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Justin and I went out to celebrate our exciting news on Sunday, but we left early so we could swing by Babies R Us to get our hands on some strollers.

I’ve been doing some research on my own, but Justin and I hadn’t really sat down and talked about what we want. I thought it would be helpful to get in a store, test drive a few of them, and talk about our options.

Every time we do something “baby related” (WHOA that could mean something really different than I intended. . .get your mind out of the gutter. . . ) , I consciously make a decision to pause for a second and cherish it. I didn’t know when/if/how we would be doing this. And it’s hard to imagine just 5 short months ago I was praying feverently for either a pregnancy or for God to help me understand His plan for us.

So I make a mental note about how “special” this moment is, and as we walk into the store I think to myself, “whoa.

There is a lot of stuff here. How could something so small need so much? 

We wander over to the stroller section and I spot the Britax B-Agile stroller that I wanted to test out. I really liked the one-handed close feature, and thought that would be important down the line.

We pull it off the shelf and I begin to scope it out. Justin and I are hovering around this thing, poking and proding it as if we are waiting for it to come to life. I’m pressing buttons, Justin is testing the brakes, and I finally decide to give the one-handed close feature a test drive. I find the strap in the seat and yank it up.

Nothing happens.

“Maybe I have to give it a really hard yank?” I ask Justin.

“Uh, sure. Try it.”

I start really giving this thing a good pull, so much so that it’s lifting off the ground, and I think to myself, “This is a piece of junk! It doesn’t even work!”

We study the object for a few more minutes, way too prideful to ask for help. We were determined to beat this piece of machinery at it’s own game.

Justin notices a button on the side of the stroller, pushes it, and grabs the pull to close the stroller. And the thing collapses like a beach umbrella in 90 mph winds.

“OOooohoohhhhhhhhhh. .. ..  It has a LOCK so it doesn’t close by itself or something!!” I exclaim, “I LOVE THIS THING. HOW SMART!”

Since we had earned our way into an elite level of parenting by figuring out the stroller ourselves, we decide to test out the car seat connectors and see how easy/hard it is to insert the car seat.

I leave Justin by the stroller and go grab the carseat. The connectors were already in place, so we simply slipped the carseat in and it locked in place. I push it up and down the aisle and think, “huh. we got ‘dis.”

Justin knocks it around a little to see how sturdy it is. He really gives it a few good pushes and shoves, as if we intend to take our newborn on a running hike up a rocky mountain. It was a little wobbly, but I’m sure with our actual typical usage (think sidewalk, Target aisles, etc.) it would be just fine.

After deciding I had seen enough, we tested out a few others. We also tossed around the idea of getting a carseat caddy system (stroller attachment made just for carseat) and then getting just a plain stroller for when our boy is a little bit older. My engineer husband is big on “having the right tool for the job”, and this is why I brought him stroller shopping. He thinks about things so differently than I do, and I’m grateful for his perspective and logical thinking.

I could be sold on something just because it’s grey and “popular” while he really thinks about usage, functionality, etc.

Since we had been considering a carseat stroller situation, we decided to give one of those a test drive as well. We grab the Chicco KeyFit Caddy and push it over to the carseat section. I find a random Chicco carseat on a shelf, and attempt to remove it from the base. I’m looking blankly at the instructions, pressing the buttons and nothing is happening.

“Okay, I can’t get this thing out!”

“Let me try” Justin says, and puffs out his chest as he approaches the carseat.

I’m over his shoulder, watching, learning, and realizing that he can’t figure it out either. We’re both pressing buttons, grabbing straps, yanking handles, and nothing is happening.

We finally manhandle this thing to the ground, still attached to the base, and hover over it to try to detach it from a different angle. I can feel our elite parent status melting away. As this point I’m prepared to kick the carseat apart from the base. Justin remains calm and is trying to figure out the logical way to remove the carseat.

An employee walks by, and I look to him with sweat on my brow and desperation in my eyes.

“Um, kind sir? Could you help us with this carseat?”

“Sure ma’am. . .”

Kindly, he walks over and pressed the button on the back of the carseat and it practically floats away from the death-grips of the base. This mysterious, hidden button apparently appeared when he came around because I swear it wasn’t there while we were working on it. (It was there.)

He explains that most carseats have this button in the back and I immediately chime in with “Oh thank you for showing us! We are first-timers!” Trying to scrape up any last remaining shred of dignity. 

As the employee walks away, we breathe sighs of relief and begin to assemble the carseat into the caddy. Works like a charm. I’m pushing it up and down the aisle, beaming with pride, and the employee walks by and says, “Lookin’ good!” I smile, showing all of my teeth, and thank him once again for his help. 

And I think “oh the stories these employees must have. . . . we are one of those couples now. . .”

We decide to leave on a high note, no more sold on what we want for a stroller than when we walked in, but much more educated and aware that we are in for quite the life-overhaul come December.

And we can’t wait to figure out all this baby stuff together.


