High Five For Friday!

a makeup tutorial : transition from day to night

It’s Friday!

If you live in the Northeast, enjoy all the snow you are getting! 

Any big plans for the weekend? My husband and I are going out on our Valentine’s Day date on Saturday night in order to avoid the crowds next week. 

Well, it is high five for friday after all, so let’s get into it!

1. Justin and I went to our first “infertility consult” appointment last week. While it feels weird to use the word “infertile”, since we don’t know whether or not that is true yet, it was the first step we needed to take. It wasn’t a very helpful appointment, but God, I believe, has placed people in my life to help me navigate these waters–and for that, I am very grateful. In case you missed the post I wrote about our situation, you can find it here

2. I started watching the show “Suits” and really like it! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve “followed” a show, so I’m looking forward to catching up so we can watch it together.

3. After many hours of searching for a cute and functional ipad mini case, I settled on this one

It’s a little bulkier than I prefer, but its the cutest one I could find.

I was very tempted to design my own from DODOCase, but I couldn’t justify the price tag!

4. I think I’m going to add a little heart to my nail like I did last year around this time. <–this has nothing to do with my week, but I just thought you should know.
Update: I did.

5. I’ve been flossing! Are you tired of my dental hygiene confessions? Yeah? Okay, this was the last one. 

I have a great tutorial coming on Monday for you! Have a nice weekend! 

A few weekend links:

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Sam says · 02.08.13

You will make it through, Kate!

Kate says · 02.08.13


Carly says · 02.08.13

I hope that the appointment was a start to a quick and easy solution, will keep y’all in our prayers! And that iPad case is adorable….I need one too!


Kate says · 02.08.13

thank you 🙂

Christie says · 02.08.13

I hate flossing or I just didn’t do a good enough job, whatever. Anyway, I got a WaterPik water flosser. Works like a charm.

Good luck with the fertility appt. I had a bit of issue myself. Don’t feel like you are alone.

Melissa Mirarchi says · 02.08.13

My sister went through a similar issue, but all turned out well in the end and she has 2 beautiful boys now. I hope the same goes for you!

My husband and I do the same thing for Valentine’s. Hopefully the 12-16 intches of snow we are expected to get will be cleaned up by then!

Best of luck to you and your husband! My thoughts are with you. :o)

Jen (Pink) Williams says · 02.08.13

Fertility specialists can do so much more for you than your general obgyn. I wish I had gone sooner than I did, would have saved time and heartache. Sometimes babymaking takes a little extra help – I’ll send some fertile vibes your way 😉

Darbie Johnson says · 02.08.13

The husband has been gone a month and finally gets to come home this weekend 🙂 so its a trip to Ruby Falls and family bonding time 🙂
Sending you baby dust and prayers to help with your journey :).

Lindsey218 says · 02.08.13

I hope your first meeting with the fertility specialist will be the start of a fast solution for you guys. We went down the same road and ended up finding out I just had a low thyroid, I was able to start medication and soon after that we got a BFP 🙂 I know it is hard but never give up!! Love your blog & sending baby dust your way!

Emily says · 02.08.13

Love that heart accent nail, I might have to steal that idea! I also love the ipad case…good choice! Target never fails! 🙂

Nicolet says · 02.08.13

I believe consults where I live are free of charge. I went to my first doctor with no real “shopping around” done at all. After 3 IVF cycles and just one more left, per insurance, I left that practice and had consults with 6, yes SIX, other doctors. They were all great and highly recommended, but only one of them “fit” from the moment we began talking. I just knew. I left his office, not having even talked thoroughly with my husband yet, knowing that I was indeed going to have a baby. If you can, try again. You’ll know.

Nicolet says · 02.08.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Limefreckle says · 02.08.13

my story is much like Lindsey218….met with the specialist once, turned out to be hypothryoidism — pregancy ensued soon after! I remember my family doctor telling me that many of her patients got pregnant after just one consultation with the specialist! Wish you much luck…..and hope that turns out to be the case for you!

ehomaha says · 02.08.13

I’m so excited to see where God leads you! We have our first appointment on Monday so hopefully we’ll both have good news soon 🙂

Amanda says · 02.08.13

My daughter picked out that iPad mini case from target. It was the cutest one we could find too. I need to update my ipad2 case it is so boring. Have a great weekend.

