Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What’s in Jessica’s Purse?

Mother’s day is around the corner, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your mom, here is a gift guide that should spark some inspiration. 

You know I love handmade, so all of these items are from Etsy

Cosmetic Bag Zipper Pouch - Ocean with Red Poppy Brooch Pin

A zipper pouch from Allisa Jacobs. I have several of her items and absolutely love them.

You Da Bomb Diggity - Mother's Day Card
A unique card from Monkeymindesign. There are a lot of other great options in their shop as well. 

Salt Cellar and Spoon - color options - MADE TO ORDER
For the cook, a salt cellar + spoon is perfect to leave right by the stove. By VesselsandWares.

Twig Plant Markers - Rustic Garden Markers - Herb Markers - set of 5
These garden markers are so unique, and perfect for the mom who loves to garden. By noJOisaverage.

The Karley Earrings
Beautiful earrings from The Dotted Poppy, who happens to be my mom! 

personalized note cards stationery set -vintage modern wallpaper pattern (set of 8)

**be sure to check the shipping/turnover time with these items to see if you can receive them by mother’s day! 


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helen tilston says · 05.06.12

Hello Kate

My mother’s name was Kathleen and my father would lovingly call her Kate at times. Or usually it was Caith (Gaelic as we lived in Ireland)

These are all wonderful ideas for Mother’s Day and I hold dear to my heart beautiful memories of my mother, who is in heaven.

Thanks for your research on these wonderful suggestions


LaynahRose says · 05.06.12

wow, these are all so pretty and feminine, wonderful ideas. i love the bowls.

Allyson Butler says · 05.06.12

These are all such great ideas – handmade gifts are always so sweet!


Outdoor Décor says · 05.07.12

My mother would love the earthy garden markers! I was thinking of putting together a basket full of garden goodies for her this year. She tends to head to the garden to get her much needed relaxation. These would be perfect for her. Thanks for all the ideas.

42 things says · 05.08.12

thanks so much!


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Muhammad Atif says · 11.06.12

Your description for mother’s day gifts is helpful I would like to use it to send gifts to pakistan for my mom.

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farriyalsidiqi says · 10.02.17

I like your blog amazing idea and beautiful collection of your blog

Dev says · 04.12.18

I loved the Salt Cellar it’s very cute and useful too. Also the personalized note cards, I think personalized gifts can make any gift extra special and moms definitely love it. This blog has given amazing ideas to that I would like to add more, IGP Mother’s Day Gifts is one such place where you can find unique personalized gifts for your mom.

Thanks for sharing some simple and unique Handmade Gift Ideas.

Jessica says · 04.19.19

Nice piece of article on mothers day gift guide, its really helpful for people like me who don’t have any idea what to gift. Thanks for sharing this post.

Tara Williams says · 04.19.19

Oh ! Thank you so much for such a great mothers day gift items! The beautiful earrings from The dotted Poppy just loved it.

Thanks once again.

Gregorrex says · 04.24.19

Thank you so much for sharing these Mother’s Day Gift Guide. My mother is a good cook and your idea of “salt cellar + spoon” is the perfect gift for my mother. Actually, I bought a stunning jar from KindNotes for my mother. But Now, I am planning to give 2 gifts to my mother. One is “salt cellar + spoon” and second is “A jar included personalized messages.”

Sarah Taylor says · 05.08.19

Such an adorable list of things. They are simple and lovable.
I love Allisa Jacobs Zipper Pouch.
I’ve come up with some interesting Mothers Day gift ideas.html and hope you like it.

Deeksha Bhardwaj says · 05.09.19

Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to mothers. This day celebrates the essence of motherhood. Many people search hard to find a unique gift for mother but in the end, come up with nothing. This Mother’s Day Gift guide helps people in selecting a perfect for the mother. All the Mother’s Day gift ideas are amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

Jewelpin says · 02.05.20

These earrings are so beautiful. thanks for sharing this lovely guide

sakshi says · 04.05.20

all of them are very good, but the earrings and personalized note cards are my favorite

Giftsnroses says · 09.07.20

My mom would love the personalized notecards you mentioned above. These are some really cool ideas you got there. Thanks for sharing.

DEEPAKSHI says · 03.27.21

Yes, indeed! This mother’s day gift guide was really helpful. After all, for all that she does for us, our moms should be celebrated every day.

Jon says · 04.13.21

Last year I got my mom a personalized notebook ( and she loved it!

Katie says · 04.21.21

These are wonderful ideas. Another thing I’ve always loved is when my kids share their artwork. The last few years they’ve created a professional, hardcover book with all their artwork throughout the school year with KidTreasures.