NO High Five for Friday

The Long and Short Of It
This day is not a happy one. There will be no high fives. Only low fours. (is that the opposite of high five?)

My dear sweet Stu* is moving her tiny booty to Chicago, Il tomorrow. I’m pretty mad about it. I’m using anger to mask my grief. 
a picture from my bridal shower in 2009

I’m actually not mad at all. I’m truly sad! I’m going to miss her terribly! Plus it just “hit” me last night so it’s going to be one big cry fest tomorrow which is sure to make my eyes red and puffy. But who cares, when a sister leaves it’s time to grieve. <–my motto these days.

Anyway, she’s off to the big cit-ay to experience a new world. And while I’m very sad she’s leaving, I’m very excited for this next chapter of her life to unfold. I’m excited to visit her. I’m excited for her to visit me. I’m excited to see what her life is like in Chicago. 

So, as a final send off I will participate in my final High Five For Friday Knowing My Sister Lives Down The Street.

1. First of all, thanks for all the congratulations on the house. Justin and I closed on our first home last week and it feels great. We are excited to get in there! We move next week!

2. I got a pregnancy pillow in the mail and it’s awesome. I’ll blog about it soon (once I can take nice photos of it). I don’t really “need” it yet, but it is super comfortable even now.

3. My sister, Sam (sisters roomie) and I ate our final “Signature Dinner” on Wednesday night. That was also the day I did my sister and Sam’s hair for the last time while they live here. The “signature dinner” is fries and a milkshake from CookOut. It’s called “signature dinner” because it’s kind of my Stu’s* signature dinner. She’s a big health nut. It was delish!

4. This will only be a high five to those who understand, but we weren’t sure if the carpet was going to be installed before we moved in and we just found out that it WILL. Major win in my book. Less furniture to move, and less drama once we live there. Very thankful for that. 

5. Finally, I suppose I should celebrate my sister on her new endevours. Again, still pretty mad sad, but I’m happy for her too.

Link up your High Five For Friday post here!

*My sister’s name is Lauren but I’ve been calling her Stu for many, many years. The story is incredibly boring, but maybe I’ll share it one day! 


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Lauren | My Polished Side Blog says · 08.16.13

I’m tearing up thinking about you two not living close to each other anymore. 🙁 If you need a sister replacement, I’ll happily step in, wear a long ombre wig and rename my cats to Milo and Otis. Just a thought. 😉 I will be praying for ya as she leaves tomorrow.

still being [molly] says · 08.16.13

awww 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 i know this is gonna be hard for y’all but i know y’all will make it through!! praying for you guys over then next few weeks!!

Hailey Stoner says · 08.16.13

It’s hard to believe you ladies won’t be down the street anymore! My sister lives a few hours away and we don’t get to see each other nearly enough!

Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Kerri @ Simplicity Interrupted says · 08.16.13

Oh no! This is sad news, but you have the right attitude – she is going to love Chicago & you will love visiting! It is such a beautiful city – wide, clean streets .. amazing shopping .. so many great restaurants. Can I come visit too?! 😉

pretty little things says · 08.16.13

awww I know it will be hard but you both are going on some pretty exciting adventures — cheers to you both! xo

Nicole Marica says · 08.16.13

Sad news but on a happy note, your makeup looks great in that photo! 🙂

JANNA says · 08.16.13

Very cute pic! Hang in there, girls! xoxo

Katie Howington says · 08.16.13

Lots of us tearing up right along with you two! Best wishes to Lauren! No matter the distance that bond will never be broken and Skipe will come in handy:)

Our Little Family says · 08.16.13

You are so lucky to even have had the chance to live so close to your sister! I would LOVE to live near mine someday! I can imagine that it must be bittersweet to see her move on to the next thing. Good luck to the both of you 🙂

Stephanie says · 08.16.13

I’m sorry you’re losing her… but I’m a little happy because I’ll get to meet her here in Chicago!

eatgreatbegreat says · 08.16.13

Oh no…this is sad. I would be SO bummed too if a close family member was moving far away. Hang in there!

LuluG says · 08.16.13

Aww, I never had a sister, but if I did I’d hope to feel like you two because it means you’re close, even though it’s sad.

Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

shehulkout says · 08.16.13

I know just how she feels. I moved 3000 miles away from my sissy four years ago and I miss her terribly! We used to see each other almost everyday. She’s got 4 gorgeous daughters that are growing up so fast too. It’s really tough at first but it just makes me enjoy the time I do get to see her. She refuses/is scared to death to fly so that leaves me to be the visitor. Take care knowing you aren’t alone!

