Fall 2013 Hair Trends

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If you are a fan on Facebook, you may have seen that my internet is not yet installed at the new house. That makes blogging slightly more difficult, but I will try my hardest to try to keep this week as normal as possible here on the blog!

I thought it would be fun to talk about some fall hair trends today. I know I know, It’s Monday–typically a hair tutorial day. . . I simply have not had time. I wish I would have pre-filmed a few but. . . well. . . I didn’t.

So, it’s been interesting being a stylist for nearly 10 years (what!) to watch the trends slowly take over my clientele. I can tell when new patterns are starting, and can sometimes predict which client will come in asking for a new, trendy ‘do. 

In general, hair color typically goes a little darker in the fall/winter. And it usually goes a little warmer too. I think part of the reason is that women miss the “warmth” that the summer sun gave their skin, so they make up for that with their hair. Rich, chocolate browns, warm caramels, even slightly fire-y brown accents are bound to make their way into hair color before too long.

As far as ombre goes, I’m seeing it take a turn for a more subtle approach. A little less contrast between the base and the ombre’d ends. I have to say, I’m glad to see this turn. I never liked the super severe ombre, so I’m happy to see it soften up a bit.

Women are chopping their hair too! I’m noticing more and more clients are coming to their appointments with photos of clavicle/collar bone length locks. And I’m thrilled about that. I like long hair on some women, but I’m a mid-length kind of gal myself. I’m happy to chop off several inches at anytime too–that’s one of the most fun things to do as a hairstylist. 

Curls aren’t a thing of the past yet, but they keep getting softer and softer. . .eventually migrating to just large waves. Texture is still desired, so don’t put away those texture powders or dry shampoo’s yet. Buy a larger curling iron if you want to keep styling your hair with curls, but stay on trend. 

Personally, I’m dying to cut my hair off. I’ve mentioned this a few times and I swear I’ll stop talking about it soon. I’m excited about this turn towards slightly shorter locks this fall!

Do you change up your hair by the seasons? Just the color or the cut too?


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Danielle says · 08.26.13

I actually just cut 4 inch off my hair, went for the long bob look…I am loving it. 😉

Becky says · 08.26.13

Me too! I love it!

Kathy says · 08.26.13

I cut 6 inches of mine about 5 weeks ago and I swear it all grew back already! haha

simplysophisticatedblog says · 08.26.13

I just did too! It feels so good!

Victoria says · 08.26.13

Can’t wait to see, what sounds like a new ‘do this fall on you! My hair is halfway down my back and I just can’t get myself to cut it off to my collar bone, but the urge is definitely there!!

wearyourvitamins.com says · 08.26.13

My hair is all over the place! As a girl with alopecia who’s found some various ways of dealing with it and having fun, I’ve gone from long wigs, to midlength wigs, to extensions that make just a short bob, to my very own pixie hair! It’s really fun and exciting and I’m so blessed that I can have a positive outlook on a could-be negative thing. 🙂

Sarah {Limited Space Organizing} says · 08.26.13

I just chopped 9 inches off last week and I’m loving it! I think you should go for it!

Leslie says · 08.26.13

Just had mine cut this morning! Just a few inches making it to my collar bone and shorter choppy layers. I’m loving the short, slightly tussled curl look for fall.

Breezy says · 08.26.13

What size curling iron would you say is “larger”? Mine just broke so I’m in the market for a new one. Thanks!

Andrea says · 08.26.13

I am ready for a haircut, but scared to cut too much. But I do know I am not ready for curls to go away. I love my hair all big and curly. I spent much of the season “training” it.

