What’s in Allyson’s Purse?

What’s in Lindsey’s Purse?

Hello everyone!  I’m Allyson from Allyson, Recipe Ranger, a blog about yummy recipes I’ve been cooking and various musings I’ve been pondering.  Kate had a pretty nifty idea with this purse series, so when she asked me to join the fun, I gladly obliged.  I can’t think of a better way to get to know a gal than to rifle through her purse, so let’s rifle, shall we?

A little Q & A:

1. What must you always, always have in your bag (besides the obvious)?
My lips could not live without some sort of lip balm.  That “eos” egg is my new favorite.
2. What is the most random thing you carry in your bag?
I’d say the most random item in there would be not one but two pairs of earbuds.  Why do I have two pairs in my purse?  I have no idea.  It’s just that random.
3. Do you prefer a small purse, or a large one?
I’m more a medium purse kind of gal. If the bag is too big, I lose things in a mysterious fashion rivaling the Bermuda Triangle.  I also can’t handle a double strap purse because one or both straps always seem to be falling off my shoulder. This one is perfect for me because it’s a cross body style which I find quite comfortable.
4. Do you change your purse with your outfit, or wear one for a “season”?
I am such an atypical girl in this arena because I wear one purse PERIOD.  I think a purse is a wonderful, stylish accessory, but I just can’t fathom changing the stuff in and out of it every time I wear a different outfit or the season changes.  I keep it simple and go neutral so that my purse works with anything I wear.  And this gray shade is perfect to do just that.  Doc (my boyfriend who gave me the purse) has great taste, doesn’t he?
5. Does your wallet have to match the bag?
Not at all.  I’m of the philosophy that black goes with absolutely everything!
It’s been a treat to spend some time here on The Small Things Blog and share all the ins and outs of my purse with you.  You’re always welcome to stop by Allyson, Recipe Ranger.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and whatever purse you wear, may you always find your keys, your favorite lip balm, and your ringing cell phone.  


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Amy says · 05.03.12

I love this series! I’ve also been seeing the elf lip gloss everywhere lately! I will have to investigate!

thecrazytwo says · 05.04.12

It’s AH-MAZING! Works so well! And it’s only a dollar-three dollars! Even better!

Melissa says · 05.03.12

Allyson makes me feel better about being a one-purse gal. I use the same one until it looks like something I found on the side of the road. I bought a new one last night and don’t know when I’ll have the heart to change it out!

Jessica - The Twenty Something Lifestyle says · 05.03.12

Allyson, I’m a one purse girl too! I’ve been carrying my current purse for almost a year. Lately I’ve been thinking it’s time for a new one, but like you said, don’t want to change everything out! Thanks for the post!

Kate, love this series! So fun!

Bonnie says · 05.03.12

Kate, this series is such fun! And I carry one purse until it falls apart too so it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Sarah says · 05.03.12

I switch out purses but I dont buy new ones very often. I pack one for like 6 months or so and then switch to one I already have. If I buy a new one its because I find one I love and its usually Vera Bradley!

Jo says · 05.03.12

What a fun series, really enjoyed reading it.

Kristen @ The Chronicles of Dutch says · 05.03.12

Love this series! I love seeing that I’m not the only one who has some kinda weird things in her bag!

Colleen Sullivan says · 05.03.12

Love this series!! I’m going to have to post my purse contents on my blog now because I just looove this and have got to join in the fun 🙂

Colleen @ Meet the Sullivans

Melissa says · 05.03.12

I only buy one strap purses too, for the exact same reason. I HATE the feeling of a strap that keeps falling down. Drives me crazy. I also don’t change out my purses often, although I have quite a lot of them.

Elise says · 05.03.12

Love this Allyson. I think a “what’s in your fridge” series could be interesting too, haha!

Emily says · 05.03.12

I like that bag! Looks super versatile, but still polished. I love crossbody bags. I rarely switch mine out, either. It’s just a pain! I have a little wristlet that I’ll use independently sometimes, though.


Andrea (www.EagleRowe.com) says · 05.03.12

Funny we’re talking about the frequency we change out our bags. I LOVE bags but also hate having to dump everything out and move it to a new purse. I recently wrote on my blog about a purse organizer I got that has made this process (and my life!) a lot simpler! I highly recommend one!

Jenn says · 05.03.12

I love these posts! Keep bringing them Kate!! <3

Jen says · 05.04.12

Kate, where have you been this week?!

coupleoftravels.com says · 05.04.12

I have the ‘egg’ too and I’m obsessed with it!!

kristinwithani says · 05.04.12

This purse series has been really fun. What have I learned? I carry A LOT in my purse. Minimum 22 lipsticks at any given time. Options, girls.

Lindsay says · 05.04.12

I really love this fun little series you have going on! I am intrigued with things like this for some reason. 🙂 Does that me I am a snoopy person. 🙂

Teresa says · 05.04.12

I love this series! It has inspired me to organize my purse a little because I would be mortified for anyone to look into it the way it was. I want to see what Amanda at the blog http://www.werdyab.com/ has in her purse. 🙂

fromthefifthfloor.com says · 05.04.12

Yay recipe ranger!! love to see the crossover on the different blogs!

I think you should see what is in different people’s purses in different cities! Wouldn’t that be interesting??

I volunteer for New York! 😉