Heather Carson says · 02.08.13

love these bits and pieces…
sending you love from the cold in BOSTON.

xo – heather
This Life Is Yours Blog

now i’m going to hid out and wait for the storm 🙂

Patty B. says · 02.08.13

Hang in there! My husband and I tried for 3 years to get pregnant. We took a Hawaiian vacation during that time in hopes of getting pregnant. I took my temperature every single morning before using the toilet. It turns out, I had low progesterone. Once I got on that, I got pregnant. Then, it turns out…I became very fertile! I have 4 beautiful children all 16 months apart. I’m praying you will discover the reason and it will fix it and you’ll have adorable babies crawling around. 🙂

Deb says · 02.08.13

Infertility can be such a difficult struggle. You are so brave to share! I went through it and now have a beautiful son from Vietnam and now am waiting for our next child from China. Every woman’s journey through it is unique. I recently shared on my friend’s blog about my experience (http://www.throneofgrace.com/surviving-infertility/). I will pray for you!

mama in the making.... says · 02.08.13

we went thru something similar and ended up at Carolina Conceptions off Lake Boone Trail. Those folks are god-sent miracle workers – we are expecting in April. I owe them everything!!

Deva says · 02.08.13

I will have you in my prayers. I hope your appointment was productive and that you have your wee one in your arms soon!

Donna says · 02.08.13

My daughter also just began the infertility stuff. So far, blood work = all normal; SA = normal; HSG (dye injected up to tubes) = all clear. Now I think they might try Clomid. My wishes to you that your dreams will come true.

Lisa says · 02.08.13

Somehow I missed your original post, but I will keep you in my prayers. I too struggled with infertility. It is heart wrenching. But faith got me through and God delievered me a perfect miracle when I was ready.

The only advice I can give it just don’t give up. No matter how hard it can get (which I hope it doesn’t), don’t let it get you.

PS: I love your blog! Your hairstyling tips and youtube videos are fantastic. I just wish I was more coordinated with my hands to work the magic on my hair!

Applebypie says · 02.08.13

I read that as a tutorial on flossing coming!! Think I’m a little tired :O Xx

Paige Roberts says · 02.08.13

I wish you the best of luck as you work through this difficult time! PS I LOVE suits! It’s one of my hubby and I’s favorite show!

Alison says · 02.08.13

Adorable heart… maybe I have to do that this week:) Prayers coming your way for upcoming appointments. It sounds like you have a great support system as you take the next steps. Also, your friend Jess’s article was awesome. I even jotted down a few notes, she really hit the nail on the head about how to connect with an audience/clientele.

Heather Christopher says · 02.08.13

Going to our first speciality appointment this coming Wednesday, I’m very nervous. It’s also not cheap, the consultant is $350.00 but I’ve seen three GYN’s now with no such luck, no one is committed to helping.
I am praying for us both, Kate.

Katie L says · 02.08.13

Hey Kate!
My husband and I went to our first infertility appointment in Raleigh last week also. I wonder if we went to the same place…I felt like the appointment was helpful in that it gave me hope and a small feeling of control again. Instead of trying month after month and wondering WHAT IS GOING ON?! I now feel like, at least we’re being proactive and taking care of any medical issues that could be stopping us from becoming pregnant.

It’s nice reading your blog as I am going through the same process at the same time…in the same city 🙂

....... says · 02.08.13

wishing you the very best of luck with your appointments!! love the ipad case and was thinking of painting my nails just like that today. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

SH says · 02.08.13

I’m also a Christian, so I’ll be keeping you and your husband in my prayers. And celebrating v-day a few days early is a great idea! Love the little heart on your nails!


The Single Nester says · 02.08.13

No enjoying of the snow here in NY. Blizzards are not fun. I too have a Belkin iPad case and I love it.

Janell says · 02.08.13

Just went to the website “Oh, Hello Friend” for the first time because of your link and found out her shop is near me. Going to go next weekend! Thanks.

Kristina says · 02.08.13

I love that iPad mini case, I’m hoping to get a mini soon 😉


Kristina does the Internets

Kacie Jackson says · 02.08.13

Wishing you the best of luck with your appointments coming up!! I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, starting off with an annual pancake feed that goes on every year in my city. Not sure on the rest of my plans for the day, but hopefully getting some free stuff around town! I think I may go bowling tomorrow night with my BF and some friends vs. going to a bar and just sitting. It should be a good day. Sunday, we’re expecting up to 12″ of snow… so lots of housework will be done. Have a good weekend!

