Just a Little Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

My Favorite Lip Products

I typically stick with browns when it comes to eyeshadow but I recently picked up this palette from Maybelline to experiment with more ice-y grey colors. Each color in this palette looked great to me, and looked like a color I would wear, so I thought, “I can’t go wrong!”

I didn’t follow the prompts on the packaging though. I wanted a darker effect so I changed up which color I used for what and was pleased with the results!

So you can see that it’s smokier than my typical brown eyeshadow but it isn’t too dark for everyday. What I like most about this palette is the colors are really all great by themselves! I like that they are neutral and can be used in different areas of the eye depending on what look you are going for. 

I was also impressed, and not surprised, to see that the eyeshadow lasted all day. I used Mac’s Paint Pot in Painterly as my eyelid primer. I love that stuff. It can give cheaper eyeshadow the staying power of high end shadows.

The main difference I see between cheaper drugstore eyeshadows and expensive eyeshadows is the color pay off and pigmentation. I had to work a little harder to get depth with these shadows, where as one little swipe in my Naked 2 Palette (or in a Mac eyeshadow) will give me plenty of color. So I think I would use up cheaper shadows more quickly since I find I have to “dig into them” a little more than usual. 

If you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette to play around with this fall, I’d grab this one


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Nikki says · 09.05.13

Pretty! I started using more gray colors last year and I love it. My “go-to” eye color is Mary Kay’s Granite, in fact. For some reason, grays have become my daily/work eyecolor, and I save the browns for church or going out!

Carly says · 09.05.13

I love this shade on you!


Kerri Muffin says · 09.05.13

Looks amazing. I might have to pick up this palette!

Holly Doss says · 09.05.13

Oh how neat! You did a great job Kate! Light and pretty. 🙂 I’ll have to try that primer, too!

apartment-wife.com says · 09.05.13

you make it look so simple, but my makeup usually ends up seeming slightly clownish. i think i’ll get the palette, just cross you fingers i don’t end up being a smoky clown 🙂

Sam says · 09.05.13

I think it depends on what drugstore brand you’re looking at. Wet and wild are known for their high pigmentation shadows, give those a try!

Katie says · 09.05.13

I have this palette too and was pretty impressed by it for a drugstore product.


Carroll says · 09.05.13

Great look! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

Katie Evans says · 09.05.13

That lipstick looks awesome on you.

Glammy Bee says · 09.05.13

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Glammy Bee says · 09.05.13

The colors are really pretty, but Maybelline tests/is owned by a company that tests on animals, so it’s not something I’ll use. I’ll have to look for some good cruelty free dupes.

Beth says · 09.05.13

Looks great on you! Do you think that this palette will work for all skin types and eye color? I have fair skin and brown eyes, and I always thought that using brown and neutral eyeshadows didn’t look as good with my skin type and eye color. I may be wrong…still trying to nail down my makeup routine and products! Thanks.

still being [molly] says · 09.05.13

so pretty!!

Brittany K says · 09.05.13

What lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

Melanie says · 09.05.13

Love those colors!


Ashley says · 09.05.13

So pretty and I LOVE your lip color!!

Ash xo,
Sincerely Miss Ash

pretty little things says · 09.05.13

great tutorial and the makeup is affordable too — love this! xo


Elaine says · 09.05.13

I bought this pallete about a month ago and haven’t used much else since – I love it! And funny thing is, I was totally thinking this is something Small Things Kate would like! It looks wonderful on you 🙂

Blue Orchid says · 09.05.13

Really pretty and chick!


Abby says · 09.06.13

I swear by MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot, too! It’s amazing and I love how it covers any discoloration on my eyelid to give me a smooth blank canvas for shadows. Great look, Kate! 🙂

xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

Luisen says · 09.06.13

Hey Kate,
do you think products from L’oreal or Astor work better than the ones from Manhattan? I would spend more money on a good eyeshadow, but 50 bucks is a lot and those above would be the more expensive ones in a drugstore.

Catherine says · 09.06.13

I bought this yesterday when I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a prescription. It was BOGO 50% off for the brand so I also tried the Pink Quartz lipstick. I like both a lot! I did the simple smokey eye this morning and my husband said “Your makeup looks pretty today.” So, thanks!

Rhiannon Johnson says · 09.06.13

I love these palettes! I’ve used up quite few now, and they do go quickly, but it’s worth it!

Carla SMR says · 09.09.13

Hi Kate! can you please share what lipstick did you use on this tutorial? I’ve been looking for a pinkish color like it but haven’t found one that looks like that. Thank you and have a great day!

isabel laava says · 12.06.13

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aleaconall says · 12.06.13

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YASSINE TOUHTAN says · 02.14.14

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Jeny says · 04.01.15

Awesome!! I love this palette, thank you for your Makeup tips


Lindsey Tanner says · 08.19.16

I love your lipstick what is the brand? Also which tanning tone would you suggest from this tanning lotion products list?

skin twinkle says · 05.13.18

great makeup tips, so simple but very effective

Lydia E. Millen says · 10.31.19

Firstly, the Maybelline eye shadow palette looks like such a tempting deal. I might just buy it right away! Secondly, I love the light smokey look but have never got around to doing it on my own. I don’t understand how you do it so well. It looks so beautiful.

Cindy says · 12.05.19

You Look so beautiful. Can’t wait to try it 🙂

BeautyAdept says · 03.26.20

I’ve used this tutorial to fix my makeup last Christmas, it almost made me look like a celebrity. Thanks a lot

Andy says · 05.02.20

Wow, you look gorgeous. Love it!

Marry Forlio says · 10.01.20

Woowww love this Smokey Eyeshadow look. I will try 🙂

Skin care says · 04.24.21

Great post for eyeshadow user. And I hope this tutorial help for beginner

Skin care Tips says · 05.09.21

Great post. Thanks for eyeshadow tutorial and I am always follow your helpful tutorial. really I love smokey eyeshadow

Marryforlio says · 09.16.22

Awesome!! Great tips, I love this palette.