A Statement Bag

Soft Waves Hair Tutorial

(25 weeks pregnant)
top: Destination Maternity (purchased while on major sale, cannot find online.)
shoes: alfani via tj maxx
necklace: Kate Spade 
bracelet: c/o/ Jeweliq
nails: CND Vinylux in Lobster Roll (full review here!)
I swear I did not intend to be facing to the left in every single one of these photos. It just so happened that these were the best/most clear images that I could manage with my wireless shutter release + tripod. 

I’m still scrounging around for a new background for the occasional outfit post!

Sole Society kindly sent me this bag last week. I love it. I love that it’s a poppy/orange-y red color. I love the size of it. And I love that it will be perfect when the baby is here and I can throw a couple diapers and things in it. It’s also a lightweight bag, which is key when it comes to carrying larger bags.

I also can’t get enough of this blue sweater that I picked up last week at destination maternity. I can’t find it online and I think it may be completely sold out since I bought it when it was on major clearance. Either way, it’s comfortable and has room to grow. Now I just need the temps to dip a little bit so I don’t look ridiculous wearing it on 90 degree days. 

I ordered these skinny jeans from Loft about a month or so ago. They are a full panel maternity and I really like them! I really don’t like myself in skinny jeans, but I bought them with the intention on wearing them with boots! Again, waiting for those temps to drop so I can wear them with said boots . . .so in the meantime I’m rolling them up as “ankle length”. 


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Saira Naomi says · 09.03.13

Kate, you could wear a bin liner and still look great! Love the jeans. I wasn’t a fan of skinnies until I bought a navy blue pair, and they go with so much, I ended up buying 3 more. #guiltypleasure !

eatgreatbegreat says · 09.03.13

That bag is awesome! I do love a large bag and the color is great!

Suzanne S. says · 09.03.13

Love the pop of colour!!
Suzanne from http://www.writtenbysuzanne.com

Jen Watford says · 09.03.13

Meow! 😉

Lauren | My Polished Side Blog says · 09.03.13

Love the bag and I have I mentioned how good pregnancy looks on you!? =)

Pink Elephant Blog says · 09.03.13

The bag is fab! You look great 🙂 Love the top!


Chris says · 09.03.13

My favorite accessory… your bump! Looking great!!

Shannon says · 09.03.13

You look GORGEOUS, preggo or not!��

pretty little things says · 09.03.13

you look amazing girl! simply glowing! xo


Katie says · 09.03.13

I live that bag!


NecoleV says · 09.03.13

You are amazing! Congratulations on your Blogher/Almay Video..You are big time now!!
You have def. been of my inspirations.


Sydni says · 09.03.13

you are so cute!!

Eva-Karin says · 09.03.13

You look adorable! Hold onto that bag because soon it’s going to be filled with diapers, wipes, pacis, bottles, and things that will make you say “how in the world did that get in my purse?!?!?”

Rennae says · 09.03.13

Cute as ever! Love the bag, it’s a great color!

kristinwithani says · 09.03.13

Love it all and that bag is great!

Ragan Burkley says · 09.03.13

LOVE the video!! So glad you were able to give your love for cats a little shout out 😉

Amy @ Polka Dots and Stripes says · 09.03.13

Hi Kate…I saw your FB post so I want you to know I voted (you totally deserve it!) AND….today I was shopping at Oakbrook Center with my Mom and went into Hot Momma (wanted to check it out after you raved about it). I told the girls in the store I was there because of your blog and one of them said she was working one day when you came in with your Mom! She said you were even more adorable in person and she felt like she’d had a celebrity spotting! (I just thought it was a cute story so I’d share it.) Good luck with the contest!!

Kate says · 09.04.13

That’s so nice of her! That’s a great Hot Mama store! Hope you enjoyed shopping there!

Ashley says · 09.03.13

You look adorable, love the bag!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Alexandrea Pimentel says · 09.03.13

Love the bag – I have one like it in pink 🙂

visiting from http://www.alexwritesbooks.com

Jenna Lou says · 09.03.13

You are adorable. I just bought that same top in cream from DM. LOVE it… I kind of want to never take it off when I’m wearing it!

allkindsofmiles.com says · 09.04.13

Absolutely love the color and style of that bag! And your little baby bump is the cutest!

Kodi Jensen says · 09.04.13

The jeans look super cute cuffed!
grey et al

Sally HP says · 09.04.13

Adorable as ever! I have been LOVING styling my hair and can’t believe how just those few extra steps and products make a world of difference. We got family photos taken RIGHT before I discovered your blog and all I can think when I look at them is WHY didn’t I discover her sooner?! My aquage just arrived and I can’t wait to use it tomorrow! Love the duck clips too. I was a faithful hot roller (vertical) user, but the duck clips/curling iron are even easier and better result, and will travel much easier than hot rollers.

Toria Mason says · 09.04.13

You look gorgeous! And I LOVE your necklace! I am obsessed with bows. 🙂

Sally HP says · 09.05.13

I also wanted to add that I totally bought this bag. I’ve been looking for a big fall bag as I’ve had the same one for a few years and just bought a fun bigger bag from Stella and dot that I used a ton this summer. Big bags are the way to go so that you can feel stylish but still have a ‘diaper bag’. There is a cute diaper changer at target by Jj cole and I think several companies have a similar product but you just tuck a few diapers (I use cloth and can still fit one) wipes and it has the changing pad in it.

Lastly, if you ever get credit for us buying the products you recommend, feel free to link it in there, I’ve bought several of the items you recommended (because I was already in the market) so if you have a relationship with vendors, I’d love for you to get credit for it!

Cindy lemmer says · 09.05.13

Look superb!! Love also your nails color. 🙂

– Cindy
gel polish kit

Sonia Umberto says · 09.06.13

You look gorgeous.
I think the moment women with baby is their most beautiful moment.
Best wishes!
chic abiti

andrewhudson says · 09.09.13

You look so cute with your upcoming baby. I wish you all the best. Your outfit is great. Bella store having various of stylish outfits many of them for you.

jennlynnfs says · 09.16.13

Whenever I’m on Pinterest and I’m looking for cute hairstyles, I always end up here. LOL. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. I was watching the ponytail with twists tutorial when I stumbled on this post too. Congratulations! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and you look so cute. I’ll be visiting more often now, checking to see cute preggo styles from you.

I also love the bag. I don’t ever get bags in statement colors b/c it’s hard for me envision how an outfit can be complemented by a purse, but I think I’ll consider it now. It looks really cute.

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Emma Rose says · 03.14.14

That little necklace is just fab!