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Jamie says · 07.31.13

We used the Chicco Key Fig for our first baby. Two snc a half year later when his sister arrived, we could not remember how to get the bucket off the base, and we must have done it thousands if times!! Don’t feel too bad!

still being [molly] says · 07.31.13

hahahaha love it!! i think the SAME THING happened to John and I when we went to check out strollers. and that’s what we have – the Britax B-Agile! Obviously no baby yet, but I lOVEEEEEEE it so far. it was so easy to set up and install and i love how light it is.

The Krupka Family says · 07.31.13

Just a small piece of advice when choosing a carseat…if it’s heavy without a baby in it, it will be crazy heavy when you add the baby. When lifting the car seats you are scoping out, just keep that in mind. Some car seats are really heavy without a baby even in them. That’s how we made our final decision after looking at safety ratings. Have fun!!

AmyA says · 07.31.13

Oh, so true. The “safest” carseats can be the heaviest, and then you can hardly carry them around!

Heather says · 07.31.13

Oh I totally agree! My SIL has a crazy heavy one. Absolutely miserable to work with, so we knew this too when shopping for our car seat. BTW, we found the coordinating “travel system” combo kind of thing a little pointless (my mother warned me but I didn’t listen) The strollers that come with them are bulky and impractical. I hated mine so much I decided not to keep it for baby #2 later and sold it in a yard sale. Next time I will get a nicer infant latching car seat and invest in a nicer, more compact stand alone stroller. Because before she was old enough to sit up on her own in the seat of a shopping cart, I just put her infant seat in the basket of the cart and pushed her around, or carried her in a sling. Once she was old enough to sit up, she went in the seat of the shopping cart with a padded cover, or still in a sling if I needed to carry her. I only used my stroller from the travel system a handful of times and then it collected dust in the garage for a while because it was such a pain to use. I broke down and got $20 umbrella stroller and used that much more when she was a little bigger and it wasn’t always practical to carry her anymore.

Luanne says · 07.31.13

I have the Britax carseat and the Britax stroller mentioned above – our little guy is almost 5 months old and we have LOVED it! 🙂

I read “Baby Bargins” (bought on Amazon) which had reviews and ratings – it’s like Consumer Reports for baby things. If your husband is like mine, he will enjoy it! Helped us out a ton! 🙂

AHefty says · 07.31.13

Baby Bargains is sooooo helpful

Melissa says · 07.31.13

After having 6 babies I will say the britax is the best car seat and stroller we have ever used. My little man is still in the infant seat at 17 months because it has higher weight and length limits, and rear facing is safest. Can’t say enough about how I love is thing. It is heavy, but a good work out from here to there! Good luck deciding, such an amazing time in your lives.

Melissa says · 07.31.13

After having 6 babies I will say the britax is the best car seat and stroller we have ever used. My little man is still in the infant seat at 17 months because it has higher weight and length limits, and rear facing is safest. Can’t say enough about how I love is thing. It is heavy, but a good work out from here to there! Good luck deciding, such an amazing time in your lives.

Brittany says · 07.31.13

I have to tell you, being 27 weeks pregnant with our first myself, and quite recently having done the “how do you work these stoller things” with my husband in the aisles of both a Babies R Us and a Buy Buy Baby, I laughed out loud at this entire post! It is so exactly what my husband and I did. Even to the point of pushing the stroller around really jerkily (my husband was fond of making sure it could do a 180 degree u-turn super fast and keep it’s wheels down)! I even read parts of your post out loud to my husband who laughed along with me. Thanks for helping us to not feel quite so alone in the “what have we gotten ourselves into” world of baby stuff! Good luck!

Chrissy says · 07.31.13

I think we are all one of those couples!!! Our second child is 10 weeks and when we went to get a new stroller for both kids we did the same thing. Sweat, tears, cursing and the employee walks over and collapses it in a flip of a switch!

Kerrie Melhorn says · 07.31.13

We did the stroller caddy system for our son when he was an infant and moved up to an umbrella-type stroller when he was about a year old and have been using it ever since. I loved the caddy system. My only complaint was the under storage area was a little small, but I mostly used it for walks so storage wasn’t a deciding factor for me. And be aware of the weight of the car seat. Find a good balance between safety and sturdiness. A heavy carseat will be unbareably heavy with a 6-9 month old baby in it. There are lots of great options that aren’t too heavy.

Candace says · 07.31.13

I second buying Baby Bargains!

We have the Britax B-Agile stroller with the B-Safe carseat and LOVE it!!! The seat fits so well into the stroller that we didn’t even get/need the caddy type stroller. The B-Agile is so light weight and manuvers so well.

jennay723 says · 07.31.13

I think we all go through the stroller episode! When I first got my fold up, it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to collapse it! It does not matter how smart you are to really feel silly that you cannot figure out a simple stroller – lol!

Stephanie Stark says · 07.31.13

Love your story! My husband and I have the Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat for our son (6 months old) and the first time I took our son to Target I had to call my husband and ask him how to take the carseat off the base. He had always been the one to do it so I had no clue. (Talk about being a prepared mother) BUT if you are wanting to go with a Chicco car seat you might want to consider the Lightway Plus Stroller.