*E says · 02.08.13

Best of luck with the infertility/fertility appointments. My husband and I were in a similar boat in that we tried for a year and nothing happened, so we initiated the rounds of tests last fall. It’s been a long anxious-riddled road to a diagnosis, which unfortunately in our case is real-deal infertility (we can’t have a baby.) I just don’t think anyone can relate or sympathize unless they have experienced this and it’s so personal, you know? Everyone assumes we can all procreate the moment we decide to try, and the most random people in your life think it’s OK to put a big smile on their face and inquire “when” and “if you are trying” — but I swear, now that I am on this side of the issue I will NEVER ask anyone that question again. It’s very hard (and painful) to talk about and I think that’s largely because no one does — I really appreciate that you are speaking up about it on your blog. I have learned it’s so much more common an experience than our culture would lead you to believe.

Best wishes and trust that whatever the diagnosis, you can and will find a way to be parents if that’s what you want.

Missy F says · 02.08.13

I am a “seasoned” infertile ; ) If you haven’t hear of/read these books I would highly recommend them both! Navigating the Land of “IF” by Melissa Ford (she has an extremely popular infertility blog) and A Few Good Eggs by Maureen Regan & Julie Vargo…both are very helpful from the very begining stages all the way thru major treatments (I have a little icsi baby of my own ; )Cheering for you & hoping things go smooth & quick for you guys!

Beth Sheridan says · 02.08.13

I have also dealt with infertility and it is a tough journey…To read that you know God is in control is such a blessing and such an encouragement though! God blessed me with a beautiful son 2 1/2 years ago and my sister is due in a month with her first baby girl due to IVF and one of my good friends just adopted her first baby girl from Ethiopia…To see God’s hand in each different situation was a beautiful thing. I’ll definitely be praying for you and your beautiful family each day…Love your blog 🙂


Rachael says · 02.08.13

So glad you had your first appointment. It will be so good to find out more info about your situation, and how to help improve things! Also, love the ipad case! And thanks for the idea of the heart detail on your nails, I’m totally doing that!!

Magda Pomichowski says · 02.08.13

I am sending my positive thoughts and prayers your way. Also major props for being strong enough to share your story, I am sure you will touch many lives along the way. I am inspired by your high 5 for friday posts and have started a friday faves section in my blog. If you have a chance check it out: http://magsmind22.blogspot.com/2013/02/friday-faves.html
I mention your blog in the post). Happy Friday!

Allie Marino says · 02.08.13

Im so glad to hear that you are on the right track, just remember the power of positive thinking! Also, I love that iPad mini case, I think you chose a good one 🙂 Thank you for helping to keep me entertained while I am stuck in the middle of Nemo in Boston!


Judi says · 02.08.13


We went through a period of infertility myself. God brought us through it! We have 2 wonderful sons: one of which is married and expecting his first child! Last week, I stumbled upon a new blog that I might recommend checking out as another option. It is http://www.naturallyknockedup.com/blog/. Very interesting reading.

We also love Suits! We usually DVR it on Thursdays and watch it on the weekend.


Jolene says · 02.08.13

Check out Pencil Shavings Studio on Etsy, she has some cute iPad mini cases!

Kate says · 02.09.13

i have an iphone case from her!

kmsten says · 02.08.13

thank you for continuing to share your story with trying to conceive. you are so brave and real.. its amazing once you shared your story how many people can relate yet it something people dont really talk about it. its nice to not feel so isolated. ladies supporting ladies=awesome 🙂

robin kinney says · 02.08.13


I know this may be a bit TMI for some but I think it may help you. My husband and I began talking to a doc about infertility and she gave us a list of things to look at doing to increase our chances of conceiving before we started taking any medications. I know your husband works out a lot, so does mine. The doctor said he needed to stop wearing spandex (he wears it during workouts) or tighty whities because the spandex keeps the jewels too close to the body which raises the temperature. The anatomy is created the way it is so that the jewels are kept a few degrees cooler that the rest of the body. Too much heat affects the jewels negatively. Does this make sense? I am trying to explain in the most general way possible. You can google it too. I don’t know if that is what worked for us in particular but I am now 8 ½ months pregnant and we didn’t have to take any medications after 18 months of trying. I am sure the stress free trip to Jamaica helped but I understand how you feel. Every month I would get so depressed. We prayed everyday and it finally happened. Good luck on your journey!


Shanna says · 02.08.13

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. It took almost a year and a half for us and I went through the same emotions. As with anything, we struggle to control and it is tough to admit that we have NO control. If you ever need another inspirational song, Leona Lewis does a beautiful rendition of Footprints in the Sand. That is my go to song.
btw…love the heart on you nails and Love.Love.Love your blog!!

Rachel says · 02.08.13

Hi! I just discovered your beautiful and informative blog a few days ago and saw your note about the infertility consultation. I will be thinking of and praying for you and your husband and hope that your infertility journey will be a very short-lived one. It took my husband and me 4 years to start our little family, and that was after countless negative pregnancy tests, early miscarriages, failed fertility treatments, and working with 4 different specialists.

