’ve been considering transferring my makeup out of my makeup bag to a simple plastic storage container. I kept my makeup in my makeup bag for years because I would bring it with me to the studio in case I needed to touch anything up throughout the day. Leaning over the steaming hot shampoo bowl can be a makeup melter

So I ran into Marshalls and found this perfectly sized plastic container. I immediately made the transfer, edited through products I use daily versus “fun extras” and streamlined my makeup routine. I probably shaved a good 2-3 minutes off the time it takes to do my makeup too since I won’t be digging through my bag.

This container lives under my sink on a little shelf. I pull it out each morning, and then store it under the sink when I’m done. I have really enjoyed having it visibly organized, and it truly has helped simplify my makeup routine.

 photo makeupstore1.jpg

So what do I have in there?

First off, I talk about a lot of products here on the blog and just because a certain product that I’ve mentioned in the past isn’t shown in this photo doesn’t mean I no longer like it. I change up what I use often and would always let you know if I come to dislike a product over time. So, no need to ask if I still use or like “_________” in the comments—I do! It just may not be a daily product for me!

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
2. Arbonne Liquid Perfection in Soft Blush
3. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation**
4. Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer
5. Up & Up Refining Serum Dailer Moisturizer (use on dry patches)
6. double ended foundation brush (I use the small side to apply concealer)
7. bareMinerals Ready Luminizer in The Love Affair (similar)
8. bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in The Adreneline Rush (similar)
9. bareMinerals Ready pressed Mineral Veil
10. bareMinerals Ready Bronzer in The Skinny Dip
11. Mac Studio Fix in n4
12. Tarte blush in Dollface
13. Tarte blush in Peaceful
14. Tarte blush in Blissful
15. sample size of bareMinerals Ready blush/Luminizer in The One/The Love Affair
16. Nars blush
17. Mac blush in Fleur Power
18. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Peach
19. Mac paint pot in Painterly
20.- 30. assortment of shadows, listed below
Mac eyeshadows: Wedge, Omega, Era, Vanilla, Brun
Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Birthday Suit
Urban Decay: Tease, Laced
Sephora eyeshadows: 46, 65, 88
31.- 42. assortment of brushes, brands listed below
Sephora, bareMinerals, Real Techniques
43.- 51. Mascaras and eye tools
Tweezerman tweezers
Shu Uemura lash curler
Sephora liquid liner
Mac eyeliner
CoverGirl Lash Blast
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly
Stila smudge crayon in Smoke

Like I said, it’s really helped streamline my morning and I’ve also enjoyed being able to see what I’m working with. You can find plastic containers like the one I use at The Container Store

** I was trying this foundation around the time that I took these photos. I ended up returning it. It irritated my skin. I loved the finish and loved the consistency, but it just didn’t work for me.


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Evelyn Morales says · 11.19.13

I love these kind of plastic containers for make up. Here in the UK we have MUJI to go and get arcrylic storeage from. I really have to go and get some for myself. I think it would make life much easier having my make up all neat and tidy in front of me instead of in a make up bag! Looks great!!

Vanessa says · 11.19.13

Very nice! I love the organization. Being able to see everything instead of rifling through a bag has got to be a big improvement. Although in approximately 9 months you will need a top-notch child-lock on that under-the-sink cabinet to prevent little mister from trying out (and probably tasting) your top products. 🙂

Olivia Rickert says · 11.19.13

So cute. I have a white one from QVC Lori Greiner, it spins with a bunch of compartments. I love it!!

Stephanie says · 11.19.13

Do you have the hautelook app? It’s like Nordstrom rack for your phone – new, limited specials each day. Today they have the plastic makeup organizers…tons to choose from!

Catherine Ray says · 11.19.13

Is it in the home section today or beauty?

Stephanie says · 11.19.13

Well I got an email notification last night saying that the vanity organizers would be back today, along with a picture of something very similar to what Kate posted. But I have yet to see them on there today- they are usually on the home section.

Stephanie says · 11.19.13

They are on there now under home section!

Stephanie McDonnell says · 11.19.13

My vanity suddenly feels angry at me. LOL!