We absolutley love it! It fits our carseat and it will convert to a regular stroller when needed. We have taken it everywhere from Target, on walks around the block and to the airport. It is really lightweight and folds up easily when not in use. Plus it’s compact and fits easily into the trunk of our car. I sound like a salesman, but I seriously love my stroller I don’t know what I would do without it lol.

I hope you enjoy your time buying all the fun baby necessities and accessories. Being a mother has brought me the greatest joy in my life and I know you will just love it. No one told me how hard it would be but it is beyond worth the sleep deprivation and unsurety to hold such a beautiful blessing from God.

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman says · 07.31.13

Oh boy. I know its going to just be overwhelming when we go register!

tort(e) says · 07.31.13

We have the b agile and its AWESOME. It has this thing that turns the carrier into a travel system for any brand carrier (we had a graco infant seat) and it worked like a dream. I am actually really sad that the baby is in a convertible seat now bc we have lost the ease of using the carrier/travel system… but we still use the stroller and its amazing. I promise you if you go with the b agile you will not regret it! Congrats and good luck!

gitterfamily says · 07.31.13

Like the others have said, soon it will be sooo second nature to you that you can’t even remember how you couldn’t have figured it out. And still today with a 2 year old and 9 month old there are still things that stump me. My most frustrating baby figure out event was when we got home from the hospital and my milk came in and I couldn’t figure out how to work my pump. I was in hysterical tears on my husband’s birthday with all our family just trying desperately to get this figured out. I finally breathed and my mom helped me read the directions and now I can’t even imagine not knowing how to do it! Bottles are another bear when remembering how to put it together.

eatgreatbegreat says · 07.31.13

hehehe…love this story!

April M says · 07.31.13

As a Mom of two (now 8 and 5) my stroller advice is go for the one with the bigger wheels. TRUST ME! It makes it so much easier to maneuver.

Lindsey says · 07.31.13

You may want to check out the Britax B-ready – we use it with our B-Safe carseat as a caddy stroller (like the Chicco) but once our little one is older we just swap the carseat out and attach a regular stroller seat. It can also have a second seat added in the future if we have more kids and has prevented us from having to purchase multiple strollers. Also, a couple of times a year Britax has a ‘free ride’ deal, where if you buy the stroller you get the carseat free. Good luck!

dani krum (love me, dani marie) says · 07.31.13

That is too funny. I get the same way, I get so excited that I just expect it to work and go for it! I need to take a second to figure it out rather than assume things!
You are darling!
Love Me, Dani Marie

JessiferSeabs says · 07.31.13

Oh my. Having just gone through ALL OF THIS, let me tell you that assembling baby products is one of the most frustrating experiences ever — you’re tired, cranky, brain not working right, instructiosn are crap – if I ever start a business, it’s going to be somebody who will come over and just set up EVERYTHING for you for a flat fee. 🙂

We are currently using the chicco keyfit cortina travel system – it has that button in the back that you were just talking about. It is pretty easy; sturdy, a little bit heavier than other carseats I think, but James is 4 months and we’ve really liked it. The stroller collapses pretty easily (not one handed though, that would be really nice), and it has both a baby cup holder / tray, and a mom cupholder / cubby to stash stuff… I’ve been happy with it.

Best advice — assemble EVERYTHING before you hit the third trimester. You’ll feel SO good having everything done and then you just have a couple of months to relax! I’m so neurotic I think that I had the nursery done by Thanksgiving (he was born March 29th)

Good luck – so happy for you!

~Angie says · 07.31.13

We used the Graco system, with the car seat that snapped onto the stroller. Once she was big enough to sit up in the stroller, we could use that while leaving the car seat in the car. The stroller seat reclined if she was all crazy sleepy. We picked up a cheap umbrella stroller for when we needed a small one, but mostly we used the larger one until she was out of it.

Mia says · 07.31.13

After having two kids it’s still hard to figure out some of the baby stuff. I second the Baby Bargain book. We had very different experiences with both kids. My son, the oldest, we bought a Britax convertible car seat because living in NYC meant we weren’t going to be in the car often and space is tight so I didn’t want an infant car seat that I wouldn’t be able to use for a longer period of time since storage is at a premium here. He was also born in November so our outdoor activities were limited for a good 3-4 months. We bought a Valco laditude stroller and we used that since it had a 5 point harness and it was safe for him to lie down in it when he was younger. I loved the Valco but by the time my son got a little bit older it was beginning to be too bulky and big. Forward to 2.5 years later and my daughter was born in April. We got an infant car seat (chicco keyfit) with the base that can be used as a stroller. This was great. My son was still using his carseat so we needed something new and we were much more up and about and to be able to put her in the car seat and pop it in the base was great. By this time my son walked a lot more so the stroller wasn’t always necessary for him. She used that car seat for a year and totally worth every penny we spent on it. When my son was around 3 years old, we got rid of the Valco and got a lightweight stroller that works for both of them (he barely uses it anymore, he is almost 5 now.
I guess my point is to evaluate how you live and what will you be doing before deciding on these two purchases. They can get pricey and if you end up not liking it because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle then you might be stuck with it.

collicat says · 07.31.13

I can relate because I just had my first baby boy in May. My husband and I spent hours in the stroller/carseat area trying to figure them out. Go to Buy Buy Baby because their staff is amazing and walked us through each stroller and seat so we knew how to use them. We ended up with the Britax B Safe seat because I heard tons of great reviews. We bought the B.O.B Revolution CEstroller and I love it. It is so easy to use anywhere. The larger wheels are key. I’m not a runner but I walk the neighborhood and have used it in stores and it was wonderfu.Britax also has a deal on their website if you buy 5 products (Britax or BOB) then you get a Britax Boulevard carseat for free. Once we bought a carseat, base, stroller, carrier and accessories for your stroller we were easily at 5 products.