702parkproject.com says · 08.26.13

I don’t know what it is about October, but for some reason I always end up chopping my hair off that time of year! I just think short hair just looks so cute with scarves and jackets. It’s about as long as ever right now, so we’ll see if I can hold out. I love hair at the shoulders or above, but of course my husband (like most men) likes it long. What to do, what to do? 😉

-Sarah @ 702 Park Project

Britt says · 08.26.13

What size curling iron would you recommend to achieve the look in the 2nd photo? The photo with the woman in a striped top?

caitlinmfrost says · 08.26.13

I’m usually seasons behind. I chopped all my hair off and kept it short for about 2 years, and now I’m working on growing it long and I’m only just now using a curling iron for curls!! Although I will say I ombre-d my hair before it was trendy (the one and only time I’ll ever be there before a trend begins): my hair naturally fades as it gets longer, so I just box highlighted the ends for more contrast about a year ago.

Mod Commonplace says · 08.26.13

Ah yes! I just chopped off my hair with a “lob” (long bob) and wrote about it here! Its a total trend!


KL says · 08.26.13

i’m not sure why but i always tend to go lighter during fall… i think as my hair is naturally dark going lighter takes a toll on my hair and during summer with beach and pool time it just magnifies the damage. I think that’s why i think lighter during fall is easier to keep the hair healthy. I take such good care of my hair that i hate to treat it badly lol but I live in Florida so it’s pretty much summer all year around LOL

Stephanie Lillard says · 08.26.13

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Janelle says · 08.26.13

Too funny! I think that I am definitely following the “trends” as I am getting my half-way-down-my-back length hair chopped to collar-bone length or even shorter tomorrow. Since I have been growing my hair for three years, chopping it in 15 minutes seemed a little…uh…wasteful? : ) However, this post convinced me to follow through with chopping it.
Thanks Kate!
Also, I would love if you could check out this post (http://erudireseipsum.blogspot.ca/2013/08/trial-run.html) and give your input.

On the Square says · 08.26.13

i LOVE the look on the top right!! I’ve been growing my hair out for quite some time, but I’ve been contemplating chopping it off. Glad I’m not the only one!

Katie says · 08.26.13

I pinned that picture of the brunette in stripes on Pinterest and plan on cutting my hair to that length!


AmieS says · 08.26.13

I’m currently debating on whether to chop off my locks at the moment. I saw a photo of Julienne Hough and just fell in love with the length. But, that would be a 6-8 inch chop in my situation. So pretty drastic. The main thing I would miss about my length is being able to swoop it up into a “sock bun”. One of my new favorite hair styles. I’m afraid that if I cut it short, I won’t be able to just pull it back and it will HAVE to get styled, every time I jump out of the shower. Any thoughts??

Andrea Worley says · 08.26.13

Love a good chop! I’m dying to cut my hair again soon, my husband is so not the fan of shorter hair on myself but that’s ok. 🙂

Lisa says · 08.26.13

I’m always tempted to change up my style, but I usually stick with what I know. It took me almost two years to jump on the side-bangs bandwagon (and I’m glad I did!). I have blonde highlights and I’ve been tempted to try out a darker shade, I just can’t find the guts to go through with it. Also, I can’t seem to curl my hair properly no matter what I do, so I always straighten it (which prevents me from trying different styles). I am desperate for curled hair, you have no idea!

AlaModePhotography says · 08.26.13

The girl in the striped top is my favorite look. I’ve already pinned her on pinterest and look at her almost everyday when I’m styling my hair or I’m discouraged that my hair isn’t growing. Love, love, love.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson says · 08.26.13

I chopped my hair at the beginning of spring. I really like it but I feel like the only thing I can do with it is wear it straight or pin back my bangs. Here is what my hair looks like: http://realmomsrealviews.com/fabulous-fall-fashion/ Any suggestions on what I can do differently with it so I can change things up every now and then?

Rachel says · 08.26.13

I absolutely love the hair in the 2nd pic on the first row.

Stacey Sparks says · 08.26.13

Funny, I just pinned a softer ombre blond to go with my brunette hair to have my best friend do (she’s a hair stylist…cant remember which brand she’s colored certified with…) anywho…personal preference, can’t stand the intense ombre color…I want to make sure mine is well blended…excited and nervous to try it!

