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Jewelry  is exciting me most as I think about fall fashion. Partially that may be because I’m not going to be able to wear a ton of the new, trendy things from my favorite stores, because of my growing bump, and partially because I love it anyway.

I’m looking for long, but delicate, necklaces to wear with simple tops and maybe a sweater. But throughout my search, I keep stumbling upon these beautiful, but shorter, statement necklaces too! 

I wonder when I’ll start wearing silver jewelry again. I remember never thinking I’d wear gold, and then suddenly —like all things fashion related except for ugg boots, jeggings, and a few other trends— I find myself wearing the latest trend : like gold jewelry. And now I exclusively wear gold. 

As you can tell by my choices above, I’m still on the “gold” train. 

Do you mix metals? Wear gold and silver together? 


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Lisa says · 08.15.13

I do wear a mix, but generally just with rings and bracelets. I always keep earrings and necklaces the same. I like the shorter statement necklaces too!

Julie @ A Simply Sweet Blog says · 08.15.13

I have always been a silver person who hated on all things gold… recently I’m finding myself drawn to gold! Funny how things like that can change. Especially necklaces on a delicate gold chain – love!

*Jess* says · 08.15.13

I am 100% a silver fan! But, like you, I can’t help but be drawn into the gold accented statement necklaces. I guess never say never!

But no, I do not mix metals.

Samantha White says · 08.15.13

I agree with lisa^. I have a couple sentimental silver rings that I wear all the time even though I have turned into more of a gold jewelry fan as well.

R2P2 says · 08.15.13

Nah. I barely wear necklaces as it is, but I usually do silver if I do anything.

Jenna Lou says · 08.15.13

Loving that quartz necklace and chunky link bracelet!

I too used to think I’d never be caught dead wearing gold, but now I wear it daily on my favorite necklace. My wedding ring is silver and I don’t mind mixing that with other gold jewelry, but I probably wouldn’t mix new pieces together.

Megan Karabon says · 08.15.13

Oh my gosh! I totally adore you and your style, but I also LOVE (I mean TOTALLY LOVE) my Ugg boots. Shoot! Wisconsin winters will make a girl crazy and (apparently) make some huge fashion mistakes. Haha!

Kate says · 08.15.13

I don’t blame you for loving them since you live in Wisconsin! #chilly

rachbeth4022 says · 08.15.13

I find myself wearing more gold too! It would be very helpful if you could post which style necklaces to wear with certain necklines. I will buy a bib necklace, think it looks great with a vneck, only to discover it was a bad choice. Maybe a post with recommendations on what style to wear with a tank, boatneck, crew, v, sweater, etc. would be amazing!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman says · 08.15.13

I totally mix metals and I must admit I have a pair of Uggs that I wear around the house – I grew up in upstate NY! They were necessary. :o) No fashion statements with denim skirts though! Promise.

eatgreatbegreat says · 08.15.13

I love all these items! I mostly wear silver, but I’ve definitely been trying to get more into gold.

Kelly Bunster says · 08.15.13

Like you, I thought I’d never like to wear gold, but those fashion people wore me down! I’m also on the gold train. I tell myself if I like what I’m wearing it doesn’t matter if it abides by all the fashion rules, so I mix metals….no one has arrested me yet! Besides, I don’t think the hubby would like to buy me a new (and gold) wedding ring!! Though it sounds like a great excuse to me! 😉
Sweet Pea’s Party

Lauren | My Polished Side Blog says · 08.15.13

I love gold too! But always find myself leaning towards silver because of my wedding rings. But I guess that shouldn’t matter. 🙂 I’ll work towards branching out and combining the two metals.

khurst11 says · 08.15.13

I don’t have anything gold….yet. Like you, I never thought I’d wear anything gold; But with the growing trend I find myself wanting to get some gold pieces. I would definitely mix metals, though.

Jennifer Deitz says · 08.15.13

I used to wear a lot of yellow gold (and still have quite a few pieces for their sentimental value) but I don’t wear it anymore. I exclusively wear silver/white gold and I just prefer it. I’m not one to get on every trend bandwagon though.