Megan says · 07.31.13

Just keep this experience in mind when you go to register! My (unsolicited… sorry) advice is to bring a friend whose opinions you trust, who has already done it, and allow 2-3 hours – no joke. Register for all the “boring” stuff (not for you, but probably for Justin) like shampoo, fingernail clippers, etc. and then take him back another day to pick out bedding, strollers, etc. It might just save your marriage! LOL

atincupchalice.com says · 07.31.13

SO excited for y’all! I can’t imagine what my husband and I will be like when it comes our time. Dang!

Malisa says · 07.31.13

Your story sounds very familiar to our first trip to BRU. We spent almost an hour in the stroller section and then had to leave so we didn’t even register for anything on our first trip!

My husband is also an engineer so he did all of the research on strollers and then had me pick from 2-3 otherwise I would have been way too overwhelmed. It worked out well and we are going with the B-Agile. We really liked the simple design and how easy it is to work.

Good luck!

R2P2 says · 07.31.13

Oh the stroller & carseat were 2 of the biggest items that intimidated me! All of the features of strollers — some are like little militarized vehicles! I felt like I had accomplished a huge victory when I finally chose & purchased one. LOL

cubebecca says · 07.31.13

we have the chico keyfit for our little quinn, love it! we have 4 bases ( we got off craigslist for my husband and i and our parents!). baby shopping is so overwhelming and fun! my must have items have been a bouncey seat ( that moves room to room-bathroom, living room, kitchen table, picnics, hotels), the boon bottle dry rack- looks like grass , and the sleepsack / swaddlers! enjoy and good luck!

Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} says · 07.31.13

Hahaha! Love it!!!

Alicia M says · 07.31.13

Good Morning – sounds like my husband and I back in the day…If I had one piece of advice to help save a little money – here it is. Go for the double stroller…even with one, it allows you to put your bag into it or whatever else you might be carrying after a walk to the grocery store or shops. We had a one child stroller and then had to go get the double soon after. And we never used the single again. Just a thought! How exciting!

Mama Fuss says · 07.31.13

Ha ha. We’ve all been there. My BFF took me to BRU before my first was born. She made me practice the seat belts on the car seats over and over (in fairness, I had a TON of trouble getting her kids out of their car seats each and every time we went somewhere where I tried to help out and get the baby out of the seat. So this was a legitimate concern. I actually picked the brand of infant car seat based on what I could undo without help from another individual. Now that I’m more experienced, it’s not a problem.)

dressesforjulie says · 07.31.13

ohhh my, thank you for the laughs this morning! 😀

Deb says · 07.31.13

Ha Ha…love this story. I can just picture you and Justin….

Sneakers & Stilletos says · 07.31.13

We have ALL been there LOL
We have the B Agile stroller and used the B safe car seat with it. AMAZING!! Not bulky at all, like other brands. And the one handed closign strap is amazing! I found that the best price was Amazon.
Enjoy this time!!

walking dot photography says · 07.31.13

bahahah! Love the visual of you guys waging war on those poor strollers in the middle of the aisle! 🙂

Jenny says · 07.31.13

Too funny. We had the same experience trying to get the car seat out of the car AT THE HOSPITAL so we could pack up our little bundle of joy and bring her home. DOH! Nothing like that to start you off on a confident note!

Best of luck to you- this is such a magical journey.

Molly Allen says · 07.31.13

If you have Buy Buy Baby in your area, they are SO much better than BRU. The return policy at BRU is horrendous. Also, BBB accepts all Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. So if you can get your bigger items at 20% off, it’s TOTALLY worth it!! Good luck! enjoy your time shopping just the two of you!!

Jessica says · 07.31.13

LOL 🙂 I can totally picture this going down in my mind. I would love to hear some of those employees’ stories.

Looking forward to more posts like this — all baby gears has its challenges. Even after our third child, my husband & I scratch our heads and stare at these devices with dismay.

Oh well.. something to laugh about later.


hollie marie says · 07.31.13

We have the Chicco Key fit carseat and the matching caddy and LOVE it!

Rebecca says · 07.31.13

Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard while reading this, because every parent is “there” at some point. We’d been using our stroller for a long while before I realized that I wasn’t closing it right! I agree with you on Babies’r’us. It’s so overwhelming! I don’t think you need everything. A lot of things just make life easier and they’re not necessities.

Tammy says · 07.31.13

Haha, i think salesmen see new parents to be and hear “kerching kerching” of the cash register! I bought so much unnecessary stuff with no1 despite being given lots from friends.

Beware, most of my friends traded in their pram/ buggy by the time baby was around 10 months for light weight strollers. By the time you add the baby’s weight and a bit of shopping it is like pushing a tank. I had a 2nd hand travelling system with no1 but bought a new double buggy when I was expecting no2, I loved it so much that I then bought the single version when no2 was old enough to walk. (Baby jogger city mini) I still can’t part with now my kids are 4 and 5 ha ha

Christina MC says · 07.31.13

FYI: the amount of stuff needed for a baby/child is proportionally opposite to the size of the baby. i.e. the smaller it is, the more stuff you need. Good Luck and if you travel, pack everything!

Victoria Clemons says · 07.31.13

This post reminds me of my husband and myself just a few short months ago! I would also suggest looking at youtube reviews so you can see other “real parents” manhandle these devices! To see how they truly work with a real baby.

Great post :):)


Nikki says · 07.31.13

Where did you find a Babies R Us? I thought the one in Raleigh closed down! Or maybe it just moved??
We got a Graco travel system and have LOVED it. I loved how I could get multiple bases for different vehicles if I wanted, and that the carseat hooked into the stroller and could be covered if the weather was bad. My daughter used the infant seat til she was 10 months, then I switched her to a Graco convertible seat (MyRide65). She’s 2 1/2 now and still in that seat, and will be in it for a WHILE. And we still use our stroller. I like that she can sit upright in it or if she falls asleep we can lay it down and keep right on strolling. Plus, you can flip the handle around and push from either direction, which is really cool if you’re in a crowd and don’t have much room to turn around a huge stroller! I also flip it around if the sun gets in her eyes. Its big and bulky, but folds up easily and I have loved having it!
I will say, though, to invest in some sort of baby carrier, as well. I had a Moby wrap and we absolutely loved using that.

Jessie Boyd says · 07.31.13

Last weekend my family (yes my WHOLE family, sisters, and sister in laws, brothers, kids-we were on vacation) and I went to Babies R Us. It was my first time too! So overwhelming. Test drove a couple strollers as well but couldn’t decide on any! Let us know which one you decide on!

Carly says · 07.31.13

Ha!!! We just registered at Babies R Us, it was a totally overwhelming and entertaining experience. Man, life is about to change!


Leann says · 07.31.13

LOL, figuring out everything is so fun sometimes and a pain other times. My one bit of advice, try them all out before you buy. With three kids I’ve found though expensive brands like Britax are rated extremely well, other products like Cosco work just as well and are most times easier to use(install in car, take baby/child in and out). And just remember if it wasn’t safe and approved it couldn’t be sold in the US. All carseats don’t fit the same in all cars either, so do your research install early and make sure it fits right. This website helped me alot picking out car seats. Again if it wasn’t safe they couldn’t sell it, but this helps for ease of use. http://www.nhtsa.gov/Safety/Ease-of-Use Happy Shopping! 🙂

tattooedteacherintexas says · 07.31.13

hahaha! that’s such a cute story! i remember watching Prince William in front of the hospital putting the carseat into their Range Rover with such ease. i’m convinced that he must have practiced it a million times before he had to do that and possibly embarrass himself in front of the whole world. those things can be tricky!

mrs.t talking says · 07.31.13

This is great- we did the exact same thing about two weeks ago when we found out we were having a boy. I love reading your baby posts because I’m only a week or so ahead of you it’s great! I’m glad we were not the only crazy ones pushing and rolling the strollers around like we were going to be hiking mount everest or something was going to run into the stroller drastically. Congrats!

OneWendyBird says · 07.31.13

If you plan on having two kids close together (within 3 years) I highly recommend getting a double stroller because otherwise you’ll end up buying one down the line anyways. Just something to consider. It’s expensive, but my favorite is Phil & Teds Navigator Double Buggy. Good luck!

Sarah says · 07.31.13

That pretty much happens to me shopping whenever I go out(for anything, not baby related, haha)! I am positive every time I go into a store the security people are watching me and laughing their butts off.


Kirsten Alyssa says · 07.31.13

Oh this post brought me back (8 years ago)!! When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend of mine gave me all of her baby stuff (bless her heart). Her collection included a stroller. It was already collapsed for ease of transportation. I literally spent an hour of my life huffing and puffing and literally sweating trying to pull the stroller into an upright position. I’m basically thinking to myself “why would she give me a defective stroller for my precious cargo?? She must not have known it was broken etc. etc.” Well finally just at the point of giving up I noticed this handy latch on the side of the stroller. I flipped it open and voila! Stroller is not a hunk of junk after all!! I felt so silly and couldn’t help but sit back and laugh hysterically at myself. Welcome to the parent club!!

Griggs says · 07.31.13

I loved reading this post. My favorite memory of first time baby shopping with my husband was when he went around and literally scratched all the cribs in the showroom to see if the finish would come off (so many did!). I thought we were going to get kicked out of the store, but as my husband pointed out “We need to know this stuff before we get it for our baby.” This is a very special time if life. Its good to hear that you know not to take it for granted.