Justine J says · 08.26.13

I also thing more subtle ombre looks better and that’s what I’m going for! xx


Kacie Jackson says · 08.26.13

I tend to go a little darker in the fall (caramel or honey highlights within my light brown hair), and have been pinning color ideas like crazy the last couple of weeks. My hair is also in desperate need of getting cut, so I just need to find the time and money to do it all. I tend to keep mine to about my collar bone, and now it’s a couple inches longer – so getting that much cut off will be perfect. I’m debating the sideswept bang/no bang thing… as they are not growing out well, my face shape is not allowing me to change where my part is, and know I’ll end up cutting them anyway. #stuckwithbangsforever Anyway, this post came at a perfect time. 🙂

Anna Nordling says · 08.26.13

Thanks for your sharing your expertise! I love that more relaxed, maintenance-free looks are coming into style. Loose waves look so lovely on just about anyone!

Melanie Lien says · 08.26.13

I just chopped 10 inches off a few weeks ago. I am thinking about going darker for the fall. I have never actually colored it intentionally, but with less time in the sun its darker in the fall anyways. I may intentionally color it this season.

V @ X-tremely V says · 08.26.13

I am visiting my stylist tomorrow and actually asking for the color similar to the upper right photo! Saw it on Pinterest and loved it for the Fall/Winter months! I typically do the opposite every year – lighter in the Fall/Winter, darker in the Spring/Summer – I like to be different 🙂 This year I followed the normal trends though 🙂 And since I am craving the Fall, a darker do’ is just what I need!

Kerri Waller says · 08.26.13

My hair is just about to my belly button, but these photos make me want to cut it! I loveee the girl in the stripe top’s hair!

Melanie says · 08.26.13

I LOVE 2nd pic! I agree, trends are coming and going and I feel like the loose wave is absolutely gorgeous! If I had the guts to chop off my hair, I would 🙂

I Pink i Love You

Courtney says · 08.26.13

I’m planning on chopping my hair to a mid-neck length bob tomorrow! I’m super scared, because Im happiest with my hair at shoulder blade length. but it will be exciting! Im just fretting about my curly hair and most likely having to style it all the time.

Lindsey Mitchell says · 08.26.13

Can you do a video on how you are styling your hair now. I LOVE your loose and free curls.

Leslie: DowntownHaute says · 08.26.13

I love the more subtle ombre trend and the shoulder length hair!



Kylie Rahl says · 08.26.13

As a hairstylist myself, I have had 2 people within the last week bring that top right picture in for their haircut! It’s so cute!
-Kylie @ http://www.LipGlossandLunges.com

Kayla Carroll says · 08.26.13

Sept.1 all my clients start going dark so yep when I go to the supply store this week it Will be all dark colors..love color change

katie_shannon says · 08.26.13

I just pinned the top right picture the other day

Monica says · 08.26.13

How do they keep their hair out of their face (obviously #2 doesn’t)? I have grown out my bangs and they are well past chin length. I have curly hair and I can spray the heck out of it to keep it out of my face then but when I wear it straight it constantly covers one eye (like a pirate). I do not use flat irons or curling irons and really don’t want to have to. When it’s straight I don’t use hairspray because i can never get it to hold well. the more it is in my face the more I push it back and it gets flat and not so pretty there. Any advice?

Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace says · 08.26.13

I didn’t go dark last fall as I tend to do, so when I saw the coppery color of Poppy Montgomery’s hair float around Pinterest I wanted to do mine that color. It turned out ok (though we went not quite as dark…too safe maybe), but I think since we were getting into spring I felt like the hair was too dark for my pale face. I’ve been growing it out longer so I can really replicate the look this fall! But I love changing up my color and styles, too!

Monica Siembieda says · 08.26.13

I love fall hair trends, I love when women tend to darken it up a little bit. I am absolutely in love with ombre softening up as well because it looks more natural with the softer ombre. I will actually have a natural ombre going on because I am growing out my natural hair. I haven’t seen the natural color except for my roots since I was 12. So I’m going to attempt to grow it haha.

Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace says · 08.26.13

Oh! Also glad to hear about the more subtle ombré…any tips for doing that? My stylist wasn’t sure how to do it where it wouldn’t be really drastic, but I knew there had to be a way.

Abby says · 08.26.13

I love the hair on the top right pic, the girl in the stripes. I can totally see my hair like that… but then again, I’ve been growing it out sooo… I’m always back and forth about what length I like my hair! haha. I don’t change the color though- I’m au naturale.

Can’t wait to see your hair if you do make the chop… you always have the BEST hair! 🙂

xo Abby @ Always, Abby

Cali_zta says · 08.26.13

Just got rid of my ombre for a light auburn brown! Might go back in the spring/summer, but will keep solid for the fall/winter. LOVE the new tone of my hair. My hairdresser and I agree, we can’t believe this isn’t the color I was born with, because I was meant to have it. 🙂 Amazing what the right hair can do for a girl.

Sisterino says · 08.26.13

Please post some ideas for naturally curly-haired girls. Some of the fun color trends don’t look quite right on me, and it’s too big of a battle to use a flat iron/ curling iron every day.

Rachelh00 says · 08.26.13

I just cut 5 inches off…It is a slightly angled bob. It comes to almost my collar bone. I love it!!!

Kristen516 says · 08.26.13

I have a longer pixie cut. I love itm. Needs to be shaped up a bit and maybe a bit warmer. I don’t have nice long hair.

walking dot photography says · 08.26.13

I like the softer, more subtle umbre look! I was never a huge fan of the crazy contrast, either. 🙂

Natalie says · 08.26.13

the middle picture on the middle row – how would you get they kind of curls?

Nataliee xx

thepetitepelican says · 08.26.13

I just cut 5.5″ inches off my hair and I’m loving my long bob! I just didn’t feel as sassy with longer hair.

Stephanie Carlson says · 08.26.13

I just cut my mid length hair into a Jenna Elfman inspired pixie. I have always loved short hair, this is the shortest I’ve worn it, and I think I’m ok with it. I get more compliments with short hair than long. When my hair was at it’s shortest, I got comments from strangers weekly, mostly at Starbucks 🙂 while waiting for my mocha. I referred a lot of people to my hairdresser. All that being said, I feel like in general, people either love short hair or hate it. Do you have an opinion? Who should wear short hair? Short styles you like? I haven’t seen a whole lot on your blog about short hair, but maybe that’s because your hair isn’t very short?

Jordan says · 08.27.13

I’m dying to chop my hair off! And to change up my color but I’m just not sure what color to go with?!

Heather says · 08.27.13

I love the style the brunette in the stripe top has. Very similar to what I currently have, but mine is longer. I have been known to do all sorts of crazy things with my hair. Short, long, blonde, superman black, hot pink, etc. I was recently red but have switched back to my natural brunette. The hubby loves it long and curly but I have been wearing it more on the wavy side and love it.

Sally HP says · 08.27.13

Just before I found your blog I had eight inches cut off. It’s the same length, color and texture as the majority of your tutorials, needless to say I’ve spent hours studying them 🙂 I used to go pretty dark in the fall, but staying bright blonde, but going warmer has definitely made the winter feel less dreary. I am so excited to see how you balance mom/hair/style. I have three just boys, but being out together always makes me feel better. My youngest just turned one last week and I had been in a major rut with my look-off came the locks, found your blog, and feel like a new woman! I had loved the surfer/beachy look and the steps I was missing make it look so finished and intentional. Thank you!