Jana says · 11.19.13

Have you ever tried Rodan and Fields skin care? It makes my makeup go on so smooth and last all day no matter what I use. It has changed my skin after years of acne and 3 pregnancies I can finally feel great about myself and my skin! I don’t even half to wear foundation if I don’t feel like putting it on! Email me if u want some more info on what I use! [email protected]
Oh and you look so much cuter pregnant than I did lol 😉

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink says · 11.19.13

Do you have any recommendations on press powder to keep in your purse? I’m looking for a powder with coverage. I think I remember a blog post about your favorite foundations and powders at some point.

Brandi Stalvey says · 11.19.13

Love this idea! I (like you, probably) have enough of everything to keep things here, AND keep some things in a bag for ‘on the go’!! 🙂

Ashley says · 11.19.13

I keep my makeup brushes and makeup always in a neat and tidy manner. I don’t use this tray but I think I need it as it looks adorable on the vanity! 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

JennK says · 11.19.13

I’d love to see your “under the sink” storage ideas for makeup, hair supplies, and “back-up/refill” products! 🙂 That’s where I’ve got a whole lot of crazy going on..I’m just scratching my head what to do about it.

simplysophisticatedblog says · 11.19.13

I love this idea! My goal on Saturday is to clean and organize my bathroom, especially the makeup and hair stuff. I will definitely be picking one of these up as part of that project!

Lara says · 11.19.13

Where do you find the replacement pads for your eyelash curler? I also had to giggle that your streamlined version includes 6 blushes! 🙂

Kate says · 11.19.13

I don’t use all 6!!

Bexter says · 11.19.13

My makeup routine consists of concealer, eyeliner and HD Powder. I wish I had a spread like yours!

caitlinmfrost says · 11.19.13

I use the sephora brand foundation and looove it. But I also have really sensitive skin and it’s the only thing that I’ve found that’s thick, stays on all day, and doesn’t break out my face. #pizzaface

LittleSignOf Mine says · 11.19.13

Just got my November Birchbox, and have collected quite a few samples over the past months! Curious if you have tips on storing/organizing those (especially the packet ones while they’re open). You’re awesome, Kate! 🙂

Megan {Willow Way Blog} says · 11.19.13

I have 3 of these and love them – I love how my makeup looks all lined up and organized on my counter 🙂

Cheeky Monkey says · 11.19.13

I have a linen closet. I bought a lazy Suzanne from IKEA. Put little ceramic dishes to separate eeverything. Little cups to hold my brushes. It very easy to use. Just spin to the section ypu want.

Kate at Green Fashionista says · 11.19.13

It made such a huge difference when I transferred my makeup from a basket to the acrylic makeup drawers I found at Muji. Much more organized and easier to find what I need. Plus it’s no longer an eyesore 😛

Amber King says · 11.19.13

I love to see what’s in other’s makeup kits! I like to list exactly what makeup I am wearing with each blog post and I am so glad to see your rundown!

King & Kind

Amber says · 11.19.13

Looks very organized! Wish I had more room on my vanity. I was wondering if you had any travel tips for transporting makeup and hair products? I started using plastic ziploc bags for my hairspray after the cap popped off in my luggage and left a huge hairspray stain on my suitcase. I definitely can’t take my Elnett since it has no cap whatsoever! It seems like my eyeshadows, powder, and blush inevitably crack and leave a crumbly mess in my makeup bag after a jostle on the plane.

karen miles says · 11.19.13

Mary Kay has a really nice travel bag for your make up (has different zip clear bags that snap off). It rolls up and even hangs.

Morgan S. says · 11.19.13

I use an acrylic makeup holder I got at Ulta. Love it.

Jessika Garcia says · 11.19.13

This is a great storage tip! I currently have one of those mini drawers on our plastic shelf that just houses whatever makeup can fit in there. And then I have a large three-drawer containers (that rolls — YES!) back and forth to the bathroom. I know which makeup items I use every day, but I still fight myself with “trying” out oldies but goodies. Maybe if I organize my makeup into “daily makeup” like this, i’ll cut my getting ready time by like…45 minutes lol. Thanks for the tips!

xo Jessika

Crumbs and Curls says · 11.19.13

At the end of August I transitioned from a makeup bag to a makeup tray & brush holder. It has been great & made my mornings so much easier! It’s so nice to have everything out & visible instead of having to search through a bag for it!


Melissa says · 11.19.13

I want to do this in our next house. I’ve been wanting to for a while! I’d like to do a makeup brush holder like I’ve seen on Pinterest – a glass container partially filled with some kind of beads and the brushes stand straight up in it. I think that’s so cute.

