Laundry Room. Chaos to Order

New York City via the iPhone + Instagram
I’ve mentioned on the blog a time or two that I’m messy. It’s just my nature.

I also despise doing laundry. 

So it would make sense that my laundry room was a messy and neglected place in the house.

*The clothes and tablecloths on top of the dryer have been sitting in that exact spot since before we moved. I think it’s been almost 6-8 months. In fact, when packing up the laundry room at our old place, I simply added those items to the box titled “Laundry Room” since that is where they lived for so many months. Then, when I unpacked the laundry room, those exact things went right back where they belonged.
On the dryer.

But when I saw these numbered wire baskets at Home Goods a few weeks ago, I snatched them up to organize this very room.

I left the detergent out since it’s the most frequently used item. The #1 basket is full of stain removers, fabric softener, and other laundry-related products.

Basket #2 has light bulbs, cords, lint rollers, and other extra stuff that was in the room previously. The small basket to the right of that one has the dryer sheets in it.

The wire basket on the very end has two rolled up tablecloths (from Target) that I’m not using. They are doubling as “art” in the laundry room for the time being!

All I really needed was storage in order to organize the laundry room. Well, storage AND the will-power to fight my natural tendencies.

Are you a Home Good’s shopper? I seriously could spend hours in that store. I love the kitchen, stationary, and small home accessories sections. 


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ceg827 says · 05.25.12


Jamie says · 05.25.12

Nice! I wish we had a Home Goods near us :/

Samantha George-Realtor says · 05.25.12

I need to do this. My laundry room looks just like your chaos version. We just got a home goods so I may just have to stop by 🙂

Ashley says · 05.25.12

What a great Homegoods find! I LOVE that store…it’s a good thing the closest one is about 45 minutes away or I’d be in big trouble 🙂

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) says · 05.25.12

Just LOVE Home Sense (the Canadian name for the same store)! BTW, I find that I just hang my tablecloths in a closet….then they’re all unwrinkled, ready to use and take up very little space. (I use skirt/pant hangers).

Dani says · 05.25.12

I love the tablecloths as art! Great idea. And I love wire baskets. Our laundry room looked a lot like yours when we moved into our house. Except the previous owners used to keep their dog in there so there was a lot more…damage. We did a little reno to it ( – about half way down the page) and now it is one of my favourite rooms in the house!

Anonymous says · 05.25.12

That’s too funny…i have at least 3 tops sitting on top of my dryer and I can’t even remember how long they’ve been there. They don’t even fit me anymore!!! I also have a lovely plastic bag hanging that I use for lint. 🙂 Unfortunately, that’s just how mine has to stay (ok, maybe not the tops!)…the shelf above is waaaaay too high to be useful to me.

StagerLinda says · 05.25.12

I agree with Carol-Anne, hang tablecloths on hangers and they are always wrinkle-free and ready to use. (The dark corners in the back of your closet are the perfect place.) Laundry Room looks great! Love the color!

Katie says · 05.25.12

I’ve never been to a Home Goods store, but have been hearing more and more about it……especially through your & your sisters blogs. I love the many organizational and decorative things you have shared with us on your blog! I am also a naturally messy and very disorganized person, but reading your blog is really inspiring and just makes me want to get organized that much more!!!! There’s not a HG where I live, but Raleigh is just 45 minutes down the road. Husband out of town, kids in school and my day off……….perfect day for that! Have to hit the Container Store while I’m there!!

Carly says · 05.25.12

I just discovered Home Goods last summer when we got married and did the big move in……LOVE IT!


DaintyandDecadent says · 05.25.12

Oooo! That’s a good idea! My laundry room is the most neglected room for me and full of boxes, random appliances, doggy stuff lol


Ms Maddie says · 05.25.12

I’ve never heard of Home Goods before reading your blog but this makes me want to go to one! Too bad there arent any in my area 🙁 The top of my dryer is a catch-all for all the socks that are missing their mate, therefore it looks just as messy as yours did. Maybe this will give me enough motivation to clean mine up as well!

Tiffany Miller says · 05.25.12

I am an organizer by nature and would love for all of my storage shelves to look this good! Now to convince my husband that we need to go to homegoods…

Nicola Purkins says · 05.25.12

I love organising things into boxes! I have been known to put boxes into boxes, away in other boxes! Love your blog, always a brilliant read!


The Heitlands says · 05.25.12

Oh honey…that’s soooo not even close to being messy!!

Veronica Sitten says · 05.25.12

Organization is my favorite, looks great!

Elizabeth Benfield says · 05.25.12

its crazy how much of a difference these baskets make.

Linda says · 05.25.12

Your Chaos version IS my neat version LOL!

Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure says · 05.25.12

I’m cracking up because we received some free cabinets for the express purpose of our laundry room. So far they’ve been living in our garage for a month now. 😉 So I use that as my totally not organized excuse!

Lydia Geisendorfer says · 05.25.12

I totally understand. Its in my nature to be pretty untidy and then I went and married Mr. Clean! Talk about learning to compromise. Ha ha I love the look of those baskets! They are adorable.

