My First Bluum Box

High Five For Friday!

I remember stumbling across bluum box many months ago as I was searching for new monthly box subsrciptions and I thought, “Oh, I need to remember this if I get pregnant. . .”.
About a month or so ago, I signed up to receive bluum! Since we haven’t found out the sex yet, I’m recieving the gender-neutral box, but as soon as we know I’ll switch to the gender-specific box. 

I didn’t have many expectations for this box, I just hoped that I would recieve something that I could actually use one day. And I was pleasantly surprised with my first box!
The first thing I noticed was how large the box was. Since the subscription is $25.00/month, I was hoping it would come in a box larger than my $10/month Birchbox subscription. Plus, bluum isn’t sending “sample-sizes”, so everything is full size.

The book, Brain Rules, wouldn’t be something I’d normally gravitate to in a bookstore, but maybe it will come in handy one day. I liked the “keep-it-kleen” pacifier, although I’ve volunteered in a church nursery enough to know they never fall quite right to actually close. 

I’m pretty happy with my prenatal vitamins, so I may give the Bellybar Prenatals to another pregnant friend. It’s no secret I’m a fan of beauty products, so I’m looking forward to giving this Rose Hips face creme a try.

The last two items were little green socks and a Luna protein bar. I can afford to up my protein a bit, and am searching for a protein bar that is both good and not gritty. 

It was a fun box to open! Not as immediately gratifying as a Birchbox, since I’ll have to wait until December to use some of these things, but it was fun to sift through and think about everything nonetheless.

I plan on reviewing a few of my bluum boxes here on the blog, so if you are on the fence about subscribing, you can atleast get a little inside peek at what I’m reciving. 
I don’t know if everyone gets the same box or not ( as long as you are in the same category as me, which is gender-neutral expecting in December). 

Do you recieve a bluum box? I’d love to hear what you think of your boxes! 

bluum has no idea who I am. I was not compensated for this review, nor was anything provided to me for free. I’m just a girl interested in monthly box subscriptions! 


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Nicole Beurkens says · 07.08.13

Brain Rules for Baby is a fabulous book. Read it before the baby is born!

Amelia and Kyle says · 07.08.13

I also found the book, Brain Rules, to be a good read. I got it in my Bluum Box a 5 months ago. I thought it was more helpful than the What to Expect books. Bluum boxes were fun, but too expensive to continue.

Jessica says · 07.08.13

I think you will like this protein bar!

Laurin says · 07.08.13

Try Think Thin protein bars! The Creamy PB is fantastic. They don’t contain ANY sugar but are surprisingly yummy. I get mine at Publix but I’ve seen them at Walmart too!

catt716 says · 07.08.13

So cute…I gotta go check out Bluum! I got my daughter a couple of Citrus Lane boxes when she was expecting…got some great items in there as well in case you’d like to check them out (they are $25 a box as well)…one of the very well used items was an organic cotton swaddling blanket that my almost 1 1/2 yr old granddaughter uses today!

Ashley Hlavaty says · 07.08.13

When you little bundle arrives check out Citrus Lane box subscriptions. I haven’t subscribed (it’s not in the budget) but I have friends who do and they love it!

Rebecca says · 07.08.13

I’ve never heard of this box! It looks cute and exciting. I don’t know if my husband and I will have any more kids, but I’m going to keep this in the back of my mind just in case!

Cas says · 07.08.13

I’ve tried bluum and Citrus Lane boxes. I’ve found that the Citrus Lane boxes had more products that we used. You can also find coupon codes online for Citrus Lane subscriptions; when I subscribed I found a 30% off coupon code.

Jamie says · 07.08.13

I’ve never heard of Bluum box before, but am expecting in December as well and would love to give it a try! That rose hip cream just seams so wonderful!

Carly says · 07.08.13

Oh this looks awesome, I might need to sign up! Are you guys finding out the gender? I’m a week ahead of you and we find out next week… excited!


Kate says · 07.08.13

yep, we are!

JLWKZeta says · 07.08.13

I would keep the sample of vitamins. I keep a sleeve of samples in my purse for those days I forget to take my prescription one. I forget 1-2 times per month to take mine, so its nice to have a back up.

Tiffany Anne says · 07.08.13

You might also try Mama Lana:


Nichole Clark says · 07.08.13

I have that book {I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old} and like you it was given to me and not really something that I would have picked up on my own. However, it’s actually a much more interesting read than it’s title suggests. I would definitely suggest giving it a read-through before the baby comes as it has a lot of really good pints of view.

Stephanie Clark says · 07.08.13

I was getting bluum boxes for a while and loved some of the things I’d gotten. It used to be $15 a month and sample sizes with the occasional full size product. . . I think what they are doing now is better, however, I can see how you are actually paying for some stuff you may not use. Giving things to friends is awesome though. If it’s something you know you aren’t going to use – it’s a fairly cheap way to bless someone else and make their day!
When I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes, so protein was a necessity for me at all times! Some Luna bars are good, but I found certain Zone bars to be the best – the dark chocolate fudge and the mint are the best and non-chalky protein powder tasting(except you shouldn’t do mint close to or after birth bc it can hurt milk supply). Cliff bars are also very good and crunchy.

Good luck!

kristina elaine says · 07.08.13

This is an amazing idea for a box! When the day rolls around that one of my friends has a little one, I’ll definitely have to keep it in mind.


The Dauterives says · 07.08.13

haha! I just cancelled my birchbox subscription this weekend because I’m all sampled out and I haven’t liked the last couple of nail polish colors they have sent. I’m also expecting and was looking for ways to de-clutter. Now, this morning I’m really interested in this Bluum box. lol. I will have to look into it. Quite funny how you turn me on to things.

Robin says · 07.08.13

That paci was the only one my son would take. He hated all the others.

Brittney says · 07.08.13

We use to get Bluum and Citrus Lane. I have to say that Citrus Lane is top notch! I really liked Bluum in the beginning but CL has great (full size products) and a lot of natural/eco friendly brands in their boxes.

Burning Amethyst says · 07.08.13

thanks for this post! looking forward to the product reviews too…Ive been on the hunt for a good box ever since I found out I was preggers…very helpful!! 🙂

Shannon Hearts says · 07.08.13

That pacifier is so cute!

Amanda says · 07.08.13

Brain Rules is fantastic! I have only read the original book, but totally plan on reading the baby version when we have kids. His writing is super easy to read and absolutely fascinating! He has such a good, honest and well-researched take on how out brains work and how to make them work best.

thanks for the review on the box!

Adrianne Lytle says · 07.08.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Adrianne Lytle says · 07.08.13

This looks like a box to which I’d subscribe! What prenatals are you taking, if you don’t mind my asking?

Kate says · 07.08.13

I’m taking Perfect Prenatal

suzanne sanborn says · 07.08.13

I got the bluum box through a living social or groupon for 3 months. It was ok, the toys they sent were good, but I got a lot of diaper cream. My son didn’t need diaper cream until he started eating solid foods so I’m actually getting much more use out of it now that he is 9 months old. The Calendula diaper cream they gave me is awesome. I don’t think it was worth the $25/month so I didn’t renew when my 3 months were up but it was fun to get.

Kerri Muffin says · 07.08.13

I love the idea of this box. I think I just love the idea of monthly subscriptions period haha.

Dfalb says · 07.08.13

I also subscribe to Citrus Lane and LOVE it! I have gotten a ton of toys in there for my daughter and she loves them. You can usually find coupon codes online as well. I have never been disappointed with them and they also have great customer service!

Samantha B says · 07.08.13

I wish I would have done this while I was pregnant! I can’t wait to read what else you get! I am definitely doing this next time I am preggo!

Lynn says · 07.08.13

I loooove the Luna Protein bars. All of them! The PB and Chocolate Mint options are both great, but the Choc Chip Cookie Dough one is my absolute favorite!!!! Congrats on the pregnancy! Enjoy it!

Missmacbeauty says · 07.08.13

this is so cute!


Julie Smith says · 07.08.13

Thanks for the review – might come in handy some day! I can’t wait to see what else comes in your next boxes. That being said, I would look for more natural ways to up your protein… protein bars are often loaded with GMO soy (sooo bad for you and your baby), sugar, and other processed things that are so bad for you. Try to be as natural as possible. I know protein bars are convenient, but fresh and homemade is always the best way to go!

johann says · 07.09.13

Its good for your baby. This is cute and amazing post.
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Steffany @ Spit and Sparkles says · 07.09.13

Luna bars are amazing! It’s practically I ate when I was pregnant with my twins. I really enjoyed the Blueberry Bliss and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavors.

rt says · 07.09.13

What is the bellybar, just out of curiosity?

Roger Richard says · 07.09.13

I just love only Chocolate…….and know every gonna to love chocolate…

Monica Snyder says · 07.09.13

I love the citruslane box! it has great things for babies: food, storage, toys…a little bit of everything! you should try it out 🙂 maybe in december?

//jeny @ says · 07.09.13

I had a horrible experience with Bluum and I was an original subscriber. The last box I got from them (which was a final straw) was filled with dirty and used products. I sent a private message to the company and got three horribly rude email responses back from Juan. I asked them to cancel my subscription which they did after several attempts. I was rewarded by losing out on my last month box pre payment. Over time with them they had late boxes, missing products, couldn’t ship on time for various reasons and just no value. I am sure your experience will be different because you are a well known blogger, but I thought I would offer another opinion for those that don’t have the power of social media behind them. BTW- after I tried to resolve my issue privately I posted Bluums response to their FaceBook page and was banned from posting.

Stylejourneys says · 07.09.13

Wow!! interesting!! it must be popular… haha I still dont know the gender either.
Thanks for sharing!



MichellePGH says · 07.10.13

you should get TestTube by New Beauty! Its awesome.. Its somewhat pricey… but you get an awesome, huge magazine with your subscription! I have done it for a year now!

ANF says · 07.10.13

My husband got Brain Rules for Babies a few years ago, I want to say when we were expecting our second. It really is a great read! There is a ton of great information in there. I would highly recommend it if you have some down time. It definitely helped me refine my parenting style.

Kimberly says · 08.23.13

The Bluum boxes are a little pricey, and i really didn’t enjoy them when my baby was small (less than 1), but i resubscribed recently (my daughter is 22 months) and it is like a whole ‘nother world when she gets her own box in the mail and can open it and explore all of the things inside. The toddler boxes are (in my opinion) way better and actually are worth way more than the cost of the box. You get a lot of natural and organic treats and she gobbles them up on the spot. Keep that in mind when your little one gets a little bigger.

Stephanie says · 12.15.16

Whatever you do, do not ever sign up for this box unless you want to trapped and scammed out of your hard earned money!! Is anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit against these scam artists? Have you tried to cancel your subscription and they make it very difficult to do so?! I canceled my subscription and they will not refund my money. I requested cancelation and a full refund over 2 weeks ago and they said some BS that they were processing my order already and that they could not refund my money, or if I wanted they would cancel it and charge me like $50 for nothing! People who prey on moms are the worst kid of scavengers out there. I have a great class action attorney who is wanting another predatory company to sue 🙂