A little Office Update: The Start of a Gallery Wall

Coat and Boots
I was getting pretty sick of my plain wall above my craft desk in my office. I mean, it wasn’t plain. . .it was just kind of dull.

Plus, I’ve been unintentionally collecting all sorts of random things that would make a beautiful gallery wall (remember this one?). I put off starting it because I didn’t have everything, but then I realized the fun in a gallery wall is filling in the holes when you find the right piece! 

But before I show you the wall, check out this twist on a glass front jewelry case.

I purchased these two cute wall hooks, probably meant for coats and things, at Urban Outfitters when I was in Chicago. I just loved them. I thought it would be an unusual way to hang a few necklaces that I was working on for the jewelry shop

But instead of hanging them on the wall alone, I wanted to “frame” them. When I came across this jewelry case at Marshalls for $16.00 with removable glass, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

I screwed into the linen side of the jewelry box until just the tip of the screw emerged from the back.

After I hung this, I scrounged up other things I had laying around my craft room, printed a free print, and started placing. 

While there are still holes to fill and details to tend to, I’m impressed with the look overall! I’d like to find a larger print or card to pin into the jewelry case on the far right. I also think I need to find something small to put under the “It is well” print. So, let the search begin! 

Until then. I will marvel at my scrounge wall. Not bad for a bunch of random pieces, eh?

Numbers Print: Source
“B” : homemade
Key in box : Unknown, probably Marshall’s or TJ Maxx
“It is well with my soul” print: Naptime Diaries Shop
Bike Print : Jolly Edition


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Kate Harvey says · 10.10.12

I love how you used those great hooks–the wall is now so eclectic and fun!!

Something Ivory

Colleen says · 10.10.12

I love it! Where did you find the original piece that was above your desk?

Kate says · 10.10.12

From Pier 1 about a year ago!

Kristen says · 10.10.12

Love it! It looks so clean and beautiful! I really like those prints too!

Shannon Conner says · 10.10.12

Everything looks amazing! You must have a talent for decorating!


Shasta Anne says · 10.10.12

It looks fantastic! Good job girly!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims says · 10.10.12

I just love the colors in your office 🙂 And those hooks are so fun!

Ponies and Pearls says · 10.10.12

So beautiful and what a creative use of random objects!

Tiffany says · 10.10.12

Love your office – even the ‘before’s’! Such fun stuff.

pop lock says · 10.10.12

Have you seen stretching fabric over plain canvases? Such a cute idea!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four says · 10.10.12

Love it! It looks great! I like the hooks the best! Those are amazing!

Heather says · 10.10.12

Love it Kate!!

Melanie Korthas says · 10.10.12

I love what you have done with your room. This has given me some ideas for a major remodel that my husband and I are doing in our office/craft room. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer says · 10.10.12

I love the owl in your corner chair. Did you get it recently at Pier1? I saw an owl there the other day, but walked away because i thought “you’re a grown lady- you don’t need stuffed animals” ….. but never thought to use it as a pillow.

2busy says · 10.10.12

Looks so great! You are a decorator inspiration.

Anonymous says · 10.10.12

Where did you get your desk and the stand next to it? They work great for a craft room!

Jill says · 10.10.12

You are so creative and good at seeing new uses for existing items. I probably would NOT have thought of that with the frames and hooks! Your office makes me want to get it together and decorate mine (or at least make it not look like a bomb went off in there).

It's Sooo Fluffy! says · 10.10.12

Looks great! Very creative!

Lindsey Fabel says · 10.10.12

Any idea what paint color is on the wall? I’m on the hunt for a color just like this!

Anonymous says · 10.10.12

I have those hooks in my daughters nursery to hold back the curtains. Love them!!

Cate says · 10.10.12

It looks great.

MICHELLE CURRY says · 10.10.12

It looks so great!!!!!

Lady Bee says · 10.10.12

When I click on the “free print” link it doesnt work 🙁 anyone else having problems?

Rachael {all things beautiful} says · 10.10.12

Love this! So unique and fun. Love how well everything came together!

Erin @ The Grass Skirt says · 10.10.12

I absolutely love this space! It looks wonderful.

YummyMummyTraining says · 10.11.12

Love this such a pretty area

Miranda says · 10.11.12


Niki says · 10.11.12

wow! your workspace is absolutely gorgeous!

Lesley says · 10.21.12

This looks SOOO good!! Come decorate my house! haha


Anisley says · 10.22.12

Gives a great look to the wall!This looks like such an amazing blog!Good for you, Kate! I can’t wait to see the new blog- I am sure I will love it as much as I love this one! : )

Jennifer says · 11.08.12

Would you mind sharing the paint color along with where you got that sunburst? I love it!

Gracelyn Halina says · 12.01.12

Wow that was strange.Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!

Sandy Frank says · 10.30.13

Love your blog and style… Please share where you purchased the black and white lamps? Love!!

Carolina Little says · 10.30.13

I have been looking for a desk like your grey desk for our computer room and I can’t find one on craiglist! I love the style of your office