high five for friday

the one that is hard to write
This is been a full week. Full of tasks and responsibilities, but also full of friendship, support, and joy. 

1. Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s post. And for your tweets, e-mails and texts. Each interaction means a lot to me, and it’s really blown me away how many of you are willing to share your story. I know how hard it is because it took me many months to publish the post, but I’m so grateful that God brought me to this place where I could share. 
And it’s really nice to know I’m not alone in this. I knew other women struggled with getting pregnant, but sometimes it can be a lonely and isolating road. Your comments and stories have blessed me in a way you may never understand. So again, thank you.

2. I’m really looking forward to the Loft private shopping event on January 27th. If you live in the area, I’d love to meet and shop with you! You can find all the details here in case you missed the announcement.

3. I’m equally exited for my Pinterest class on Monday night. The class sold out, but I’m hoping there will be other opportunities in the near future. You can check out other classes, or stay in the loop by visiting the Influence Network website.

4. My Umba box arrived this week. Have you heard of Umba box? It’s like Birchbox for handmade goods. Each month you’ll receive a different selection of handmade items. I signed up for 3 months to give it a good try. I’ll reveal my January box here next week, and let you know if I think it’s worth it!

5. One of the ways I’ve felt most connected with my church is through the women’s group I was a part of last year. I’ve met so many great people, and look forward to deepening my relatinoships with them as we start up again. We’re launching the Not Alone study at the end of this month. It’s a study of 2 Timothy, looking at Paul and Timothy’s relationship–and specifically what it looks like to disciple. If you’ve ever wanted to lead, disciple, mentor in any capacity, this would be a great study to consider. If this sounds interesting to you, you can fill out the application here

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still being [molly] says · 01.11.13

i’m so glad you felt encouraged by the comments yesterday – you are amazing, kate!! and i’m so pumped i signed up to take yo’ class on Monday! woop!

Lauren says · 01.11.13

haha thank you for calling me a cat lady

Kate says · 01.11.13

I speak truth.

Dorothy Wu says · 01.11.13


Hailey says · 01.11.13

I loved your post yesterday as well, you will make an amazing parent. I am starting my hardest post so far, for my little ones birthday who is a sweet angel now.
I am so excited I signed up for the class on Monday! {See} you there. You are such an inspiration to so many. I was in a “hair rut” after leaving the salon and staying at home with the kids but you sparked my love affair again. I still do a few friends hair, and my color but I lost my passion for styling until I found your blog a year ago. So Thank you
Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Jill says · 01.11.13

I’m so excited for your class Monday night! I left this on your facebook page, but I’m hoping you can give us a little insight into what the format will be? Like a web conference live stream, a chat session, etc? 🙂

Kate says · 01.11.13

Hey Jill

It’s going to be a video stream, so you’ll see/hear me but all you’ll be able to do is watch and participate in the chat box! Let me know if you have any other questions

ginna says · 01.11.13

Thanks again for sharing your heart yesterday. You’re not alone in your struggles! So often it’s easy to be jealous of blogger’s lives because they only show the glamorous, pretty parts, but I love it when defenses come down and we are able to get REAL with one another. That’s the beauty of this whole bloggy thing anyway.

I’m so excited about the Not Alone series at the Summit and am so happy you’re planning on doing it too! Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you there, if not at the Loft event at the end of the month. 🙂

Carly says · 01.11.13

Your post yesterday was amazing, and very comforting for those of us on the same journey as you! I wish I was local, I’d be at that shopping event for SURE!

Thoughts and prayers coming your way from across the country,


Maria says · 01.11.13

I can’t wait to hear about your Umba box. I’ve heard about it in a general sense, but never anything in depth about it. Have a good weekend!
xo, Maria

Kacia Hosmer says · 01.11.13

You girls and your cats.

You make me like them. #truth

Kate says · 01.11.13

mission accomplished. done blogging. that was the only goal.

IronButterfly says · 01.11.13

SO excited to see what your Umbra box is like. I looked into a few months ago but didn’t subscribe, so I’m interested to see what kind of stuff you get!

McKenna Bleu says · 01.11.13

I hope you have a great weekend!!


Mallory says · 01.11.13

I’m excited for your class on Monday night. Have a good weekend! xo, Mal

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman says · 01.11.13

I can’t wait to see your Umba box! I’ve been considering but its so pricey. I just love the concept though.

kimberlyjean says · 01.11.13

Hi Kate-Just wanted to let you know, I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been following it for a year now and check it nearly everyday. I especially love the hairstyle tutorials, they have really helped me! I also love how open you are about your faith in Christ, He is our source! I will be praying for you.

wearyourvitamins.com says · 01.11.13

I just found your blog and am so excited to catch up with it – I love meeting people with similar passions and interests as mine! It’s been a real blessing. I like to blog about beauty, skincare, holistic cosmetics, self image, etc., but I’m just getting started. High five!

Tiyana Peters says · 01.11.13

You’ve a lovely blog and I’m so glad to have found it. I’m sad that I’m too late for the Pinterest class. I hope you offer it again soon!

Jennifer Hennis says · 01.11.13

I love the thought of the Not Alone series. Do you have any materials or where I can look further into it? We live in Florida. Thank you Kate! 🙂

SH says · 01.11.13

Please host another Pinterest online class! I would love to do something like that!


jward says · 01.11.13

So glad you have received so many uplifting messages! I owe you a big thank you for teaching me how to do my bangs. Seriously, who would have thought to straighten up and back, but it WORKS! Thank you Kate!

crooksclan says · 01.12.13

I woke up yesterday to your blog post and found myself hurting for you but so thankful for your transparency. You have such a huge following and so many of us can relate to your struggle. My struggle to get pregnant is really no different, except I got pregnant within days of my best friend and as she progressed in her pregnancy, I miscarried at 14.5 weeks. It was the most painful experience and yet we bonded over something so devastating. I have watched her boy grow up and will always wonder how my Amanda Joy would have looked or how she would have changed our family for the better. But God’s plan wasn’t for me to be a mom to Amanda, but to Megan Noel, 3 years later. I know you can’t relate to a miscarriage, but at the time I never understood God’s plan – and sometimes I still don’t – but I do know that Megan has changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined. I don’t know God’s plan for your life, but His ways are better than ours and His timing is ALWAYS perfect. I learned during the grieving process, that it’s so difficult for people to know what to say, or how to encourage regardless if they understand what you’re going through or not, so I hope you know how much you are being prayed for and that in God’s perfect timing, He will bless you with the desires of your heart. (Because that’s what He promises!!!)
Thank you for using your platform in a way that glorifies the Lord. It is such a blessing to follow you & your sister here, on Instagram and Twitter (I try not to be a groupie 😉 You encourage, inspire and shine Jesus’ light beautifully!!!

Simply Valorie says · 01.12.13

I so wish I could go to your LOFT shopping event! Have so much fun!

Jes says · 01.12.13

I’ve never heard of Umbra Box. I ‘m interested to see what you got!

Michelle says · 01.13.13

i totally need to get my hands on an umba box!

Thagnas says · 01.14.13

Looking forward to seeing what you think of the Umbra Box. I have a Birchbox subscription now because of you. 🙂

Kim says · 01.15.13

I LOVED the pinterest class! It was a blast and I learned a few new things I didn’t know before but gained, more importantly, a new perspective on what people look for in pins. Thanks, Kate!