Sara says · 07.31.13

The best jogging stroller is the B.O.B. You can get an attachment to be able to use the car seat with it. When we bought ours 3 years ago, it was the only one that had a front tire that swiveled and locked to be stationary. The tires are also heavy duty and you can push it on the grass fairly easily. Good luck, there is lots out there for sure.

girlonabikewithacamera says · 07.31.13

Hi Kate! You’ve already gotten a ton of suggestions, I know, but, may I suggest a youtube channel? Babygizmo has really in-depth reviews of strollers. My husband and I watched for hours as Hollie pointed out things we didn’t think we’d even need, she’s wonderful!

hollyhowe82 says · 07.31.13

Ah yes, we’re going through the exact same thing! These contraptions are confusing! A few months ago I found a lady on Craigslist who was selling a Phil&Ted’s double stroller that was in great condition, met her @ her home & looked like a complete idiot because I had NO IDEA how to work the thing! She had to show me EVERY option while I stood there looking like a deer in headlights. I hope it gets easier! 🙂

Judy says · 07.31.13

Twenty-six years ago we had one of those moments. But not in a store with no one to help. We had taken our new baby boy out to the mall for the first time, then spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get that dern stroller collapsed so we could get in back on the trunk of the car. grin.

Kirsty says · 07.31.13

Figuring out all that baby stuff together is one of my absolute favourite parts of those pregnancy months waiting for your little one to arrive. So happy for you and your little family, congratulations. Keeping enjoying it and each other. Sending best of luck and love from England, Kirsty x

Jenn says · 07.31.13

This makes me laugh because we had the same thing happen to us about a year ago just after we found out our first baby was a girl. Then just a few weeks ago I stopped and helped a couple struggling with the exact same problem.

I know you will get a million suggestions but here is mine–we borrowed a Chicco caddy and bought a Keyfit 30 Magic carseat as well as the Chicco Liteway stroller. I stood in the aisle with the two storllers and thought “Why wouldn’t they combine these so I only have to have one stroller?” Well, a few months later they did just that!! Now I have the Chicco Liteway PLUS that is a smaller, lightweight stroller but can also be transformed into a carseat caddy. It is FABULOUS and I love it. Lots of my friends have like 5 strollers but I only have this one to deal with! We have had it for several months and it is amazing. I highly recommend it!

rbobbs says · 07.31.13

Haha! I love this post because I think all first time parents go through something like this. Good luck on your many adventures!

Megan + Mary says · 07.31.13

I had the chicco key fit! LOVE it ! Love every piece of Chicco I have owned. Easy to use once you get the hang out it!

Fitbecky says · 07.31.13

There is also the Baby Bargains website which I referred to all of the time during the first few years. http://windsorpeak.com/vbulletin/index.php

Good luck and congratulations!

Allyssa says · 07.31.13

I recommend avoiding the travel system combination. I bought it the first time around and didn’t use it much and when I did I was annoyed with it. The second time I went with the caddy stroller frame for pushing the infant carrier seat around. It was so much better! Then we used a stroller not associated with the car seat when they got old enough to sit on their own. And if you are runners I suggest investing in a BOB stroller!

Burning Amethyst says · 07.31.13

My Hubby and I are going through the same thing! EVERYONE I know told me to get the BOB jogger…now it’s just a matter of figuring out the car seats and adaptors! I really like the Britax ones i’ve looked at so far…but we have yet to test these things out at the store! It’s sure to be awkward!

Taylor G says · 07.31.13

Hi, I know exactly how it feels in a store trying out a stroller!!! My hubby and I are expecting our first in August, we also tried the Chicco Key Fit stroller….we kinda liked it but weren’t sold. Still no stroller decision made. We have a car seat though. It’s Chicco key fit, we were just really drawn to it and after examining all of them (researching, testing in store etc.)We decided it was the right one for us.

Thanks for the sweet story, because it was totally my husband and I! Good luck!

Mrs W says · 07.31.13

This story is hilarious! Been there, done that, that’s all I’m going to say. I won’t offer any advice on what type of stroller to get because even though we did some research we ended up buying a travel system from our friends who didn’t need it anymore. But I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying this so much. My baby girl is 9 months now and it’s no joke when everybody tells you that time flies!!! I try to enjoy or at least savor, if not enjoy every moment, from when they’re first crying the first day home from the hospital to when they’re grinning at you when they’re touching something they shouldn’t. My husband makes fun of me because I take way too many pictures and videos but I don’t want to forget all the little details of my mundane life with my first baby so I guess my advice would be to document as much or as little as you wish, and do whatever feels right for you and your husband. Somethings will be easier than you thought would be, and some will be harder, but just seeing that little person that you made smile at you is all worth it.

Lots of luck in this new adventure!