Sally HP says · 08.27.13

Just before I found your blog I had eight inches cut off. It’s the same length, color and texture as the majority of your tutorials, needless to say I’ve spent hours studying them 🙂 I used to go pretty dark in the fall, but staying bright blonde, but going warmer has definitely made the winter feel less dreary. I am so excited to see how you balance mom/hair/style. I have three just boys, but being out together always makes me feel better. My youngest just turned one last week and I had been in a major rut with my look-off came the locks, found your blog, and feel like a new woman! I had loved the surfer/beachy look and the steps I was missing make it look so finished and intentional. Thank you!

mwmgirl72 says · 08.27.13

I want to do it but Im so afraid im not gonna like it and I cant put it up when I go to the gym… I have a pic but not able to post it here for opinions

Ashley says · 08.27.13

I have always been a blonde and had the guts to dye it all dark brown about 2 years ago for fall/winter and I absolutely hated it and I am still working on getting that right tone of blonde that I used to have (it’s taking forever)! I have always wanted to cut my hair to a long bob so maybe I will go that route this time lol!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Lauren says · 08.27.13

I usually always change my hair color based on seasons. But since I’m solid blonde right now, I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do this fall. And I love this mid length trend! I’m working on growing my hair to that point! (so hard to do from the asymmetrical bob…easy to get frustrated!)

Side note: Hope moving went well and that you are getting settled! Nothing more frustrating that waiting on Internet to be hooked up!! 🙂

adarlingadventure says · 08.27.13

Where can I buy a large sized curling iron?

Morgann Crook says · 08.27.13

I always go a little darker in the fall. and i’m DYING to chop the locks! I already took off 5″ in the spring, but am contemplating a real bob now. so fresh.



PS>>I’m doing a lovely easy-peasy GIVEAWAY on my blog this week!

Suzanne S. says · 08.27.13

I love soft curls!
Suzanne from written by suzanne

Kendall says · 08.28.13

I would love to see a tutorial on how to achieve the soft waves like the picture on the top right! I recently (well, June) took about 6 inches off of my hair, and it will FINALLY hold more of a curl/wave. Look the look on that model, but I’m not quite sure how to pull it off. Thanks, as always, for your informative and amusing content!

Miss Bad says · 08.28.13

Loved this post : ) Actually I’m thinking in cutting my hair collarbone level and also paint it darker…


Daria S says · 08.28.13

I am considering changing my hair. But I am too scared to cut it!


Sheena says · 08.28.13

I just cut 13 inches off my hair and I love it! I can go to bed with it wet and wake up looking styled. Best hair decision I have made in years!

HomeView, LLC. says · 08.28.13

no ode to the pixie?! i know 4 people who have chopped their locks over the summer and are keeping it through the fall (including me) 🙂

jackie g. photography says · 08.28.13

wait until after baby before cutting! mine is falling out by the handfuls and we are at 6, almost 7 mos pp now!

glenn george says · 08.30.13

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Charlie says · 09.06.13

Ooh I loovee the new more subtle ombre style, thanks for posting – I haven’t found any similar tips anywhere else! Dying the underneath may be the perfect solution to getting hair dyed without having that much money to spend on getting roots redone etc. Anyway, love the blog as always ! x


Susan Wright says · 09.21.13

I am growing my hair out to mid length, from a fairly short do. I also just went lighter yesterday. I am so pale and the lighter just looks better on me. I don’t even tan too much in the summer because I have always tried to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. And at 56, I can now say it was well worth the effort. My skin is beautiful and youthful looking. Anyway, love your waves and versatility of your hair, don;t go too short.

Clay Wilkerson says · 10.02.13

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kelly dillahunt payne says · 10.11.13

I usually go with a pixie in the winter (I hate hate hate static hat hair), often dyed a darker brown, and a bob in the summer, in a red shade closer to my real hair color. But last winter, I didn’t chop all my hair off. I’ve been growing it out and leaving it my natural red-gold. It is “clavicle” length and I like to wear it volumized and wavy, but I have half a dozen cowlicks in the front and at the crown, medium-to-thin hair, and natural curls that go in different directions all over my head, so styling it is a new challenge. I am loving be able to braid and bun my hair for the first time in 11 years though. Suggestions for combating cow licks and maintaining volume at the crown?

Abigail Mae Prescott says · 12.10.13

Great! For me I always go to http://www.anastasiamolchanovhairsalonmiami.com/hair-extensions-miami/ for my hair every winter.

jona reynolds says · 04.14.14

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