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May Beauty Favorites

First, thank you all so much for your heartfelt congratulations for Justin and I. I was so looking forward to sharing the news with you all, and you made it so much more fun!
A few people have asked if we had taken any steps/outside measures to get pregnant, so I’ll explain more about that next week. 

I’ve secretly been working on another project over the past month or so that I can finally tell you about! Remember the 3 Holiday Hairstyle’s that I created for last year? Well, they asked me to do it again, but this time creating 3 DIY Bridal Styles! 

(screenshot from

You can find all of these styles here. I’ve created both photo step by steps and videos for each one. Find the videos here!

I recently accepted a job to write for This opportunity seemed to come out of the blue, but after much thought and deliberation I decided to give it a try. The Small Things Blog will always remain my priority, but you’ll be able to find even more posts about all-things-beauty-related on Babble

Click here to read my first 3 posts!

Okay, I think that is all the updating I have for now. I’m spending Saturday morning making  Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls with my friend Allyson. It sounds like a bit of an undertaking, but we’re both up for the challenge. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with a brand new hair tutorial!


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Nana T says · 06.07.13

Sounds like your very busy! Just listen to your body and don’t over do too much or it will let you know.
Enjoy Saturday, I’m sure they will turn out great. Have a nice week-end.

Dani says · 06.07.13

Congrats on the new job Kate! (And if the cinnamon buns don’t work out, you can try these ones, they are to die for:

Tasha Lee says · 06.07.13

So excited for you and all your new journeys ahead! May you continue to be an encouragement and roll model to so many more people. Way to go Kate!! Keep it up girl!!

Katie Regan says · 06.07.13

Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls are aMAAAAAAAzing! Congratulations Kate! You have so many beautiful things happening in your life! Excited for you. 🙂

Trish says · 06.07.13

Congratulations! Hopefully you’re over all that first trimester yuckiness by now 🙂

Jill says · 06.07.13

Congratulations on all the excitement in your life! 🙂
I’m excited to read next week about what might have helped you get pregnant.

Lifeonephoto says · 06.07.13

Wow! So many exciting things for you right now. I’m a huge fan and follower but rarely post, but I had to this time. Congrats on the baby and your new opportunities. Your blog inspired me to create my own blog!! Thank you for the inspiration and thanks for including us in your journey.


Vicky says · 07.11.14

I took it out of the Valley. Was in Pioneer Square in a tight parking space. We noecitd 4 homeless guys standing around, smiling and talking. They actually helped us get the truck parked without hitting a pole. We bought their breakfast! So simple goal is to follow my heart and look for opportunities to give a little every day. Nancy

Renan says · 07.21.14

I read your positng and was jealous

Carly says · 06.07.13

AMAZING timing, Babble is lucky to have you!


thehighlandslife says · 06.07.13

Sounds like things are just going swimmingly for you! So exciting. And the months ahead are just going to get busier preparing and anticipating baby’s arrival. It’s a blast!

eatgreatbegreat says · 06.07.13

Congrats on the new job! That’s amazing! Look forward to reading your posts on Babble too!

Kerri Muffin says · 06.07.13

Congrats!! I love seeing collaborations.
xo Kerri at HollyMuffin

Christi says · 06.07.13

I read your posts at Babble. What do you recommend for a leave-in spray to bring to the beach? What am I looking for at the store to buy one?

becca0317 says · 06.07.13

Congratulations on the new writing opportunities! P-dub’s cinnamon rolls are totally worth the effort! Delicious!

Christina Harms says · 06.07.13

Congrats on all the new adventures in your life! Look forward to reading about them!