Kelly Lamborn says · 07.31.13

How exciting! Reading this it kind of makes me sad that we are so hands on with our friends’ kids because by the time we have kids we’ll pretty much know how to do this stuff and all the plus and minuses for all of them. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

Sarah T. says · 07.31.13

I can so relate. The first time I had to fold up the stroller and get it in the car I could NOT figure it out. I yanked and tugged and pushed and kicked and nothing worked. Of course I was home alone and had a crying baby in the car too. I was in tears! Finally I figured it out and now, 4 years later on our second baby, it’s second nature. You’ll figure it all out. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride!

Mackenzie says · 07.31.13

I am sure you are tired of all of the advice, but we can’t help it, and here I go too. I have 3 cuties, let me tell you what I discovered along the way. I quickly found out there is no need for a car seat/stroller combo. I always carried my baby in a Baby Bjorn or Moby carrier up until they were over a year and then there was no need for the combo. It would have been WAY to heavy. I bought an umbrella stroller for $15 bucks and then had a jogging type stroller. You are fairly active and I can see you wanting a jogging type stroller. I have a Chariot system and LOVE it. It is spendy $600+ but I have had it for 8 years and all 3 kiddos have used it or are using it. It is a true jogging stroller, can be attached to my bike and I also pull it behind for cross country skiing etc etc. It is wonderful. You should check it out. I know when I was pregnant with my first I thought I knew exactly what I wanted or needed and then it quickly changed. Take your time and feel things out because the combo may sound great now but you may not use it a lot in the end.

Rachael says · 07.31.13

This is hilarious! Such a wonderful experience to remember! I think every mother has done the same thing, at least I did! I used to make my husband take me to Babies r us every week during my pregnancy! So much fun stuff to look at! By the way, we used the Chicco for baby 1 & 2 and loved it!!!

Amy says · 07.31.13

I definitely recommend this web site :


There are many different forums on there as well as reviews on products you are thinking of buying. The book is also wonderful as well. I got mine at the library because every couple of years they update it. I made a list of things I was going to need and how many, etc. I mean for my first I probably had about 35 different onesies for when my baby came home–how ridiculous is that! The one thing I will suggest to you is to not go with the stroller/car seat combo. I really didn’t like it much with my first and felt it was heavy/bulky. I liked my Peg Perego stroller the best for when they are younger, the Mac Quest for when they are older, and for walking outside (mainly when they are older) the Mountain Buggy Urban Single was fabulous–loved the swivel front wheel. I don’t know what your budget is, but the Bugaboo stroller is the ultimate stroller ever–I wonder if they make a knock-off version of that one. I coveted that when I was pregnant but my husband wouldn’t let me spend that much lol.
I was also addicted to diaper bags! OMG–you should see the beautiful diaper bags. I always felt the bag was for ME not the baby, so I’d get whatever struck my fancy. Oh the bags!!! Get ready!!!

Terri says · 08.01.13

I was between the Chicco and the Britax. I ended up with the same Britax system you mentioned and I LOVE it! I mean seriously, it is like my #1 favorite baby thing of all time. We have gotten so much use out of it, it goes everywhere and it’s super easy to collapse. (I’m a single Mom so I wanted something that wouldn’t require any help)

I cannot say enough good things about the B-Agile stroller! You can’t go wrong!

Brittany K says · 08.01.13

I’m sure you’re going to get a million suggestions on what products are the best for you baby from the stroller to diapers but I definitely recommend getting the Chicco KeyFit Caddy as well as the Mamas & Papas Sola stroller! It is super nice to have a stroller you can attach the carseat to when they are little but I adore that the Mamas and Papas stroller allows you to lay the baby flat for diaper changes and naps as well as face the baby towards you or away. There are so many features the Sola stroller has that strollers that are $1000+ have! Good luck!

Laura says · 08.01.13

Oh Lordy, My husband and I are in the same exact boat as you right now – we are in stroller land and I change my mind almost daily on what I want! Right now, I’m really back and forth between a travel system, and the car seat caddy situation with stroller later on for when the child is bigger. I, too, feel like a fool every time I walk into buy buy baby, but I def. walk out of there just a littttle bit smarter and more confident each time. Good luck!

Kylie Jones says · 08.01.13

If you really enjoy walking I do recommend a jogging stroller. We just have a baby trend but it moves so easily and way better then the original one we selected (not jogging)

Kylie Jones says · 08.01.13

If you really enjoy walking I do recommend a jogging stroller. We just have a baby trend but it moves so easily and way better then the original one we selected (not jogging)

Amy says · 08.01.13

We have the stroller you mentioned as well as the britxax infant carseat. It’s wonderful and maneuvers like a dream. One thing though, my baby is 4 months old and I think I need to google this super easy release you speak of. I think I’ve been closing it wrong the entire time!!!

JB Larrabee says · 08.01.13

First off, I’ve been praying for you ever since you mentioned your struggle to get pregnant and I’m so thankful the Lord blessed you with a little boy in His perfect time! Now, on to car seats… I have the Chicco Key Fit that we purchased with our first child 4 years ago and now our third child (3 months) is still enjoying it! We also have the Chicco double stroller that has stood up for the last 2.5 years as well. So glad I purchased big items in neutral colors as it has worked for our 2 girls and our boy. Good luck with the shopping and have fun!

littlekoo says · 08.01.13

Haha, so funny! Wish I could have seen it! I’m expecting twins (our first children) so am also trying to get to grips with what all the baby equipment is supposed to do. Luckily a few friends have made us realise that we don’t actually NEED much of it so we’re just focussing on the necessities for now and will maybe get a couple of other bits if we decide we want them. Definitely stops some of the worry about the cost! I hope you manage to get your head round it all soon 🙂

Janet Dubac says · 08.01.13

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love it! It’s like a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed reading your story. The next time I buy a stroller, I’m definitely going to look for the switch first. 🙂

Valerie says · 08.01.13

I just found you (and your blog). And you’re adorable. Thanks for your posts and I’ll definitely be back. Take care.

jill ernst says · 08.01.13

I’m sure you’re getting plenty of unsolicited advice right now, so I thought I’d share my experience with the stroller/carseat duo! We have the Britax B-Agile stroller/carseat combo and I love it! Our son is just over 3 weeks old now and the carseat is so easy to get in and out of our car. The stroller maneuvers like a dream!

Steph says · 08.01.13

Loved this post! My husband and I are also expecting our first child (the fist of January)and I am so glad to hear that we had nearly the same experience at the baby store. Best of luck to you and your husband!

Sarah B says · 08.01.13

Can totally relate to being overwhelmed with baby stuff! I refused to buy a single thing for the nursery (well, other than like paint for the room) before I had my shower. I remember the day after my shower, walking around Babies R Us with my best friend, who had flown in from out of state to host my shower, and my husband to spend the gift card I’d received at the shower. Looking at the baby baths completely undid me. I walked clear to the other side of the store in tears, just totally overwhelmed and baffled and terrified I’d make the wrong choice.
I enjoyed the book Baby Bargains (http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Bargains-furniture-strollers-maternity/dp/1889392448) – I found it extremely helpful on deciding what I could skip buying & what I really needed to have. Their clear & concise reviews really made it easy to choose which brands of my “must haves” to get.

Lindsey says · 08.02.13

My husband and I went through a similar experience when we first set out “Baby Gear Hunting”. Armed with loved one’s recommendations, the “Baby Bargins” book, and clear definitions of what we wanted, we started to prowl the aisles. We found our prey and overtook it. It was wonderful for the first month of our daughter’s life, but we soon realized she wanted to be held 24/7. So, while we still used the stroller occasionally, we got way more use out of our Baby K’Tan wrap and Mei Tai wrap (when she was heavier). You may check into different kinds of babywearing wraps to be familiar just in case your baby boy decides he can’t be more than millimeters away from Mama and Daddy!

Amy Holley says · 08.02.13

I’ll put in another good word for the Britax B-Ready! It’s a GREAT stroller and I SO wish that we’d purchased it when we were pregnant with baby #1 so we didn’t have to go buy an additional stroller (that could work as a double) when baby #2 came along! It’s so incredibly versatile, for one or two kids, in or out of carseats! We love it!!
Congratulations on your sweet baby… baby boys are so fun! 🙂

tate alexa says · 08.05.13

hahah this story gave me a good laugh! Congratulations!

Ashley McGinnis says · 08.07.13

I had the Chicco Keyfit Travel System and loved it! What really sold me on it was the weight limit on the stroller. The carseat was great and easy to use plus I really like how the base locks into the car. The other’s do too but the locking mechanism was definitely well made and had great reviews. The stroller goes up to 50 lbs which is great and it was much more durable than other strollers my friends used for their children. When shopping for children’s strollers, carseats and toys (such as the jumpers and swings for infants) the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to look at the weight restricitons. My son was not a small baby and most of the swings that have the 1 arm don’t have a very high weight limit. A LOT of the toys for infants/babies have very low weight limits which means you spend a LOT of money on something that you can only use for at most a month or two. When I discovered that I based my decisions on consumer reports, weight limits and testing them out in the stores. It definitely made looking through so many different options much easier because when you look at consumer reports, mom reviews on amazon, weight limits and test it out for yourself you see the real quaility products. My other piece of Mom advice I can give you is start watching for deals on convertable car seats. I have a graco Nautilus and I love it because for one it was easy to install but the other big thing I love about it (my son is now 4 years old) is that it went from rear facing to forward facing and grows with your child up to 100 lbs! That is a huge deal when you spend so much on the next size up car seat from the carrier one.

Bethany Kimbrell says · 08.07.13

I’m a nanny and my little guy has used both of the strollers you mentioned and I love them! I would definitely recommend them!

tlc0822 says · 08.19.13

We have the britax b agile car seat and stroller and have no regrets! It is sooo easy to fold and put away…. I prefer it over our maclaren umbrella stroller that’s lighter and therefore should be easy to collapse but britax wins my vote!!

Carissa says · 11.17.15

I have never needed a double buggy and have always managed with the smallest, cheapest stroller I could find. But with the benefit of hindsight. If I had to do it again I would probably go for a three wheeler. Another thing you might want to consider if our current weather trends continue is snow.