Blue Dog Belle says · 05.25.12

Wow! It looks great! I wish my laundry room looked like that! I’m doing a giveaway today and would love it if you stopped by!

Anonymous says · 05.25.12

Good job! I enjoy a trip to Homegoods but have to drive about an hour each way to get there.

Jill says · 05.25.12

I was in Homegoods earlier this week. Love the store. I got a little overwhelmed so I had to leave…but I made it out with two goodies 🙂

Les says · 05.25.12

I adore Home Goods. I am finally moving to a city that has a HomeGoods next weekend (praise the LORD).

Have a fabulous weekend!

Betty@SouthernGrace says · 05.25.12

The baskets make it look so neat and stylish. I’ve never been in HomeGoods but have always wanted to go. It’s across town…I may have to go. Have a great weekend.

Aubrey says · 05.25.12

It looks great. The baskets are amazing! I need to get something like that. My dryer is a disaster and a catch all since it’s the last thing in our mud room before you go outside. I also need to find a big organizer for all the shoes that are on the floor in the laundry/mud room.

diditeach says · 05.25.12

Only you can make a laundry room look stylish !! We have Home Sense in Canada, one of my fav. stores !! Happy weekend 🙂 Still dreaming about NYC…..

Melissa says · 05.25.12

My birthday gift from my husband the past 2 years has been a shopping trip to Home Goods. That is how much I love that place!! Just walking in the door causes me to smile. Love what you did with the baskets.

Leigh says · 05.25.12

My laundry area is always messy. It’s a small cramped space with 3 doors so the units have to be stacked. I desparately need some tall thin shelving. Something to control the chaos.

I love Home Goods! I can’t go too often or my bank account won’t like me 🙂 I love the cute numbered wire baskets.

Katy says · 05.25.12

When do we get to see more pictures of the new house?

Victoria says · 05.25.12

Definitely looks much better!

Kelly Layser says · 05.25.12

You go girl!!! Nothing like a tidy place to work in. I would have never in a million years guest you were messy! I guess because you always look so put together. And I totally love home good and all stores like it. I find myself I those types of stores more than anywhere else.
On another topic, I’ve been following your blog for about a month and I’ve noticed that I think we have the same wedding rings!

Anonymous says · 05.26.12


Nicole says · 05.25.12

love the baskets! Home Goods rocks! Hey when are you releasing the winner of the Mary Kay giveaway?

Anonymous says · 05.25.12

Love it love it love it!!!! Don”t know the store….I am living in Holland. But I am gonna clean out my laundry space (that is in de bathroom)

MaviDeniz says · 05.25.12

Unfortunately no home good store is around here, but I totally understand you. I need organizational supplies in order to clean up my messy chaos as well. At first I was using boxes, but now I’ve upgraded plastic bins lol.


ellen-thishive. says · 05.25.12

holy crap! looks AMAZING!!!! this room would actually make me want to do laundry!

The Respectable Redneck says · 05.25.12

I promise your before is better than my current laundry room. I saw plenty of potential for more clutter in that space ;).

Megan says · 05.26.12

I agree – lol – I thought the choas picture was pretty impressive. A picture of my laundry room would probably make your head spin right off your shoulders Kate : )

rccandles says · 05.26.12

I agree too….wished my laundry room looked like the “chaos” pic!

Alyssa Lianne says · 05.26.12

There’s a Homegoods 5 minutes away from my house- very dangerous! Also next door to that is a Hobby Lobby- not sure if you have it where you live but it is AMAZING. Love the organized laundry room!

Maggie Kolb says · 05.26.12

I think it’s adorable that that is what chaos looks like in your home.

MySweetCreations says · 05.26.12

Awesome ideas! I love how you left the dryer sheets out in a basket.

Jeddica says · 05.26.12

Your chaos looks like my order. 😛

Myra says · 05.26.12

Ummm your laundry room was VERY NEAT compared to mine!! I am in need of a serious laundry room over haul!

Laura. says · 05.27.12

Looks nice!
i followyou on bloglovin,
follow me back? xx

jennifer smith says · 05.27.12

nice method to keep laundry room in order 🙂

Jules says · 05.27.12

The baskets are so cute and a great fix for organization! Looks great awesome job!

Lindsey says · 05.28.12

I have one of the shelves like yours over the washer/dryer, and I use it like a closet rod and hang my clothes On it straight out of the washer if line drying or straight out of the dryer so they don’t wrinkle. Then when I’m done folding, I take the hanging clothes with me!

hkschulte says · 05.29.12

My husband and I just got our first washer & dryer on Saturday. I am looking for a way to organize the top shelf if I decide to not be super lazy 🙂 The baskets are cute and have inspired me to possibly pretend to be organized.

Sara Beth says · 05.31.12

I can so relate to this. I admit that I am very messy too. I find that in my laundry room I have little piles of unmatched socks. It’s like where do they all go! I have being working on my laundry room for a while now,getting it organized and decorated. You just reassured me that there is still hope! 🙂

Emma says · 09.14.12

Your laundry room looks similar to mine lol – and I’m pretty bad when it comes to staying organized, lucky for me the husband helps out too 😀