Ashley says · 08.16.13

This is a super cute picture!! Hang in there 🙂

Sincerely Miss Ash

ashnboys says · 08.16.13

Sweet, sweet sisters!

KrissBo says · 08.16.13

Chicago is such a great city with so many places to eat and shop! She’s going to LOVE it!!! You’ll have to check out Vintage Charm in Lagrange- my favorite shop- when you go to visit her!

Jeremy and Michelle Newton says · 08.16.13

CookOut! I went to Wake Forest and there is NOTHING better. So jealous right now, my mouth is watering.

Dott says · 08.16.13

Love that photo of you two! If that doesn’t make you want to chop your hair off I don’t know what will! 🙂

Rebecca A. says · 08.16.13

Feeling mad sad with you. I have two sisters and finally convinced one to move here with me. Now that she is married and has a family we have less time together but I know she’s nearby. Thank goodness you’ll have Face Time…and Congratulations to “Stu”…exciting times ahead for you both!

Morgan says · 08.16.13

I had CookOut for the very first time this past weekend while in Charlotte, NC! SO DELICIOUS! Their ribs and mac&cheese are to.die.for.

Shelli says · 08.16.13

100% understand your sister sadness and I 1005 celebrate with you about the carpet being installed before you move in. It’s the little things! 🙂

JillianD says · 08.16.13

I have a sister, and we are close like the two of you. It’s so sad when one person moves away, but your friendship and sisterhood will only grow stronger!

Saira Naomi says · 08.16.13

What a gorgeous family! Some good genes there 🙂

Andrea Worley says · 08.16.13

Sisters make the very best friends don’t they?! I wish mine lived close.

Heather says · 08.16.13

I really want to know how Lauren came to be called Stu. I don’t care how boring it is. I wonder every time you mention her how that came to be. Love nickname stories. So sorry she is moving for you. I have sisters and know exactly how that feels.

Cindy Swanson says · 08.16.13

Aw, I can soooo feel your pain! Both my sisters live far away from me…one in Wyoming and one in Texas, while I live in Illinois.

On the plus side for you, Chicago is one of the most awesome cities in the world to visit! My hubby and I are actually going there tomorrow to celebrate our 35th anniversary. Can’t wait!

Skyping will be your friend!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

tattooedteacherintexas says · 08.16.13

when i moved away from my younger sister several years ago, i was so so sad. but before i left, i wrote her a VERY long handwritten letters full of memories, advice, and love. she still tells me she goes back and reads it. it’s so hard to disconnect physically from sisters!

Fenny Crista says · 08.17.13

i am the only daughter in my family, and it would be nice if i have a sister like you 🙂

Lauren122 says · 08.17.13

I just recently went through that experience too! My little (and only) sister has always been 5 minutes away from me and we hung out all the time. Earlier this month she and her new husband moved to Utah to go to school and now she’s 10 hours from me! It’s been a hard adjustment for me but I know that she’s happy to start new chapters in her life and to move on to bigger and better things. I’m happy that she’s happy.

Lauren122 says · 08.17.13

Oh and yay for Laurens. 🙂

Karen Albert says · 08.18.13

Oh I understand completely!! A heart-warming post with the Grief of separation! Just think how fun it will be to visit her in Chicago!

2013 Designer Series

Jess Wolff says · 08.18.13

My sister and I are BFFs; we lived in the same neighborhood during my last year in graduate school, and her junior year at UCF (hi from Florida!) and I loved every second of it. When I graduated and moved away, I was sad/mad as well, so I completely understand how you’re feeling. However, technology is amazing and with Skype and FaceTime, I feel like we “hang out” all the time.
PLUS! I have a feeling when you have your supercuteamazing little baby, she’ll be wanting to move back 😉

Stacey Sparks says · 08.19.13

A note on the pregnancy pillow…my husband stole mine right out from under me when I wasn’t using it! (and now that I don’t use it after the birth of our son) haha…so watch your back! That thing is uber comfy!

Becky says · 08.21.13

I so know how you feel! My sister and brother in law are moving to Virginia with my two year old niece, leaving me in Ohio all alone
🙁 Major sad face!

britney says · 08.24.13

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Jenn says · 09.12.13

Sad and weird but my sister Lauren is moving away from me too 🙁 we’ve lived together for 5 Years

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