Pinned and Twisted Hair Tutorial

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Pin and Twist Hair Tutorial- The Small Things Blog
This is a great way to pin back nearly any texture hair. Just because I started with straight hair doesn’t mean you have to have straight hair for this style. I think it would look fantastic on curly haired girls.
I let my bobby pins show a little bit more than usual so you can see the placement. With a little practice, I’m sure you’ll be able to fold the hair over the sections to hide the pins! 


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Ashley says · 10.07.13

So pretty!! I really love this hairstyle!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Katie Flores says · 10.07.13

Love! I need more cute hairstyles that are up, yet prettier than a ponytail 🙂

Mundie says · 10.07.13

Love it! Can’t wait to see more hair styles with your shorter hair!! 😀

Britt says · 10.07.13

I love this! I’m definitely going to recreate this when I straighten my hair in a couple of weeks 🙂
Britt @ One&20

Leann says · 10.07.13

Great going to try it soon!! You always make it so easy to place the bobby pins, I have such issues 🙁 But I keep chugging along. Also what color/brand nail polish are you wearing?? Love the color!

Leann says · 10.07.13

Oh and I would love to see some pictures of the back of your new hair cut, I always get mine cut to my collar bone, but have issues telling the stylist how I want the back. I always want it sleek and sophisticate looking like a lob but ends up being fluffy and rounded.

Sarah Cotter says · 10.07.13

This is great! I love your hair styles but the one part I always struggle with is that most start with curly hair, and mine is resolutely straight (it takes about an hour to curl, and the curls stay in all of ten minutes). I’m so glad to see a style I can do starting with straight hair!!

Susan Jeffries says · 10.07.13

I love your hair videos Kate! you provide such nice alternatives to a pony tail! Thanks! susan

snaps-of-ginger says · 10.07.13

So pretty! I can’t wait to see your shorter cut though. It will be closer to my length.


Amber King says · 10.07.13

Great do! So classic and pretty. I really like this.

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Sugar Spun Sisters says · 10.07.13

This looks gorgeous – such a classic look and seems pretty simple to do! 🙂

Eve & Faye x
Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

Abby says · 10.07.13

I looove twisted up-dos and this one looks like maybe I could actually do it! haha I can’t wait to see your new haircut!
Happy Monday…
xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

Crumbs and Curls says · 10.07.13

This looks gorgeous! I’m definitely going to have to try it, maybe for a sorority function!


Michelle Ash Latham says · 10.07.13

So pretty! I really need to spend a weekend practicing doing some of these on my hair 🙂

Katie says · 10.08.13

This will be perfect for work!

Briana Holbrook says · 10.08.13

I can’t wait to see your hair! I cut mine Saturday. I am so not a long hair girl.

Cari says · 10.08.13

Love this!!!! Your hair tutorials have changed my life ;))no seriously I have never been able to style my bangs until I found your blog. thank you!

Shannon says · 10.08.13

Very cute style! However, as much as I love watching your hair tutorials (I hope this doesn’t come across as overly critical), I’ve noticed that recently, you’ve been more heavily editing your videos and/or not giving as much in-depth detail and explanations as you used to in your earlier videos. I understand if it’s in an effort to make your videos shorter, but some of us, especially new followers, aren’t hair savvy and need the more detailed explanations! And, it would be great if you could end the videos like you used to, showing a 360 degree view of the style, instead of just the static snapshots. Thanks again!

Brittany Muddamalle says · 10.09.13

This is adorable and very simple! I am always looking for hairstyle ideas!

Film says · 10.09.13

I love this so much! Have to try it out soon 🙂 thank you xx

Michele Cullar says · 10.10.13

Can you reccomend some good bobby pins? I picked up some hot tools professional pins at ulta last week and I pretty much hate them. They just don’t seem to hold well. TIA!

Freia says · 10.14.13

Love your blog, thanks for the great tips!
Greetings from Belgium!

masumppi says · 10.15.13

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Tanya V says · 10.24.13 Reply
Aneel riaz says · 10.29.13

really nice .

Lance Fabian says · 01.22.14

Oh,Really ! great tips regarding how to care for good long hair.I love this, Please keep it on.
Thanks for sharing.:-)

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MK says · 01.22.14

Love this!!!! Your hair tutorials have changed my life ;))no seriously I have never been able to style my bangs until I found your blog. thank you! Tina @ Hairstyles for black women

Muhammad Yunas says · 02.08.14

nice Pinned and Twisted Hair Tutorial a wonder full information shareing thanks
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Mabaara says · 05.26.14

Love your hair tutorials, thanks very much! Did you ever think about doing a book with step by step pictures for all the updoes? Would be great to take along, especially when there is no internet available at the spot!

Chelsie says · 06.30.14


I’m a long-time fan! However, I have thicker hair than some (I wouldn’t say most). Would many of your hairstyles work for someone with thicker hair? What up-do recommendations do you have?


Marlene Ravey says · 10.01.14

Hi Kate. I love all of your tutorials. I love this look above, but cannot get the video to play. Could you please send me a link to see this. I’m trying to find the perfect hair updo for my sons wedding in NY in November. Thanks in advance.
Texas Mom Wants to Look Big City Elegant.