Like you, I am a girly girl, and dealing with infertility felt like an affront to my feminity. Unlike you, I was not open about it and suffered mainly in silence, though I was able to find some support and understanding through an online support group, and eventually, the discovery that a co-worker who was going through a similar trial. Things really came to a head, though, when my two younger sisters and both of my sisters -in-law became pregant at the same time. It was a very difficult time that caused me to doubt God and myself. Stay strong and try enjoy this time with your husband.

Wherever your family-building endeavors take you and as much as a struggle as it may be to stay positive, there are definitely things to appreciate such as opportunities to travel, sleep-in Saturday mornings, and be a blessing to others while you are currently unencumbered by the demands of caring for your own child. (You might also check out this hilarious blog, http://www.999reasonstolaugh.com/, when you need a laugh and a reminder that you are definitely not alone.) Good luck and God bless!

Andrea says · 02.09.13

Kate, praying you get some answers from your consults. I am also in the beginning stages.. had bloodwork done, all came back normal, and having an HSG on Tuesday. It’s weird seeing the word “infertility” as the diagnosis on all these lab papers. But thank you for sharing!

Katie Evans says · 02.09.13

Love love love your blog. The only one i faithfully read 🙂 The Lord brought you and your husband to mind and i am praying for your journey toward expanding your family. ALSO… I love Suits!! My husband and i love you watch together each week. Highly recommend starting from season 1… Pretty sure our values are similar, so i will say it gets a bit edgy . But it didn’t stay there for long 🙂
Grateful for your blog!!! katie

Katie Evans says · 02.09.13

This comment has been removed by the author.

Elizabeth says · 02.09.13

Hi Kate. I’ve been thinking about you and the story you wrote about the baby issues. Here is a lady I’ve been following on You Tube for awhile now. Here is the link to her chanel. You may like her story. It gives me hope. Hope it helps you out some. http://www.youtube.com/user/turtleames


Lulu Soler says · 02.09.13

It sounds weird to say I just found you since you have quite a following, but I did. And reading your post today I can tell you I’ve had my own infertility struggle and I LOVE Suits. My hubs and I just watched it on our Friday night “order in date night” :). I’d love for you to read my story http://www.simplylulustyle.com/2013/01/flashback-my-struggle-my-joy.html

xo Lulu

Farm Girl in MD says · 02.09.13

I never thought our infertility consults were useful. They just kept saying “Wait a little longer…” Hopefully you get some answers!

Brianne Bracco says · 02.09.13

Love your adorable nails! Hope you and your hubby have fun on your Valentine’s date this weekend!

-smatz- says · 02.10.13

I want to thank you for your previous post re: conception struggles (I challenged myself to be more open about what my husband & I faced in that regard with hopes my reaching out could offer the empathy I was unable to track down in my circles – you made your last post while we were in our 2 week wait, I read it on my phone and bawled at the bowling alley where I was at the time – thank you VERY much for your candor).

I found my 1st appointment with the infertility doctor to be maddening; I cried afterward, felt overwhelmed with information about possible issues + tactics and was just generally disappointed. That was in September. Now it’s February and that same doctor helped us become pregnant! It’s very early but here we are.

I have many prayers for you and cannot thank you enough for your encouragement!

Becky says · 02.10.13

It took us 3 long years to get pregnant. They were some of the most painful years of my life. Luckily we finally got pregnant and we now have 2 (almost 3) sweet boys and the pain seems like a distant dream.

I hope all goes well for you and your husband. You seem like good, nice people. Good luck.

T. Roger Thomas says · 02.10.13

Good luck with the family planning consultations

Sherri J says · 02.10.13

Hi Kate, You and Justin have been in my prayers.

Lindsey says · 02.11.13

Kate, It tooks us almost 5 years to get pregnant and we ended up needing medical assistance and now we have the most precious baby girl. I know exactly what you are going thru and I will be sending prayers your way. We had 2 failed IUI’s, 1 failed IVF, and then we had one chance to use our last frozen embryo.


P_31Girl says · 02.12.13

Have you heard of the Creighton Model? My husband and I have been trying for over a year with no luck. We went to a fertility specialist and did one IUI. Fail. Our pastor and jus wife told us about a dr that uses the creighton model, so we figured we’d check it out. SO encouraging!! And Faith-based! We just started our creighton charting, so we’ll see what happens. But so far, it’s been a wonderful experience working with this method and has helped our marriage grow closer in this madding time of not conceiving!

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