August Birchbox

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

My August Birchbox arrived and I was quite pleased.

I have already been on the hunt for a new conditioner and absolutely fell in love with the EvolvH UltraShine Conditioner. It’s light, hydrating, and totally made my hair feel great.

The Stila red lipstain is vibrant (maybe too vibrant for me?) but I’m sure I’ll try it once we get into winter time. 

I like Whish products, and tossed that “single swipe deodorant in my travel bag.

I haven’t used the Hydrating mist yet, but I was happy with the size of the product! And the exfoliating body wash is next up on my list to try!

Again, another good Birchbox! I do not regret canceling my Ipsy subscription one bit. I’m so much happier with Birchbox. 


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Shelby says · 08.27.13

I think I might need to subscribe to Birchbox!

eatgreatbegreat says · 08.27.13

I love Birchbox! I’ve definitely gotten to try some amazing products! That conditioner sounds amazing and I’ve always been a fan of the Whish products!

Betty says · 08.27.13

Your box was the same as mine, I didn’t care for the conditioner but I really like the hydrating mist.

jlassiter24 says · 08.27.13

I received the lip stain in my Birchbox this month too…same color even and I love it. It is so smooth after it sets in and stayed on for hours. It really is vibrant(as you put it)…super red, but really pretty.

Kacia Hosmer says · 08.27.13

I think I need to review my profile again! I like the looks of your box a bit better than mine! 🙂

Sarah says · 08.27.13

I was completely unsatisfied with BirchBox. 🙁 It always seemed as if my box was different (and significantly skimpier!) than others’ BBs. I cancelled. If I had gotten the same box as everyone else, I might not have cancelled. I didn’t even have my preferences set with a lot of limits. It’s a mystery…. I’m going to try Ipsy, my friends seem to get great boxes from them.

Leann says · 08.27.13

I got the same exact items. The lip gloss is way to bright on me! I think it would look sharp on your pale skin though. The deodorant wipe worked for about 30 seconds, the body wash I felt like I was washing with the beach. But the conditioner, I love, love, loved! Makes my hair feel squeaky clean even after conditioning. Love it. I already bought the regular sized bottles.

Janelle says · 08.27.13

I got the deodorant wipes as well, but am a bit scared to use them. lol. I am anxious to try them when it’s a bit cooler and I don’t have to be around anyone. I also got the exfoliating wash and liked it. It smelled nice and had a good texture. I got the lipstain in red as well. I am also pale and it was way too bright for me as well. It had a good texture and seemed to stay on well, though.

Kate C. says · 08.27.13

Wish something similar was available in Canada. That conditioner sounds great!

Ashley says · 08.27.13

I think I might have to subscribe to birchbox one of these days!

Sincerely Miss Ash

keltie@f*ck yeah, france! says · 08.27.13

I wish birchbox shipped to Canada. The beauty boxes we have here are a meh at best. Love the items you received this month!

Julie Arthur says · 08.27.13

Just moved to Brazil 🙁 Will have to try Birchbox when/if we move back to the States!!!
– Julie |

heatherbhodge says · 08.27.13

I got the same products this month and this is the first month I was very happy with what I received. It was great to receive some bigger sized products for a change!

Jessica Roth says · 08.27.13

I did try the body wash and lipstick and loved them. You can read my review here

Are there other beauty boxes out there that you will/have/want to/never will try?

Kacie Jackson says · 08.27.13

I received different items in mine for August and thought they were alright. Mine included: Double-Sided Fashion Tape, Juice Beauty Oil-free moisturizer, Supergoof Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Model Co. lipstick (in a coral color that does not go with my skin tone), and Jasmine body wipes. I like the moisturizer and eye cream the best.

Me Sweet says · 08.27.13

I got the same box. That lipstick color is tough to pull off. I’ve already used the fashion tape and the moisturizer.

Kacie Jackson says · 08.28.13

I’m more of a nuetral/light pink gal. One Sunday afternoon when I was just doing stuff around the house, I put the coral one on for fun. My boyfriend as lik, “WTF is on your lips?” He was not impressed, lol. I wish I had gotten the light pink version (Kitty, I think), or the nude. I probably would have loved it then!

Katie says · 08.27.13

I got some if the same things but I wish I would have gotten the hydrating mist because I would love to try that.

Sisterino says · 08.27.13

I miss Birchbox!! I had to cut back somewhere, and that was the first to go, boohoo!! I loved those little boxes. I wish I could get more! Perfect for organizing my sewing/craft things. =)

Ashlee says · 08.27.13

My box was totally different. I got a pretty coral nail polish, UniqONE all on one spray (love that), coola sunscreen, feet wipes, and Dr. Jart BB cream (awful!). This was my first and I am looking forward to my next one!

Rebecca A. says · 08.27.13

Kate, so glad to see the info. on the EVOLVh conditioner. I just bought the Loreal EverPure shampoo (at your recommendation) but was leary to try the conditioner. Just texted my hair stylist to see if she can order the EVOLVh. 🙂

Reply says · 08.27.13

I love box reveals and reviews!! Some day. 🙂

Sarah Carey says · 08.27.13

Fun! I am wondering if you might share your BB settings someday, or my apologies if you already have & I have just completely missed it! I have been getting BB for a few months, and my boxes have been so different than yours. Yours are much better! I was guessing that you focused on hair & makeup, so I noted those two items, but the differences must be in the details. I mainly receive items the size of the wipe in this box. Full samples would be amazing!

Jennifer says · 08.27.13

I had a great box this month!

Mod Commonplace says · 08.27.13

I loved seeing this box! I canceled my ipsy subscription and am thinking of trying Birchbox. Thanks!

(wrote about it here

Terri G says · 08.27.13

I got the exact same stuff in my box. Like you, I’m super pale so I wish the lip gloss had been pink instead of BRIGHT red. I will give the conditioner another try because I wasn’t as impressed as you and some of the other comments, so definitely worth another try. Seeing your Birchbox reviews is actually what convinced me to sign up so this was my second box! Although, I must say, I am waiting on something awesome like Oribe texturizing spray…

Justine J says · 08.27.13

I’m very curious about the hydrating mist! xx


Bonnie says · 08.27.13

I think the only thing we got in common was the lip color, which is WAY too bright for my skin tone. I got a terrible (but expensive, I’m sure) BB cream too.

Sandra Lee says · 08.27.13

I’m so with you! I canceled my Ipsy subscription as well and don’t miss at all. It’s so fun seeing what other people get. I got the 2 Whish products in mine but got some other things as well. Here’s the link in case you’re interested:


Erica says · 08.27.13

I got the red Stila lip stain too, and it is awful. A color that bold needs more precision in application than a gloss-type wand can give. Plus, the color is one of those shades where (if you are fair skinned) you must have porcelain perfect skin to pull it off.

Inge Jane says · 08.27.13

I decided to renew my birchbox subscription for another year. I got the same whish products in my August box, and some other really great items.

Inge Jane says · 08.27.13

I decided to renew my birchbox subscription for another year. I got the same whish products in my August box, and some other really great items.

Alexandrea Pimentel says · 08.28.13

ooo liquid lipstick, that looks like fun 🙂

Dana says · 08.28.13

Has anyone ever tried FunFabFit VIP boxes? They look kind of good to me. I had a 3-month gift subscription to Birchbox and never found the makeup colors to be flattering.

Annie Pestro Forest says · 08.28.13

I love the conditioner too! The hydrating mist is great- I think you will like it!

Michelle Carroll says · 08.28.13

My box was a little different than yours. I did get the Stila lipstick and love it! I’m light skinned like you but I’m thinking a winter white top will be awesome! I want to try their other colors!

Rebecca D says · 08.28.13

My Birchbox was different but I loved it too! A Model & Co lovely neutral pink lipstick (full size!) that seems to be the bill for the ‘enhance your natural lip color’ sort I’ve been looking for. It’s called ‘Kitty’ – how could it be anything but a great color?? haha A FAB calcium base coat nail polish in a nice milky color that goes on flawlessly opaque for one pretty coat alone or under nail color. I fell in love with the bi-weekly Juice Beauty green apple peel (organic and for sensitive skin). The flops in my box were two samples of black tea (caffeine in any amount gives me migraines) and peppermint foot wipes. This is BB#3 for me and I’ve loved them all – so hooked! 🙂

Lisa Taylor says · 08.28.13

I got the exact same box…agree about the tea and wipes!

Miss McQuillan says · 08.28.13

I had that body scrub too and I like it alot. I also tried the deoderant wipe….it’s ok. Your box was much better than mine!!! I have perfectly straight hair and have gotten products for naturally curly hair for the past two months. I got a lip color too, and it’s a bright, bright red. I tone it down with a lipgloss.

Julie @ A Simply Sweet Blog says · 08.28.13

I’ve been so happy with Birchbox, too. Mine was different this month but I loved it all the same. Plus, my boyfriend somehow slipped an engagement ring in the box!! So, I guess it’s safe to say that this month was definitely my favorite! 😉

Ida says · 08.28.13

My August Birchbox was the one that finally made me cancel my subscription. I got two tea bags as a sample, a broken eye shadow pallet in the worst colors possible, and an exfoliator sample that didn’t contain enough product to sample once! It was the third disappointing box in a row and I was only impressed with 4 out of 12 boxes. No matter what I added to the birchbox profile, I was disappointed. Glad you got a good box.

homerjmo says · 08.28.13

are there different levels of birchbox? i got a nicole richie perfume sample, and eye liner, and some hair treatment spray, and some foot wipes for stinky feet. I was really disappointed in the size of the box and the quality of the samples compared to my previous glossy box, but Birchbox was 1/2 the price. I guess I can see why.

Betsy says · 08.28.13

I also received the Stila red lip stain and found it very bright. I just happened to read an article in the new InStyle magazine about using a liquid lipstick as a stain. You put a little on your finger and dot it on your lips then blot on a tissue. You do this a few times until the desired tint is achieved. This was a little messy but the end result was very pretty. Just a little idea for those that got it but don’t want to use it full steam ahead!

Abby says · 08.28.13

I cancelled my Birchbox awhile ago because I never received what I believed to be a good return on my $10. It seems some land great boxes every month while others get the leftovers! I was tired of getting “free” samples like perfumes and one time use creams. I actually had better luck with Ipsy, but then cancelled that too just to save money. It’s better to save my $10 and buy something I actually want!

xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

Kelly King says · 08.29.13

I got the exact same BBox this month!! The hydrating mist is one of my favorite things ever…a word of caution though, do not get it in your eyes, it will burn!! But I love the tingle in my face!!

taylor marie says · 08.29.13

Love your blog!!
If you have a moment check my new blog out 🙂

xx taylor

Jennifer Kelly says · 09.13.13

I got the August Birchbox, too! One thing that I just love is that I got 5 completely different items than you did! I love how no box is the same! Love your posts!!

xoxo jen

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