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Quite a difference
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I was browsing Ulta the other day and saw these cute little Revlon eyeshadows. Each one was about $2.00 and I loved the color options. After a little bit more investigation, I saw that you can link them together and essentially create your own little palette.
 photo sm14.jpg
The following is a very simple step by step, using the new colors from Revlon as well as products I already had. 

*I have searched high and low online to link to these eyeshadows and they are nowhere to be found. Sorry about that. If you have an Ulta near you, pop in and check out an end cap near Revlon. That’s where I found these! 

eyeshadows: Revlon ( Blush, Taupe, and Cocoa)
double ended brush: bareMinerals (similar)
fluffy brush: Sephora
(not pictured) tight angle brush: ELF (looking for a new one, not in love with the ELF one. This one looks good!)
liner: Sephora
Using your ring finger, apply a bit of lid primer all over eyelids.
 photo sm3.jpg

Apply taupe eyeshadow all over lid.
 photo sm4.jpg

Using a crease brush, press darker cocoa eyeshadow into crease.
 photo sm5.jpg
Using a tighter, smaller brush, apply lightest eyeshadow, blush, right above the lash line to “brighten” up the roundest part of your eyelid.
 photo sm7.jpg
 photo sm6.jpg

Finish with eyeliner and mascara!

 photo sm2.jpg
 photo sm1.jpg
lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in SweetTart

Fairly simple, right? While these shadows don’t compare to my Mac eyeshadows, they are pretty good for the price. If you are going cheap with eyeshadow, make sure to invest in a good primer. That will help them give you the most color payoff as well as staying power. 


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grapes18 says · 10.30.13

I love the colors you use! Do you ever put anything on your bottom lashes like eyeliner or mascara? I want to try going for a more natural and less heavy look and I don’t want to be dependent on eyeliner and stuff.

Kate says · 10.30.13

yep, a bit of liner and mascara 🙂

Jennifer O says · 10.30.13

Wow, that looks so beautiful and you made it look so easy! I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but I’ll have to pop into Ulta and give these a try. Thanks!

Meekie T says · 10.30.13

you can also get the shadows at riteaid! (:

Shannon says · 10.30.13

Love that you can pick individual shadows and link them together to make a custom mini palette! Thanks for sharing this!

Alit says · 10.30.13

I saw these at Walgreens the other day and they look so cute! Might have to grab some to try.

Sara Klink says · 10.30.13

Will using an eyelid primer help avoid eyeshadow in the crease by the end of the day? I have this trouble. Does it have to be eyelid primer or just a regular face primer? Thanks!!

Kate says · 10.30.13

Yep, definitely has to be an eyelid primer!

Jessica Anderson says · 10.30.13

They are called Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links. New for Fall/Winter 2012


Kate says · 10.30.13

Thanks Jessica!

Abby says · 10.30.13

I love when you do eye looks, they are always so pretty and wearable! I totally agree, a good primer can make all the difference and really help a lower end shadow look like better quality… I will have to look or these the next time I’m in Ulta. I think it’s really cool how they snap together to make a custom palette!!

xo Always, Abby

Judy says · 10.30.13

Ladies, just as a heads up Ulta is also 20% off your entire purchase in store or online until Saturday! The code is on the website. 🙂

Isla Macdonald says · 10.30.13

That’s gorgeous. I love the natural look. Where are the earrings from? They are soooo nice.

Catherine Ray says · 10.30.13

They have them at Francesca’s Collection.

Isla Macdonald says · 10.30.13

Thank you, Catherine.

Adriele says · 10.30.13

Kate, where are the earrings from? They’re suuuuper cute!

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt says · 10.30.13

Gorgeous natural look – really lovely! Xx

Olivia Rickert says · 10.30.13

Very Pretty!! Love how cheap it is!

Leslie: DowntownHaute says · 10.30.13

Your eye makeup looks great!

Good find!

Julie Hudson says · 10.30.13

Hi Kate can you tell us where your earrings are from? Your mom’s store in Etsy?

Megan {Willow Way Blog} says · 10.30.13

love this – their size is perfect for travel!!

Sarah says · 10.30.13

I would love to know where your earrings are from!? I’ve been searching for another pair of earrings I’ve seen you wear before for like 6 months I think. They were gold and an oval hoop shape with a greenish-blue gem at the bottom of the oval hoop. I CANNOT find them anywhere! Do you know where you found them? Your mom should make them and sell them : )

Kate says · 10.30.13

They are from Francesca’s 🙂

Ashley says · 10.30.13

Such a pretty look and it’s the perfect travel size also!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Pink Elephant Blog says · 10.30.13

These Revlon eyeshadows look amazing!!! Haven’t seen these here in Ireland – hope we get them too! Love that they click together! The makeup look is gorgeous! x

Coco says · 10.30.13

I was looking forward to these eyeshadows from Revlon but sadly I’ve only seen horrible reviews about them x

Kate says · 10.30.13

they are definitely cheap, but with primer I’ve been happy with them

Veganrocks says · 10.30.13

What a great tutorial!! I love how you show EXACTLY where to place the shadows! Thanks!

Susan Wright says · 10.31.13

I also saw the Revlon singles at Walgreens yesterday. They were $2.99 each. Thanks for the post on the eyeshadow placement. =)

Laura Kaye says · 10.31.13

Hey Kate, random question here. Can you tell me what color formula you use on your hair? I am a hair dresser too. Really like your color. Thinking about changing mine up! 🙂

Kate says · 10.31.13

on my FAQ page !

Lindsay Niles says · 10.31.13

This is such a beautiful look. 🙂

Vilkku says · 10.31.13

You are so so so gorgeous! 🙂 I’m from Finland and ive been reading your blog for two years. Your posts always brings a smile to my face, keep up the good work! xx

Bella Vie says · 10.31.13

This look is beautiful, I love simple makeup 🙂

Meagan Schultz says · 10.31.13

What nail polish color is this? i LOVE it!!! (if you say its a gel/shellac color that isnt available to thepublic i MIGHT just cry….or BEG you for a giveaway in which i am the automatic winner 😉 )

Wendy says · 11.01.13

Nail color?

Caitlin Gillis says · 11.01.13

Kate! You are just so gorgeous! I have been a fan of your site for years and just got my clavicut last weekend and I am loving it. I definitely think a mid length suits me better as well. Your hair and makeup tutorials are amazing, you definitely encouraged me to purchase the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and even though it was a splurge, its one I definitely don’t regret! I may never need another eyeshadow!! Sending you and your baby boy love from Canada!

Eva-Lynn Standaert says · 11.03.13

Lovely look! I like how they click together! Who thinks of that? 😀

Cassandra says · 11.04.13

Love the look! What shade of the Sephora eyeliner are you using here?

Kyllie says · 11.06.13

Me encanta tu estilo, es muy natural y elegante, perfecto!

Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances