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33 weeks pregnant
top: Target maternity (probably the softest shirt I’ve ever laid my hands on)
scarf: Hot Mama (similar)
flats: Urban Outfitters (similar, similar)
I recently came across a little sentiment regarding the differences between week 32 and 33 of pregnancy.

See, at week 32 you think to yourself : “32 weeks. Okay, 8 weeks until the due date. Plenty of time.”

And then at week 33 you think : “33 weeks. Holy crap. Only 4 weeks until I’m full term.” 

And suddenly you’ve lost a month. And that’s quite a difference.

So here I am. In week 33 . . . thinking to myself “well I have got to get it together!”

Justin and I are going to pick up the absolute bare essentials this weekend. I’m talking car seat, rock ‘n play, diapers, and wipes. In case, for any reason, I were to have this baby early I don’t exactly want to send my husband out to buy a car seat while I’m chillin’ in the hospital with the tiny new baby. 

Then, when my mom comes back for a visit in a few weeks, she and I will get the rest of the fun stuff and get the nursery all finalized. I’m excited to see it all come together! 

Baby boy is kicking me regularly, but is pretty darn calm for the most part. He’s currently breech and I hope, deeply, that he flips over on his own in the next few weeks. I’m not overly concerned or anxious about how he’ll enter the world, but I do hope to avoid a c-section if I can. 

As per the last ultrasound, at week 29, he’s hanging out with his feet all the way up by his face. This whole time I thought I was getting punched above my belly button, but as it turns out it was his heel! 

As with many other aspects of this pregnancy journey, I trust God. And I have chosen to give up any fear or worry since it simply doesn’t matter. What will happen will happen, and no matter how the baby gets here, all I’ll pray and hope for is smooth sailing and no complications.  I don’t have a birth plan, nor will I, and I don’t have high or rigid expectations. 

I’m a planner by nature, so it’s truly been a challenging, albeit refreshing, time to learn how to completely trust God without worry or fear. 

In other news, retirement is going nicely. It’s funny how much mental space I acquired–I didn’t anticipate that. It’s nice. 

I’m drafing a post now in order to share a few thoughts I have on the future of The Small Things Blog. As always, I want to keep you all abreast* of any changes around these parts. After all, you guys make this whole blogging thing a lot more fun.

*who uses this word anyway? I must be reading too many things about breastfeeding. 


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Liz Fenton says · 10.29.13

I do hope you keep blogging. I love reading your posts. You have such a refreshing outlook. I didn’t have a birth plan either. And it was a good thing. I ended up having a c-section which was not even on my radar. It turned out great, though, because I got an extra night in the hospital. Bonus! 🙂

Heather Beach says · 10.29.13

Don’t worry about him turning- my baby boy didn’t turn until around 36 weeks!!!

Ros Garrett says · 10.29.13

Quite right – my daughter gave birth at 35 weeks – all went well (lovely little boy)l, but I was the one running around like a headless chicken buying all “the essentials”! Love your blog and hair tutorials. Keep us up to date!

Lauren says · 10.29.13

First of all, you are by far one of the most beautiful and stunning pregnant ladies ever! Second, I can’t believe you are 33 weeks!! My how time flies! I’m sure your nursery is going to be stunning, can’t wait to see pictures. And I’ll be anxious to here to future plans of The Blog. =) Oh and Happy Retirement!

corners of my life says · 10.29.13

It has been fun following your pregnancy journey and I look forward to the next step . . .

Michelle Ash Latham says · 10.29.13

The Bump is looking good! And you are too, of course 🙂


Blondewithbrains says · 10.29.13

Good on you for not having a birth plan…it gets thrown out the window once you hit the hospital anyway due to so many variables that you really have no control over…the only thing I would try to do is to make sure you get the chance to nurse him as soon as possible, make sure the nurses know not to give him sugar water and that you want to nurse instead! Even that might not be a possibility, but a bit of sugar water wont ruin him for life until you get your opportunity to see his little face on your breast!

Sarah W. says · 10.29.13

I don’t know if they give sugar water here in the U.S. atleast I’ve never heard of it. It was never given to any of my 3 kids, though I did breastfeed each of them as soon as I could too. 😉

Alexandra Monsted says · 10.29.13

I’m a mother-baby nurse, and we give sugar water to the boys during circumcisions.

Laura Bakewell says · 10.29.13

Abreast? I have two of them, thanks. But seriously…”Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Megan says · 10.29.13

First of all, congrats on your healthy pregnancy- you are glowing! I have been a loong time reader and follower- but this is my first post. I am a L&D nurse, and I applaud your decision to be flexible with your labor and delivery. Trusting God, your body, and the medical professionals who have a passion for their patients and their calling are all great ideas. Having an idea of what you’d like to happen is wonderful, but as with anything involving children, you have to be open to anything that might come along. I have seen mommas who have had perfectly normal, even “easy”, labor and deliveries with healthy babies be devastated because they decided they needed some pain meds in labor. That inflexibility ruined their precious memories because they were disappointed in themselves over something that, in the scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. Having a goal is great- being rigid is not. Praying for you as these last few weeks dwindle down, and for a healthy and happy labor and delivery.

Lisa Cuba says · 10.29.13

Please keep blogging! I just found you, and I love your perspective and wit; and you and your sister are adorable together!

Hannah Crane says · 10.29.13

The best thing you can do with your first is NOT to have a birth plan. The nurses will absolutely love you! I fully trusted God and L&D was flawless. I truly believe God honors that full reliance on Him and He has His hand on you. Like you said, what will happen will happen, however he comes out. I’ll be praying for little buddy to turn head down soon:) Enjoy your last few weeks.

Courtney B says · 10.29.13

You look great! And I am excited to see where you take your blog. I, myself have been a hair stylist for 15 years and had all 3 of my lil one’s during that time. Took only 4 weeks of each time blah blah. Looking back, I really wish I would have taken more time off. Granted, I was very blessed to have family who has always taken care of my children for us while we worked and only had each in day care a short while to socialize them with other children. I can see your blog meshing from “tips on how to look great on a night out on the town” to “tips on how to make those dark circles disappear from only 3 hours of sleep”. or “how to get breast mild out of clothes”. I see you keeping it real and doing very well! I love your blog because I think as stylist, its educational to see how others see and do things and you are refreshing. Good luck on your adventure and I will be praying for a safe delivery. 🙂

Chelsea says · 10.29.13

If you want to help turn your baby have your husband hold you pinky toe with firm pressure for a few minutes. That should help!

Kimberley Cawley says · 10.29.13

First time seeing your blog and loved your attitude! Especially about child birth, it was similar to mine. Just a little “tuck away”, I had two C-sections, both completely different experiences. Different doctor with the second who had me ice my incision, 20 minutes on and off. It was awesome pain control! I took tylenol and moved a lot after my second and recovered much quicker. I will now follow you and am looking forward to baby pics!

Becky C says · 10.29.13

It probably won’t make you feel any better but the definition of full-term looks like it will be changing to 39-41 weeks. So no worried about being full-term in a month :). I don’t think the change is official but looks like it will be soon (I make medical software so we try to keep on top of these changes so we can adjust the software accordingly). You look great, btw!!

elisabeth says · 11.01.13

It’s official. 🙂

Shasta says · 10.29.13

My daughter didn’t turn at all and at 39 weeks 4 days I had a c-section. She was a stubborn one in there. Good luck and I hope he flips for you!

JB Larrabee says · 10.29.13

I hear ya on the birth plan, it does get tossed by the nurse anyway. Just an FYI (and you may know this already), you DO NOT have to wear the gown the dead guy from last week wore. I got to wear my own nursing gown for all three of my births so don’t make them put that nasty thing on you! I also was pleasantly surprised that the hospital in Wilmington just changed it’s policies to have mother and baby skin to skin immediately after delivery for at least 1 hour (before washing, weighing, etc). I actually had to fight for that right on my first 2 births.

coffeeloveandjesus says · 10.29.13

That’s fantastic that you are trusting God and not having a birth plan. It makes things SO much easier when you’re in the hospital. I didn’t either and it helped me so much! God bless your family!

Denise says · 10.29.13

My son was frank breech, too. And he didn’t turn. I don’t offer this as a piece of bad information, but instead wanted to share a positive story. He was frank breech, didn’t turn and I therefore had a planned c-section. I know there are a million horror stories about c-sections, but mine was very positive. It was planned and therfore relatively relaxed and non-rushed. I knew what was coming. The surgery was fine and quick and the recovery (for me) was super easy. I didn’t even have to take any of the pain meds (percocet) that they prescribed after I returned home (I did take them in the hospital though!) I was on my feet again fairly quickly. Anyway, I know others have different experiences, but thought I’d share a “good” experience with a c-section. So good, that I repeated a c-section for my daughter (born 9 months ago). Again, I had an easy surgery and an easy recovery.
One thing to note, though, that no one told me…because my son was breech, his legs would “pop up” near his face again whenever he was laid flat on his back. Made for interesting diaper changes. 🙂 Also made it difficult for him to lay on his back to sleep – which is of course what is recommended now. The rock and play may be useful for this because it will allow him to sleep in a slightly more curved position (that he has been in in-utero). Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and with your delivery – no matter what format it comes in.

Melissa says · 10.29.13

The whole husband going to buy a carseat while mom and baby are still in the hospital? Totally happened to my big brother and his wife. 🙂 Their second baby was born early (long story) and they hadn’t picked up the carseat yet. LOL.

As for the direction your blog takes, whatever it ends up being, I’m sure it will be good. 🙂 I hope you continue to share hair tips! You’ve been very helpful to me.

Kelly Bunster says · 10.29.13

You’ve quickly transitioned from “I can’t really tell she’s pregnant” to “what a cute pregnant lady!” And I mean that as a good thing! I was anxious for people to recognize me as pregnant and not just that I had one too many doughnuts. Congratulations and it’s been fun to follow along on this journey with you, thanks for letting us!
Sweet Pea’s Party

Brandi Laplante says · 10.29.13

Are you planning on sharing pics of the little one when he arrives! I’m a mommy of two little boys and I love drooling over baby pictures!

Catherine Ray says · 10.29.13

I’m the same way! My friends and I joke that the only reason we’re on Facebook anymore is to keep up with pictures of all of our kids.

Brandi Laplante says · 10.29.13

That’s hilarious! My husband picks on me constantly because he says the only thing I look at is pictures of my friends kids on Facebook!

Leann says · 10.29.13

A few thoughts, not sure if you even get to reading all these comments but if you do get to mine I hope it helps. First don’t worry about the birth plan my first child, I at the last minute though oh my I need one, didn’t even matter, the baby getting out safe is the only plan the doctors, nurses and midwife cared about and really didn’t even read my piece of paper. If there are things like you want to give him his first bath or you want to hold him before dad, or you want dad to cut the umbilical cord, best bet is just to tell them as you arrive in your delivery room, if you remember or tell your husband to tell them. Other thing about buying the essentials, don’t forget blankets and spit rags/burp cloths, you’ll need those right away. Also for a boy, skip the newborn size clothing, buy 3 months and up. The footy jammies are the best, great for the first six months of life, except for when going out for pictures or something special. Footy jammies is all you need, they spit up alot and have explosive poos, and you can get nice soft Carter’s brand for not much $ and they’re great, plus cute patterns. But the most important thing I want to mention is the Rock n’ Play sleeper by Fisher Price. I think that’s what you were referring to buying. I had one, I was ecstatic when I found it and all the great reviews. With my first baby she had horrible reflux and had to sleep propped up alot, so she spent many night on us or in her carseat to stay propped up. So when becoming pregnant with my son, I wanted one instantly, didn’t care the price bought it as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Again despite good reviews, here were my issues, second baby was a boy, came out 8lb 5oz 21in. After two weeks the straps on it we’re too short to strap him in.(maybe I had a defect) Two he hated being at a angle and not being able to move around so he’d only stay asleep for about 20 minutes in it. Third, it’s so short to the ground, I thought I could use it beside the bed and just reach over and get him, nope, had to completely get out of bed to bend down and get him out. I completely don’t recommend it. If you you were getting it to be beside the bed, get a arms reach sleeper instead if you were getting it for in the living room/family room for day time get a bouncer. But if you do decided to get one, I’d wait till he’s born, buy it try it out return it if you don’t like it after an hour. I keep thinking of more this is turning into a book instead of a comment, but if you plan on breastfeeding have a back up plan, pick out at least one bottle you like, I wanted to breast feed both my kids, neither one could get the hang of it, so I had to pump to get them breatmilk and feed through the bottle, most hospitals have pumps if needed. But it’s good to have a back up plan, even if you don’t end up using it, save the box you can return it. But as for essentials, diapers, wipes, burp clothes, receiving blankets(they can double as burp cloths), footy jammies (for baby to stay warm and easy access to diaper plus not much rubbing on umbilical cord) baby socks for baby’s hands so he doesn’t scratch himself (I know some footy jammies have this built in Old Navy used to sell them, great for the first few weeks) diaper cream (love triple paste or desitin) bottle for back up to breast feeding, comfy comfy clothes for you, make sure the hospital has maternity pads (if not get some) and get yourself some big comfy underwear that you don’t mind if they get ruined and a good nursing bra or sports bra that you find comfy. carseat, stroller(you won’t be or shouldn’t lift the carseat for a few weeks). I’d say that’s the big essentials for at the hospital. Boppy pillows are great at home, a bouncer is a god send for the first few weeks when you need to put baby somewhere, pack n plays I love, and don’t bother with toys until over a month old when there eyes start to focus. So much more I could tell you, but I wish you luck and quick labor!

Megan Karabon says · 10.29.13

Rock ‘n Play = Lifesaver.

emmillose says · 10.29.13

It is frustrating when the baby is breech. My sister-in-law just had her miracle baby after 4 years of trying. She had had cancer 5 years earlier and also had PCOS. This was her sixth insemination and she finally got pregnant. At 30 weeks the baby was laying side ways and we got a great 3D ultrasound picture of the baby’s face. After 30 weeks the baby was breech. My sister in law was very uncomfortable with all the kicking the baby was doing in the lower part of her belly and bladder and we all prayed for the baby to turn on her so she could have a natural delivery and not a C-section.

The baby never turned. So my sister in law had to schedule a C-section. Her doctor did say they could attempt to turn the baby but it puts a lot of stress on the baby and mother and he didn’t think it would be the best idea. Now that the baby was born safely we are so thankful that she didn’t turn or that the doctor decided to turn her for natural delivery because we found out something very scary when the baby was born. The baby was breech and never turned because she had the cord wrapped around her body 3 times (around her neck, tummy and leg). If the doctor would have turned her and then if my sister in law would have done a natural delivery the baby could have died. Things happen for a reason and you have to trust God’s plan for you even if its not the plan you wanted for yourself.

Jenn says · 10.30.13

This very same thing happened to me almost exactly 11 months ago when my daughter was born. I tried all the at home methods to get her to turn but did not feel good about the version proceedure they use in the hospital to turn them. I was surprisingly calm and at peace with a scheduled c section (even though this kind of thing would normally scare me to death) so that is what we did! It ended up being for the best as the cord was wrapped around my sweet baby’s neck three times. We had no idea until she was born so that c section saved her life. I have always been SO grateful for trusting my feelings and to God for guiding my heart to feel the way I did. And I actually had a wonderful c section experience!

Maria says · 10.29.13

There is a procedure called an external version that can be done to try to turn the baby if you would like to avoid a c-section. Not all OBs will do them, but it is something you can ask about if the baby doesn’t turn on it’s own. I had it done with my son and it worked perfectly.

Lauren Bramstedt says · 10.29.13

Please don’t panic or even fear regarding a c-section birth. I had it, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Of course every person and birth is different, but I personally had a much easier labor and delivery than most of my friends and family members who had natural/vaginal delivery. I would do it again tomorrow!

Aunie says · 10.29.13

This makes me want a baby so badly. I love watching this journey of yours!

Cortney Clegg says · 10.29.13

I have to respectfully disagree about not having a birth plan… I totally agree that women need to go into labor with an open mind- ultimate goal is healthy mom & healthy baby. And you are totally right, God will watch out for your little family every step of the way- you are right to trust in Him!
That said, I have had 4 kiddos in a hospital & had a pretty specific birth plan with each one. My doctor and the nurses were very happy to follow the birth plan, given that my pregnancy and deliveries were normal and uncomplicated. Birth plans are particularly crucial if you plan to deliver naturally. Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the more interventions you allow the medical team to make, the more possibility of ending up in a C-Section. (Again, C-Sections can be great & life-saving. I just know that many women prefer to avoid them.)
Anywho, there are great, simple exercises you can do to encourage your sweet little guy to turn. Check out: http://spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/breech-bottoms-up/flip-a-breech

You are glowing and absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing great hair tips & your pregnancy journey with us! 🙂

Rachel C. says · 10.29.13

You look truly amazing! I love following your blog 🙂

Sarah W. says · 10.29.13

You look absolutely beautiful! It has been so fun to follow your pregnancy on your blog and I am so excited for you guys! 🙂
My son (he’s 8 now) was breech until sometime between 36 & 37 weeks and he got himself turned the right way, what a crazy feeling! When they are that big and turn all the way around you definitely feel it lol.
My advice (not that you asked for it lol) is take something comfy to wear after you have baby boy, I took some yoga pants and comfy (maternity) shirts and it was so much more relaxing than worrying about the gowns coming open everytime I moved. Also by baby number 3 I realized there is really no point in buying nursing shirts, I don’t know why it took me so long to get that. It was much easier to put a cami on under all of my regular shirts, pull the outter shirt up, pull the top of the cami down on the side I was nursing on and my tummy was always covered, it was great! Those nursing shirts are so awkward to me. 🙂

Amanda Head says · 10.29.13

totally random comment but my mind stuck on the “getting the car seat” line… I am a certified national carseat tech, please have someone show you how to install it correctly 🙂 The local Police or Fire departments should help you. And dont get hung up on reviews of the best and safest, all carseats are tested the same. If it fits in your car correctly and fits your baby its perfect 🙂

Its been so fun watching your bump grow too. I loved being pregnant 🙂

Debi says · 10.29.13

Hi Kate: I have two children and here is the advice that I wish someone would have told me. Order the epidural the minute you are allowed (I believe that is at 4 or 5 c dialated) I gave birth naturally once (very very very painful) and with baby #2 I had the epidural and had an almost pain free delivery. Why put your self through that???? Also when they tell you its time to push they mean PUSH…You have to push with everything in you and I’m warning you now it feels like you are having a bowel movement. That is GOOD… don’t let that concern you….just push with everything you have girlfriend. I gave little pushes with baby #1 and pushed for 2 hours. I pushed out #2 in 10 minutes. Read Baby Wise NOW. Follow it to the t with your baby. Getting him on a schedule will help you keep your sanity. I flew by the seat of my pants with #1 and she never had a schedule. #2 I followed Baby Wise and kept a journal. You’ll hate to wake him up to feed him but just do it. Trust me! He will be on a schedule that is predictable and will give you more sleep and sanity. One more piece of advice: MINI MAM PACIFIERS. Forget any other brand…your baby will love these and it will give you hours of solace as they suck on that instead of crying all night. Get the premie ones for him even if be goes full term. My babies loved those unlike anyother. Good Luck…I’ll be praying for you.

Megan says · 10.29.13

As I read this post, I couldn’t help but smile. I had my first baby at 33 weeks (quite unexpectedly), by emergency c-section, and I ended up sending my husband to buy a car seat while I was still in the hospital! Every birth is its own wonderful experience, no matter how it goes, and I think you have a great attitude going into the birth of your baby!

51 miles says · 10.29.13

You’re really sweet, I wish you all the luck in this world! 🙂

Lora says · 10.29.13

My baby was breech and the doctor turned him around at 37 weeks. It’s called an external version and while it wasn’t exactly comfortable, it did the job!

hagans says · 10.29.13

As a stay at home mom myself, I will tell you that it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s such a blessing to be able to be home with my 1 year old son. He is the light of my life and I’m sure you will feel the same way when your little bundle of joy arrives! Pregnancy is such an amazing experience, but just wait til you hold your little peanut in your arms! There will be tough times, there will be exhausting times! I’m not going to sugar coat the experience whatsoever! It’s not easy recovering from childbirth, trying to breastfeed all while feeling like a zombie, but soon those weeks pass and you won’t even remember them! So remember that those precious moments with your baby will fly by so cherish each one! Good luck to you and your husband!

Olivia Rickert says · 10.29.13

I almost wish I was pregnant, lol(: I love watching this little journey of yours!! Your so inspiring!! Good Luck with the rest of your pregency! Your amazing Kate.

Anette says · 10.29.13

I have been silently reading your blog for quite some time. Enjoy the last few weeks and sleep 🙂
The Rock n Play was the best thing ever and we used it until our baby girl was 7 month old (now 8 month).
Love your blog and keep on posting.

voyageofthemeemee says · 10.29.13

You are one beautiful mama-to-be! Target has the cutest maternity clothes! I don’t have kids or plan on ever having them but I’m not gonna lie to you… I’ve been tempted to buy some of their stuff anyway! LOL

Voyage of the MeeMee

Lindsay Himmer says · 10.29.13

At the beginning of my first pregnancy I had all these ideas and plans for birth but as I neared by due date (which came and went with no baby in site!) I had the same attitude you hold now about birth. I am so grateful I let go of my crazy ideas because I couldn’t have had a more different birth than I first imagined. I won’t bore you with the whole story, but briefly, I labored for over a day and ended up with a c-section. I was remarkably calm as hour after hour went by and I never was able to dilate to more than a 3. I know God helped prepare me beforehand so that I could be more accepting of how my daughter entered the world. And you know what? It really doesn’t matter how it happens as long as both mom and baby are safe!

On a completely unrelated note, have you seen the TiinyLove rocker/napper? I chose it over the Fisher-price rocker n’ play and we loved it. It you see this, take a minute to look it up on Amazon, you might just want to change your mind! (No pressure!)

Tarah says · 10.29.13

I love how laid back and relaxed you are about this pregnancy! Most first time moms are so “this is how it’s going to go and don’t tell me otherwise.” It’s refreshing to read a blog written by someone who understands you can’t plan a birth. 🙂 I hope it goes smoothly for you as well and baby boys cooks until 40 weeks! I went 5 days over with both of my boys. I guess I made a very comfy home. 😉

Lylith Carraway says · 10.29.13

My second child was transverse lie—which means the baby is laying horizontally—and the doctor told me at 32 weeks, there was no way I would deliver vaginally, & that I would HAVE to have a c-section. Determined not to have one because I had a toddler at the time, I did some research. Check out the website http://www.spinningbabies.com. I swear by that site & even the doctor couldn’t believe that I had gotten my son head down in two weeks. I did the couch inversions, got on my husband’s inversion table every night & tried a couple of the exercise (ie: hip rocking on all fours). If that didn’t work, I had an appointment for acupuncture after my doctor’s appointment that afternoon, which I canceled shortly after my ultrasound. Good luck!

Cortney Clegg says · 10.29.13

This TOTALLY works! Turned my breech at 37 weeks using spinningbabies.com

Stephanie M says · 10.29.13

Our last child was breach at 35 weeks and 4 days – a footling breach, meaning he was straight up and down with his feet ready to come out first. Two visits to my chiropractor (after being told all the other not so fun options at the doctor’s office) and he flipped completely around to the perfect position. I saw the chiropractor until he was born to keep him in position, and had a quick, easy, vaginal birth! Please try this if you need to. It was not invasive at all, so simple, and more people should know about this option!

Joy Krupka says · 10.30.13

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is awesome! I’ve had 3 breech babies that the chiropractor was able to “help” turn around. As far as a birth plan, just educate yourself enough to advocate for what’s best for you and not what’s easiest for the doctor and staff. Knowing what to expect is a huge help in laboring. Praying that you have an amazing delivery!

Christina says · 10.30.13

I highly recommend the chiropractor as well! Find someone who is experienced working with pregnant women. It helped me sleep at night, and I have heard many successful stories of them turning breech babies. Spending lots of time on your hands and knees can help too! I swear that my chiropractor started my labor when I was almost a week overdue. I was miserable and desperate to avoid induction or drinking the dreaded castor oil. I saw my chiropractor on a Monday after work, and my labor began when I woke up on Tuesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon (I was exactly 41 weeks), I had my precious baby girl in my arms.

runtspickins says · 10.29.13

You got an ultrasound at 29 weeks? I’m jealous! I’m going in for my 30 week appointment on Thursday but they said I wouldn’t be getting an ultrasound. My SIL told me they probably won’t do another one unless I have some kind of complication (which I pray to God that I don’t!). If you really want to avoid a c-section and baby is still breech in a few weeks, I’ve read that seeing a chiropractor can actually help the baby flip. I wonder how the doctors will know if I am breech or not without doing another ultrasound?? Miracle doctors! Anyway, good luck! =]

[email protected]

Andrea Beenen says · 10.29.13

Oh this brings back the memories of the birth of my son a little over 19 years ago 🙂 ….. I never got to that 23/33 week point. Jordan decided to come at 32 1/2 weeks. I remember the day before so clearly. We hadnt ordered our baby furniture or bedding yet (we had everything else already because of the baby showers) we had picked the furniture and bedding … just hadn’t ordered. So I adamantly told my husband we HAD to go place our order, no if’s and or but’s about it. Spent the day placing things from the baby shower where I wanted them to go before the furniture would arrive. Well that night at about 12:05am my water broke, 29 hours and 49 minutes later Jordan graced us with his beauty. A very healthy, 17.5 inches, 5lbs 1 oz baby boy. ….. the one thing I did at 30 weeks was packed my hospital bag. My husband thought it silly that I had a bag packed and sitting at the end of the bed so early ….. but the night I went into labor he was so relieved (he wouldnt have had a clue what to grab for me) …. another little tip that I got from my “what to expect when you’re expecting” book ….. take a minute or two to brush your hair, put a little mascara and light lip color on, it was a great ‘pickme-up’ after seeing the hell I looked like after 29+ hours of labor (even with a few busted blood vessles in my eye) the few minutes of my own personal primping lifted my spirits 🙂 …. can’t wait to hear all about your bundle of joy!!!

Megan {Willow Way Blog} says · 10.29.13

We had a go with the flow kind of birth plan and I’m glad. I ended up needing to be induced and even that went differently than they had anticipated so not having my heart set on anything particular made it easier to stay relaxed. Hope you’re enjoying retirement!!

April W says · 10.29.13

they have new definitions of “Pre-term” “full term” etc. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/22/full-term-pregnancy-definition/3145107/

Just trying to help you out of that feeling of panic mode. I know how it feels. You still have plenty of time! 🙂

looking great as always!

Leigh says · 10.29.13

You have such a great outlook. I didn’t take the birthing class or write out a birthing plan. I barely read a book about childbirth. I am a planner to a fault but I knew things weren’t in my control so I decided to go with whatever happened. My son was breech from 32 weeks on in and I ended up with a c-section at 39 weeks 5 days. My c-section experience wasn’t bad at all. I had minimal pain and was moving around fairly normally before i left the hospital; much faster than my friend who had a child the natural way, so I thought I fared well. The only difficult part about the c-section (to me) was the one trip up stairs and one trip down stairs a day for 2 weeks. Since my husband had to go back to work the day after I was released from the hospital, it meant the baby and I were downstairs all day long. A little annoying since I would’ve preferred being in my bed and him in his crib instead of me on the couch and him in a pack-n-play.

Andi the Desert Rat says · 10.29.13

I don’t want to cause you any alarm, because what I have to tell you isn’t life threatening or anything of that nature. My first born was also breech with her heels up by her head. I did have to have C-Section, not what I wanted, but like you I didn’t have a birth plan so we just rolled with the punches. What I want you to know is to be sure to have your little man’s hips checked for any “hip clicks” after he is born. My daughter ended up with a hip click and it was a super easy fix of soft (velcro) braces for a few months. Much better than what the alternatives could be down the road. I’m sure things will be great for you and your new family! Best of luck!

marielundi says · 10.30.13

loved your thoughts on trust, it’s really refreshing to read words of positivity!
you look absolutely radiant and i wish you and your husband all the best!!

Fran says · 10.30.13

My daughter (born in April) was breech and we tried EVERYTHING to get her to turn and it didn’t happen. If your baby is going to turn, he will and if not, well, c-sections are no fun but the doctors and your family will take good care of you and you’ll have a healthy baby either way! We like to pretend like we have control over everything in this life and that’s just absolutely not true. It was a good reminder to me to let go of needing to feel in control. God is always in control and He knows just what you and baby need. Grace and peace to you as you go through these last few weeks!

Lindsey says · 10.30.13

The most awesome thing is that how ever your birth happens it will be a story you tell over and over. You will remember the details like Rainman. People will ask you about it for years- it’s like a war story and at the end you have this awesome mini you who is like a billion times sweeter and the only other person in the whole world that got to live the same birth story. Pretty damn cool.

Erin says · 10.30.13

You are so cute! My baby girl was frank breech my entire last trimester. I ended up not trying to turn her and doing a c-section despite wanting different beforehand. In fact, she was so high I never experienced a single labor pain even at 39.5 weeks. No matter how it happens, your baby boy will be precious!

Ashley says · 10.30.13

Love watching these journey’s of yours!! You are so cute. 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

Jenn @ WLB says · 10.30.13

It’s so refreshing to hear that you don’t have a birth plan. I’m totally not at the motherhood point of life so this is all from blog reading (ha!) but it sounds like so many women spend so much time worrying and stressing over how their baby will come into the world. While I understand the great significance of this action (a human life being born!) I completely agree that after a certain point it’s not up to you any more. I think it sounds like gaining the knowledge necessary to be safe and healthy through the process is the most important part. The planning and stressing doesn’t seem to help most people with those things.

Kay says · 10.30.13

My friend recently had a baby and her husband is the type who isn’t necessarily “attached” to his phone. At 33 weeks her doctor jokingly told him, “this is when you should maybe start taking your phone with you when you leave the house…” I thought that was a good way of putting it!

Jennifer- MyOwnLittleMess says · 10.30.13

love following your blog! My first son was breech and never turned so I ended up having a c section…..such a wonderful experience for me. I had psyched myself up for delivery then had to psych myself up for the c section but it ended up going perfectly smooth! However he enters the world, it will still be the most amazing day ever! It will the day you became a mom, which ever way it happens (although, you already ARE a mom, just haven’t met him yet)! Can’t wait to continue following along with your blog after baby! (well….and now too, I won’t quit reading between now and post-baby. haha) 🙂

longhairqueen says · 10.30.13

I don’t comment that often, I’m usually reading the comments on your blog. I had my 3rd child c-section 6 years ago. I was numbed from the waist down and got to see him when he came out. I’ll pray for you to not have to have one. I am so passionate about child birth and breastfeeding, that I’m trying to keep this brief. You look so radiant pregnant. I’m enjoying your pregnancy photos. I think I was larger than you at 5-6 months. I looked like I swallowed a basketball, lol. Continue updates. I enjoy your blog and I’d love to see your baby and the nursery. Good bless:)

thestreets2 says · 10.30.13

I love your attitude! I only hope that I can be half as calm and collected when I get pregnant!

PreemieProject says · 10.30.13

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Suzy says · 10.30.13

You will do great. My birth plan was to simply get that baby out of me. It worked. He will come out one way or another, so there’s no need to stress about it!

Susan Wright says · 10.30.13

Hi, So happy everything,s going nicely right now. Was just wondering if now that you are out of the beauty business and have a new born on the way if you will be blogging more about babies and such? If so, can you recommend another beauty blog? I LOVE your blog and have hopes that it will not change much….but I also remember my first son and I could talk about nothing else! Just putting my thoughts out. Take Care~ Susan

Patty Fugar says · 10.30.13

You look great in all your outfits Kate, I simply had to have this soft shirt you wore. Bought it from Target and you are right, very soft. I can’t wait until my bump gets a little bigger so I can wear it. You are so right about not having a birth plan and letting God guide you. Whatever happens, you will have your son in your arms and he’ll be healthy, no matter how he enters this world.

good. says · 10.30.13

I had a “birth plan” with my son but God had a different one (here’s my birth story if you are interested http://babblingblahblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/labor-of-love.html) and it all turned out just fine. You will do so well and just keep praying Philippians 4:6-7, it always helped me with the anxiety/ uncertainty of what was to come!

Lauren Elizabeth says · 10.30.13

so cutie pants!!

Niki says · 10.30.13

You look amazing! Congratulations!

Danielle Ruhter says · 10.30.13

I had my last appt on my due date, and my doctor told me if I didn’t go into labor in the next five days, she wanted to set an induction date. I did not want to be induced so we prayed and started trying all the “tricks” out there to induce labor. Well, two days later after about a couple hours of rocking my hips I came to the realization that it was useless, it was up to God on when my baby would come, and I finally TRULY believed it… bam, not an hour later did I start having contractions/early labor, the next morning I went to the hospital and had my little girl later that day! God is good. Congratulations. 🙂

Natalie says · 10.30.13

your bare essentials list is perfect. It’s exactly what I would recommend! I am sure you already have a nursing pillow, swaddle blankets (aiden + anais are my favorite), and burp cloths (6 ply prefold diapers work the best) from your shower but if not I would recommend these too.

Bella Vie says · 11.02.13

You look beautiful! I am very excited to find out the name of the baby 🙂 I love that scarf too!

Donna Hammersmith says · 11.03.13

Kate, I wish you much happiness. Regarding the small things blog, please keep all your tutorials available. I have really enjoyed them and trying them on myself.

Courtney Doell says · 11.05.13

My daughter was breech and they did an external version at 36 weeks. That’s where they turn the baby from the outside. It was a little uncomfortable and thankfully she stayed that way 🙂

Sarah says · 11.15.13

You can turn a breech or posterior baby with hot water. You might want to look into it, since it’s non-invasive and would save you a C-section.

Christopher n Annaliza Rogers says · 12.01.13

Kate can you post a link to the earrings you’re wearing?

Jayne E. says · 02.08.14

Goodness…and just when I thought I couldn’t love your blog more…..this is awesomeness. love hearing your experiences!