Breezy says · 06.07.13

I have always wondered how to do those vintage waves! Also, I love the step-by-step photo guides, much easier for me than watching a video. Thank you thank you!!

bonnieshee says · 06.07.13

I’ve heard great things about PW’s cinnamon rolls. Let us know how it goes! And congrats on your new opportunity!

horse5chic says · 06.07.13

So excited for you! Pregnancy is both wonderful.and miserable all at the same time. I just had my second 4wks ago. A note on the cinnamon rolls. I have made them several times and they are so much easier if you roll the dough out when it’s cold,otherwise it is super sticky. Good luck!

chasingcapers says · 06.07.13

Oh my gosh, PW’s cinnamon rolls are the best, hands down! I may have to make a batch myself…

lacy blaine says · 06.07.13

Look at you go! Happy to hear of all the good things going on in your life. And REALLY happy you did a vintage waves tutorial! My “vintage waves” have always looked more like “did-that-girl-curl-her-hair-or-not?” waves. Can’t wait to try your tutorial out! 🙂

Reply says · 06.07.13

oh this post came at just the right time! I am getting married next month and if I can’t fly out out here to do my hair, at least I can watch the videos until I get it right! haha.

Kate Behrendt says · 06.07.13

I’m excited to see the 3 bridal hairstyles! I’m gettin married on November and am currently obsessing on what to do with my hair 🙂

Maura says · 06.07.13

Congratulations on your exciting news and your new (sure awesome and authentic) collaborations. Couldn’t be happier for you!

alana810 says · 06.07.13

love these styles!! I am newly engaged and looking for some bridal makeup styles (especially lipstick!)- can you please do a tutorial on this? Also, congratulations on your great news!!

Tracie says · 06.07.13

Congrats on the beebe! Loving that vintage bridal style. PW cinnamon rolls are pretty easy, just time consuming. Have fun and try not to eat them all, they are goooood.

Catherine Yates says · 06.07.13

Kate, thank you so much for posting all your hairdo how-to’s. I love them.

Sarah says · 06.07.13

This month marks a whole year of reading you and your sister’s blogs. So, I’m kinda embarrased to say that this is the first time i’ve commented, but I wanted to say thanks for sharing, and inspiring lots of us readers to start our own little blogs! A big congratulation on all your exciting new adventures lately… but especially on your pregancy! I was extra excited to read your news, because my hubby & I are expecting our 2nd baby the same month!

Hellonheelshon says · 06.07.13

Congratulations on the pregnancy once again. Also, on your new job! 🙂

Casey Ruelas says · 06.07.13

I have just fallen in LOVE with you and your blog! I now read it every day while at work to give me piece of mind. I identify with you in your struggle to get pregnant…. although I am still trying 3 years later. I know just as you did that God has His plan and timing for my husband and I. I have cried and pitied myself for being defective and broken. Until that moment when You finally listen to God’s words and release your struggle into his hands. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! Have fun baking tomorrow. I nearly died of shock when I say that you were making Pioneer women’s Cinnamon rolls, because I just printed that recipe off yesterday to make tomorrow as well!! Blessings!

Bonnie says · 06.07.13

I just read your Babble articles and it reminded me of a question I’ve had lately. What is a good leave-in conditioner? Sometimes I think my hair needs it, and I’m having ugly le finding one. I need something that won’t weigh my fine, oily hair down.

Louisiana Bride says · 06.07.13

Congrats on becoming a Babble writer! I managed to land an internship with 5 Minutes for Mom this summer and I’m super excited to see where that goes)

Jordan O'Brien says · 06.07.13

Have fun with the cinnamon rolls! I made them last year and although it was quite the process, the results were AMAZING and so fun to share! Be prepared to feel legendary 🙂

Amanda says · 06.07.13

The cinnamon rolls are amaaaazing! My husband made them for us Christmas morning a couple years ago. You ladies will love them.

Amanda says · 06.08.13

Make sure you freeze some cinnamon rolls for later!

Nicola says · 06.08.13

Congrats on the new roles and collaborations!

I have a plea as an avid blog reader: please don’t go the way of so many bloggers who start doing collaborations and then stop posting on their own blog. Please re-post your fab content here so we can keep learning.

Kelsey says · 06.09.13

Wow! Congratulations on so much exciting news. You’ve certainly worked hard for it!

Josephine Braun says · 06.10.13

How lovely! Congratulations on the pregnancy! It will be wonderful to see how you dress the baby bump!

DarcyDay says · 06.11.13

Congratulations!! I am loving the wrapped up do, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn (my idol)! Really chic and classy. Lovely blog and post!


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