Half Braided Ponytail Hair Tutorial

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I came across this pin on Pinterest and thought it would be such a simple hair tutorial for a fresh new ponytail idea. 

All you need is a clear elastic, some bobby pins, a few duckbill clips, and a little texturizing spray, and finishing spray.

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 photo hbp2.jpg
 photo hbp4.jpg
 photo halfbrad.jpg
Earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry (cannot stop wearing these) (similar)
Sweater: Gap Maternity (similar)


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styles-new says · 11.25.13

Great and nice tutorial for half braided hairstyles .I like this blog really so much .hairstyles for 2014 .

Jamie F says · 11.25.13

I do this to my daughters hair all the time, but I don’t know if I can french braid my own hair…lol

Ashley says · 11.25.13

How pretty is this!!! I love this hairstyle, so cute!

Sincerely Miss Ash

pretty little things says · 11.25.13

so pretty! you have the best hair tutorials! : )


Carly says · 11.25.13

Love this, so simple!


julia says · 11.25.13

I just cut my hair to shoulder-length and found your blog through a search of new things to do with it. I’ve gotta say- you’re saving me from that haircut shock that usually happens when I trim up a few inches. Oh, and I’m super pregnant, too! Thanks for being a life saver.

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Meaghan Shelton says · 11.25.13

I love this! So simple but still pulled together and cute! Definitely will be trying this one soon 🙂

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bashashhazbaz says · 11.25.13

that is just cute! i love it!

Unifyhandmade says · 11.25.13

I love it! It’s so cute and easy to do. I always have cute hair-do’s now because of your awesome blog! Thank you!

Suzanne S. says · 11.25.13

Love how casual this looks. And your earrings are so cute 🙂
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Bella Vie says · 11.25.13

Such a cute updo! I have the hardest time braiding on my own hair ha ha

Nina says · 11.25.13

I love it! i tried this morning for about 20 minutes to braid the front of my hair and I failed miserably. My braiding skills need some practice 🙂

Chelsea Cauley says · 11.26.13

I just cut off about five inches of hair. My second haircut since my firs was born and with just 4 weeks until my second is due I had to get it in there. I’ve gone to the same woman for ten years and I love my cut. The first few days it was literally making me bouncy but now I’ve hit the place where I’m so tired and I wish I could just throw it up as easily as before. Maybe this new video will help 🙂

Chris & Kelly says · 11.26.13

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Amy says · 11.26.13

How do you insert bobby pins so that you can’t see them very well, but they do their job of holding?

little things and elephants says · 11.26.13

I have always wanted to learn how to do this look, thank you for the tutorial!!

Coco N says · 11.26.13

Simple but very pretty x

Tina Brigham says · 11.29.13

Bless your heart for posting this! I used it for my Thanksgiving hairstyle. Thank you.

Mark walter says · 02.23.14

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