Reply says · 08.15.13

I never wore gold until my now-husband gave me a gold family heirloom engagement ring. Now I’m obsessed!! I’m very fair skinned and have learned that the gold actually is much more flattering, and silver tends to wash me out. I wear a ton of gold, but I still wear some silver too. I think gold jewelry is a trend that will certainly last.
-Sarah {}

Jackie says · 08.15.13

lately i’ve been into layering a mix of my more delicate long and short gold necklaces. and i’m into mixing metals, mostly for bracelets though.

i’m in the same boat, i never thought i’d be a gold wearer – and now its mostly all i wear!

LuluG says · 08.15.13

I never wore gold until recently. I sometimes mix white and yellow gold.

Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

Kristen Sehn says · 08.15.13

I do mix, but only if I am wearing my gold and silver watch. I feel like that piece will bring both colors together! Love your jewelery picks! I am loving shorter statement necklaces right now 😀

Emily says · 08.15.13

I was the same way about never thinking I would wear gold. I have pale skin and freckles and always thought it looked terrible on me. But I definitely find my self picking gold over silver all the time. Oh and rose gold… I am in love with rose gold! Love to mix all those metals up!

Katy Weiss says · 08.15.13

I totally mix metals. All of my “fine” jewelry is silver or white gold. All of my gold pieces are costume. About 9 years ago I fell in love with the look of gold with a white outfit and I still haven’t turned loose of that obsession. My wedding ring set is white gold… And I’d certainly never take it off because I wanted to wear a gold necklace that day. Mix away!

pretty little things says · 08.15.13

loving those great necklaces! xo

maryfrancesbowling says · 08.15.13

I have always been a gold wearer and cannot imagine wearing silver. My wedding rings are gold

Katie says · 08.15.13

I love the quartz necklace you showed. Heck, I love them all. I have always worn gold jewelry as I loved the look and find that it flatters my skin tone more than silver jewelry does.

virginia says · 08.15.13

I mix all the metals! Right now, I’m wearing platinum (wedding and engagement rings), rose gold (watch), and yellow gold (earrings). Maybe it’s a faux pas but “rules” are meant to be broken, right?

Melissa says · 08.15.13

I’ve always shied away from yellow gold – I was told my whole life that it wouldn’t look good on me because I’m a “winter” skintone. But I’m starting to dress up more now and feel like I’m a little tired of just silver jewelry. So maybe I’ll go for the gold. 😉

Suzanne S. says · 08.15.13

I love wearing long and statement necklaces. My current favourite is the bubble necklace!! I wear it all the time 🙂
Suzanne from

keltie@f*ck yeah, france! says · 08.15.13

oh wow, I love all of these! I’d never heard of jeweliq–now I’ve just ordered 2 necklaces!! Thanks Kate!

Amanda Joy says · 08.15.13

I love the feminine touches of these! Such a great assortment!

Jacquelyn Wheeler says · 08.15.13

I was the same way! I haaatttteeedd gold. But now most of my fun jewelry is in gold! Anything expensive though I still get in silver. And I fell in love with the charcoal fan bib.

misty says · 08.15.13

I’m definitely drawn to gold more these days, but I just became a stylist w stella & dot and was encouraged to get some silver for my display. and I must say… I’m shockingly really liking wearing the silver now, too! and mixing some of both, too!

Steph says · 08.15.13

I’m a white gold and silver girl. I actually get frustrated that I can’t find silver versions of all the cool gold jewelry. I end up mixing out of necessity. Whatever, I guess.

Lindsey Walker says · 08.15.13

Definitely gold! And definitely no to mixing metals for me! Gold wedding rings, love them

Missy says · 08.15.13

I’ve been around long enough to have done my teen years in the gold-only phase of fashion…I was shocked when silver metals became the choice! So I’ve always blended because of my wedding/engagement rings being one color and the fashion trends another. I prefer the gold tones, I think it is better for my skin, but still have so many beautiful pieces in silver/white gold that I’m not ready to pack away.

Applebypie says · 08.15.13

Such pretty picks. I had to stop wearing necklaces when my kids were very little…too tempting for those baby fingers to pull at! Am getting back into them now and Rose Gold is flavour of the month. Xxx

Jamie says · 08.15.13

I mix metals! For a delicate long necklace check out the Haley and the Trinity necklaces from Stella and Dot. They can be worn long or short and are PERFECT with so many different pieces. They’ve definitely been my best sellers this fall!