Kaeleen says · 11.19.13

My mom bought me a container kinda like yours that I loved and used for awhile.. then for some reason I reverted back to living out of my bag haha. This kinda makes me wanna switch back… it’s much more organized.

Erica says · 11.19.13

What eye makeup remover do you use? I also use Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (waterproof) and I have tried 3 or 4 different removers and none of them seem to get this stuff off!

Lindsey Morgan says · 11.19.13

Love the storage idea! So cute! I must order one of these soon!

<3 – Morgan | Cantik Malaysian Hair

Rachel Jones says · 11.19.13

Another wonderful post (: xx

Katherine Salinas says · 11.19.13

I’m glad you did a post like this! I’ve been wondering (as an organizer freak) how you keep all your products organized. I was hoping since you did this post it might lead to posting about organizing hair products later. Thanks for your great ideas!!

Melissa Guzzo says · 11.19.13

Do you have any recommendations for eyeshadow brushes without spending a lot of money? I just bought the UD Naked2 palette and anxious to try your looks.

Annie Luhmann says · 11.19.13

Love this. I also think it’s kind of funny how you and Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy both did your organization tips on the same day.

Michelle Ash Latham says · 11.19.13

Love this! So neat & tidy — I’m not sure I could keep it that way, but maybe someday 🙂

Reply says · 11.19.13

Your photography is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your collection.

Cheryl Vetter says · 11.19.13

I was wondering if you could do a post on the makeup brushes you use, what type to look for, etc. I am new to your blog, so I apologize if you have already covered this topic! Do you buy individual brushes, or a set? How do you know if you are buying good quality? How do you take care of them? Thank you!

Louise Nickel says · 11.20.13

Great post! Makes me think about my storage needing a revamp big time! =] xx.

Unknown says · 11.20.13

I second the “What make-up remover do you use” question!! I used to use the Covergirl Lash Blast and really liked it but could not get it off to save my life- and it was so frustrating I finally just switched… I don’t hate the mascara I use now – the really basic cheap Covergirl Mascara in the red tube… but I was a fan of the fullness from the lash blast!

Lindsey D says · 11.20.13

So organized! Great suggestion. My makeup is always a mess 🙁

amit kumar says · 11.20.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gladys Jane says · 11.20.13

i love it.. i want those..

Gowthami Sundaram says · 11.20.13 Reply
Christopher n Annaliza Rogers says · 11.20.13

Maybe I’m just missing it but where do you keep your lip products?

Dana C. says · 11.20.13

I bought one of these too at Marshalls and never looked back! Every morning I feel soooo organized. It’s amazing how the little things can make you so excited lol.

Ashlee Adele Brame says · 11.20.13

I’m loving make-up storage posts at the minute as I’m trying to look for inspiration to reorganise mine! Thats such a lovely little all in one orgnaniser.. I’ve also weirdly been looking into stationary shops for acrylic desk organisers as they seem to work quite well at organising make-up! 🙂

Ashlee x

Susan C. says · 11.20.13

Love your simple organization tool! If i used my makeup as often as I wished I did, I’ll love to use the same storage container!

-Susan | Susan Loves…

Maha Maven says · 11.20.13

So glad to hear you can find these in store, the only place I’d seen them before was amazon! I need to pick one of these up ASAP


Deepster Langan says · 11.23.13

When I arrived to move in my stuff, the staff member on duty was really helpful and attentive. He was very busy, but managed to attend to all customers’ needs in a timely manner.
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Amy says · 11.25.13

Much like you, I kept my makeup packed up and ready for action, but finally decided to move into my bathroom. It’s so nice to streamline the pile down to my daily products and keep the novelty items packed away under the sink. It made me feel immediately more organized! If only I could do this with the rest of my life… 😉

Molly Sc says · 11.26.13

Are your mac shadows in that sephora palette?? Sounds like a fab idea, would love to know how you did it!!!

ESTHER says · 04.09.14

HI…I went to the container store and did not see this or online. I particularly really like the setting of this one. Please share where you bought this makeup container! thx~

Susan says · 03.26.17

Thanks, i love the acrylic ones, however the wooden ones seems nice as well

Elle says · 06.03.18

Nice posts! I really needed this its also a bit hard to organize the products when yu have so many.