What’s in Lindsey’s Purse?

What’s in My Purse Series
Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy

hey all! i’m lindsey from the pleated poppy! thanks so much kate for including me in this series!
while my main job is being a wife to my husband and mom to my 3 kids, i also have a shop full of handmade goodness and a blog featuring new products, tutorials, home decorating, and “what i wore wednesdays“. come visit me over there sometime!

this is the bag i’ve been carrying nearly every day lately – my new messenger bag. i love the long strap to carry across my body and the roominess of the purse. if i’m working at a coffee shop, i can even fit my laptop in there!

i have a lot in here, but its actually pretty organized – everything in its own space!

there are a couple pockets in here – one fitting my iphone perfectly, another for a pen (which is always floating around the bottom of my other purses), and another to catch smaller things (like my tape measure and business cards).

my favorite part of my bag is this little loop for my keys! i always keep my keys on a caribeaner, to clip onto my belt loop if i’m running out to pick up the kids at school. so i designed a loop in this bag so my keys are always at the ready and i never have to search for them!

here’s the dump!
yes, there’s a lot there, but its all pretty organized. and pretty! i love having pretty things in my bag that are also super functional.

1 – pen, mini tape measure, random note from lily (telling me she had a good day – makes me happy every time i see it!)
2 – checkbook cover holding 3 checkbooks: 1 for personal, 1 for business, 1 for the stitch market
3 – stitch market fliers for our boutique next week
4 – 2 zippered pouches: 1 for receipts, 1 for the daily essentials (see below)
5 – sunnies case – i cannot live without my sunglasses! my light eyes are way too sensitive to go out without them.
6 – my gift card wallet (old, by fossil). yes, i know its silly to carry 2 wallets, but when its this pretty it makes sense, right?
7 – tiny pouch holding business cards. sometimes i use it to hold change. sometimes i grab just this pouch, throw in my id, a credit card, and a little cash, and ditch the bag altogether!
8 – my wallet (from target – i think they still have it). love the happy mustard color and the easy access of the credit cards. i’ve never had to match my wallet to my purse, but it does always have to be 2 things: pretty and functional.
9 – travel tissue case. 3 kids, cold season and allergies. ‘nuf said. also my coffee cuff, made by knitty bitties. and my phone.
10 – covered notebook – i use this to keep random notes, to draw new product designs, to write blog and business ideas.

these 2 pouches keep my bag more organized than anything else! what makes my bag the messiest is receipts and all the little essentials rolling around the bottom of the bag, but these 2 pouches keep them all corralled.

my zippered pouch holds my essentials:
tweezers, burt’s bees, cover girl lash blast volume mascara, mirror, hair elastic and bobbies, altoids cinnamon smalls (bigs are too strong!), cottonelle wipe (kid emergencies), lip pencils: cork by mac, radiant rosy by sephora, bandaid (again, kid emergencies), eye drops, and a tiny tin for aspirin.

how pretty is this wallet?! i just wish it were more functional (its too tiny to hold everything i need). but it holds my random club cards, coupons, and gift cards.
my absolute necessities: sunglasses, burt’s bees chapstick, lip pencils, and iphone. can’t. live. without.
most random thing i carry: everything i carry has a function, except my note from lily. that just makes me happy!
small purse or large: once the weather gets warmer, i tend to go for a lighter, smaller bag. in the summer, i carry a wristlet clutch and just toss in my wallet, zippered pouch, keys and sunnies!
change purse with outfit?: i don’t really switch out my bags much, unless it really really clashes with my outfit.
wallet matching bag?: nope. as long as its pretty, i like it!
well, there you have it! thanks so much for allowing me to share this space with you all, and hopefully i’ll see you over at my blog soon!


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missmarys says · 05.02.12

WHAT a great mom purse! Plus, I love the idea of the two pouches. Unless you “make” your bags, the older you get it becomes DARKER inside your purse. Therefore, lighten them up purse makers! Black n brown just don’t work for me anylonger.

Caryn in MN says · 05.02.12

That bag and collection of things makes me happy!

Angie says · 05.02.12

Cute bag. Glad you mentioned you can carry your laptop in there Lindsay, because I’ve been seriously wanting one of your messenger bags for that very reason! I’ll be visiting your shop very soon 🙂

the pleated poppy says · 05.02.12

hi angie!

i just sold out of my messenger bags, but more will be finished hopefully next week, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any now!


Angie says · 05.02.12

Wow! That was quick, I’ll keep checking, thanks for the heads up!

Nadia says · 05.02.12

So glad someone finally did a post on this! Thank you!

Krista says · 05.02.12

Love the size of this bag! And the loop for the keys is perfect! Everything is so beautiful, how can you not be happy when you grab one of these items 🙂

MICHELLE CURRY says · 05.02.12

Love this!

Karen says · 05.02.12

I LOVE the idea of two pouches for a “catch-all” as I ALWAYS have receipts floating around. I also LOVE how you designed the pocketbook to have a loop for your keys as well as pouches for phone, pen and other misc. items. I’ll have to pass that idea along to my son’s girlfriend who designs and makes pocketbooks herself. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Lindsey Edwards says · 05.02.12

Thank you so much Kate for including Mrs Lindsey in your series…I love her stuff and hope to be purchasing from her soon!

Rachel says · 05.02.12

Wow! You’ve got a lot in there but it looks neat & organized! I’m impressed. Also, my mother in law was the only other person I knew to call sunglasses “sunnies”! What a pleasant little reminder of her today.

Anonymous says · 05.02.12

ooh this makes me want to go and get al these cute stuff!

KATE: i have a desperate question!!!!!!!!!!!!!***********************
Can you tell me your opinion on tips!
what is the general rule of thumb when it comes to tipping, also, in your professional opinion, what is your opinion on tipping when the stylist has her salon in her own home. I always ask around, i don’t want to under or over tip,but everyone always says , if you know, let me know!!

dresselfamily.blogspot.com says · 05.02.12

oh, that is a great question. I have always heard 20%, but i would love to hear kate’s thoughts on this one!

still being [molly] says · 05.02.12

i love this! her bag is fab!

Jarrin says · 05.02.12

LOVE this blogging idea — it’s always interesting to see inside purses. and lindsey, i’m with you on the cuteness factor – it’s a must! thanks for sharing!

Janice Haney says · 05.02.12

I’ve sewn a few of my own purses from time to time. I especially like the cloth flowers on the outside of this one. It is very cute and the inside is functional. A win-win on all fronts.

Leigh says · 05.02.12

Ok I love your messenger bag. I must have one.

Jessica says · 05.02.12

I love that you call your sunglasses sunnies!!!! When ever I call them that people just look at me weird.

the non domestic wife says · 05.02.12

I love all of the color! It’s so refreshing!! Oh and I absolutely love your messenger bag!

Elena says · 05.02.12

Your bag is lovely and everything in it’s very pretty! I would swap bags with you anyday 🙂

Angela says · 05.02.12

I agree Elena. Maybe she’ll recreate one similar and do a giveaway.

Tiffany says · 05.03.12

The most organized purse EVER!

Jenn McClure- Caldwell says · 05.03.12

I love these pouches. They are so adorable and now I am geading over to the Pleated Poppy and will hopefully be purchasing some for myself. 🙂
Have a wonderful day!

<3 Jenn

Jamie says · 05.03.12

These posts are inspiring me to get my purse more organized!

<3 Jamie

Tiffany says · 05.04.12

In love with your purse!!!! I need one!!!

talha says · 06.05.12

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