Pink Twig says · 08.15.13

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for featuring my CRYSTAL QUARTZ NECKLACE in your amazing blog! I hope that you ladies are loving it! I also started out wearing silver, especially in my teens and even most of my 20s, because honestly it was all that I could afford. Now that I have started making jewelry the possibilities are endless.

I hope you ladies will visit my Etsy shop ( to see all the lovely pieces I have discovered since I opened last year.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page( ) for an exclusive fan only discount code. Oh and an early Holiday shopping secret…Big savings for BLACK FRIDAY this year, but it will only last for a few hours!!


Kylie Jones says · 08.15.13

I am a white gold girl myself. I’ve never cared for yellow gold….but I teach preschool and have to wear an ugly apron so I don’t really wear jewelry. I also have a 6 month old who likes to pull of it if I do wear it, even just stud earrings so I don’t wear jewelry except for my wedding ring and he even plays with that!

Beth McFadden says · 08.15.13

I’m allergic to most metals including gold 🙁

primjillie says · 08.15.13

I lean towards the silver after wearing gold for years (I am probably older than a lot of you), but I find myself liking gold again. I definitely mix my metals and throw in some pearls too! I am looking for really long necklaces like Sela Ward wore on CSI:NY if anyone has any ideas. They are so hard to find!

still being [molly] says · 08.15.13

hahah so funny because i totally am wearing gold a lot lately and i used to HATE gold. i do a nice mix, i find. i like both!

Michelle Jackson says · 08.15.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Brigette Olmos-Arreola says · 08.15.13

That ring is gorgeous!

delightedbylife says · 08.15.13

Id love to feel that mixing the 2 is ok, but i kinda feel funny when I do it, cause my wedding ring is white gold and sometimes I really love the gold accents! Do I get a gold wedding ring? that must be the answer lol

Colby says · 08.15.13

I had never been introduced to and just checked it out. I texted my husband that if he gets me anything from the arm candy section I would love him long time!! Thanks for sharing that site and bracelet!!

Dana Michael says · 08.15.13

I love all things jewelry! I’ve been a stylist with Premier Designs for over 22 years. It totally updates any outfit without buying a new wardrobe. Love all the new metals, gold, rose gold and bronze! Happy Accessorizing!!

chelsea jones says · 08.15.13

I was never a gold person my self until about 2 years ago?? Always, always silver/white gold. I liked the way it contrasted with my tan skin..kinda like how white makes your skin look more tan as well. I also didn’t like how yellow gold can sometimes look super YELLOW on my skin and not so GOLD..then I found a bracelet in yellow gold that I loved so I wanted to wear it as much as possible! And THEN I came across Rose Gold which takes the cake as my all-time favorite…my newest piece of rose gold is my engagement ring! My wedding band will be rose gold also. I think it goes better with my skintone than the yellow gold, but isn’t silver/white gold. I wear yellow gold on occasion but only in things I take rose gold engagement ring always stays :)I never mix silver/white gold and yellow/rose gold!

Libby says · 08.16.13

Depends on what color I am wearing 🙂 For example, I think colors like brown, emerald green and purple look really good with gold jewelry, but if I’m wearing black, navy or gray I go with silver. I love them both equally though! My watch has both silver and gold in it, and I have some really nice David Yurman earrings that have both silver and gold, so I feel like I can mix metals and it looks ok. 🙂

Kim LifeandLove says · 08.16.13

It depends on what I am wearing, but yes i do mix gold and silver together! x

Les says · 08.16.13

I was the exactly the same about gold! I hated it and thought it looked so cheap. Now, other than my wedding set and an heirloom ring that I never take off, everything is gold! I also wonder when silver will come back…because we know it will!

Beauty Banter Blog says · 08.18.13

Gorgeous! I loveee gold these days!

-Maddy @

Adina Smith says · 08.22.13

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Thomas Jackson says · 03.06.14

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researching jewelry says · 05.19.15

i never mix gold and silver together. think it is a strange look, but it may suit you!