High Five for Friday!

What’s in Katy’s Purse?

It’s Friday (yay!) and I have had a very busy week!

We just moved into our new place and got mostly everything put away. My parents arrived a week later in order to be here for Justin’s graduation dinner!

They arrived last Friday, unloaded their stuff at my sister’s place, and then my mom and I spend the rest of the evening putting finishing touches on the living room/dining room/kitchen in order for the place to look “finished” for the dinner! My mom is a fantastic interior designer, so I wanted her help with hanging art and mirrors. We also create a gallery wall above my kitchen table that I am SO excited about. 

The next day was Justin’s dinner. His parents and sister came down, so it was great to have both families together! 

This past week has been painting, projects, accessorizing, and basically working my mom to the bone. My sister and I took FULL advantage of having her here to help decorate. I cannot wait to take you on a home tour. We’re planning a “mtv cribs” video tour–which could very well be hilarious. 

Here are my top 5 things of the week! 

1. My husband finished undergrad! I’m officially married to a rocket scientist. and HE surprised ME with the sweetest gift at his graduation dinner. He snuck away for a moment and returned with a gift bag. I was confused and thought maybe he was giving his mom a very early mother’s day gift? Then he walked right over to me and said the sweetest things about putting up with late study nights, crazy schedules, and lots of dinners alone. He bought me a new lens for my camera, a 50mm. I was so surprised and so touched. What a man. 

2. Eating a delicious dinner on my back patio. The weather has been delightful.

3. Looking forward to my trip to New York City with my husband. We are celebrating his graduation, 30th birthday, our 3 year anniversary all in one trip. It will be great.

4. Set up my bird feeder and love seeing my cats just stare out the window. I figure they get the same enjoyment from that that I do when watching New Girl. 

5. Going on the annual girls trip with my mom and sister next week! After the craziness of the move + working long days at the salon, the escape to South Carolina is much, much needed.

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still being [molly] says · 05.11.12

sounds like an awesome week! and congrats to your husband on graduating! that is so sweet he got you that lens!! enjoy your weekend 🙂

Katie says · 05.11.12

lots of things to celebrate!! and your dinner looks delicious! i can’t wait for warmer weather so we can sit outside and eat!

Rachel says · 05.11.12

So excited for you both! Congrats. 🙂

Julia Haupt says · 05.11.12

LOVE this post! So many things for me (and you since this is you) to look forward to! Tour of apartment, NYC trip stories, etc. Yay!

StagerLinda says · 05.11.12

I’m so happy for you and your husband. Sounds like God is smiling on you with many blessings! Congratulations!

IronButterfly says · 05.11.12

I live like 30 minutes from the city…just sayin… lol… Congrats to your hubby and I’m jealous of your new lens! Hoping my husband gets me one for my birthday next month. 🙂

DaintyandDecadent says · 05.11.12

Sounds like a wonderful and productive week! Much congrats to your husband on his graduation 🙂



Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 05.11.12

Happy celebrating! There is a lot happening in the Bryan family! WAHOO! Happy Friday, Kate!

corners of my life says · 05.11.12

Congrats on all your good news!
Looking forward to seeing photos of your new home.

Kathy says · 05.11.12

Lots to celebrate in your household! Enjoy every moment! Kudos to the graduating husband who gets YOU a gift!

Jenni Austria Germany says · 05.11.12

yaaaay new york!

and patio dinners sound amazing. so happy for spring and summer.

Jenny says · 05.11.12

I have a 50mm stationary lens for my D5000 as well – you will love it! I rarely use any other lenses.

Brielle says · 05.11.12


I am reminded of you when I watch because I think Nick’s girlfriend looks like you! You are prettier of course, but kind of resembles you?


Anonymous says · 05.12.12

I was thinking the same thing when watching New Girl this week! Definitely better hair too 🙂

Amy says · 05.11.12

OOO where in South Carolina are yall going?!! That picture looks like it’s from Charleston, which is where i live!! 🙂
Let me know if you’d like a tour guide 🙂


Michelle @ Nice Lil' Saturday says · 05.11.12

Your husband is one heck of a guy! I just finished my masters degree and my husband told me that he was most excited to get his wife back; I guess when you are knee deep in studying and writing papers you sort of lose track of what is going on around you. Tell your hubby congrats!

Marissa says · 05.11.12

Your trip to South Carolina sounds so inviting Kate! I hope you ladies have a blast.

XO Marissa

sip-n-wear says · 05.11.12

What a sweet hubby!! Confrats to him!

Lydia Geisendorfer says · 05.11.12

This is such a joyful post! I love reading your posts friend!

Bringing the Beauty to You! says · 05.11.12

Have fun in NYC. My whole #h54f post was about my trip to NYC last week and Im planning to go again next week. Its the best!

fromthefifthfloor.com says · 05.11.12

Ohh Kate!! You are coming to my city!!! Such an exciting adventure! When are you traveling? I’d be happy to give any food/site/travel tips for NYC!

Personally I think you’d love these if you have time:



Ashley B says · 05.11.12

After viewing your purse posts by all of the different bloggers, have y’all thought about doing a “what iPhone apps are a must” type post? I noticed everyone has an iPhone, and it would be interesting to know what apps are a blogger’s must!

Kate says · 05.12.12

Great idea!

Kristine says · 05.12.12

Where in south carolina? i live in south carolina!

Allyson Butler says · 05.12.12

Happy Friday!

Dana says · 05.12.12

Here’s a Happy Saturday to you! I was happy because I got my second birchbox in the mail today! I had seen others kind of not happy with what they were getting, but I think I must have put in the right stuff to my profile becaue my first 2 months have been great! This month I got a “Gossip Girl” box. I received a Color Club nail polish in Disco Nap, Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB cream, Keratase Cristaliste Lumiere Liquide hair serum, and Stila sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner. I also got a bonus Keratase shampoo & conditioner and a cute note card. I think you have a lot to look forward to in your birchbox this month! ;0) Have a good weekend!

Natalia says · 05.12.12

Congrats to your hubby, I am sure you are very proud!! And boy do I know about taking advantage of moms coming to town! I do it pretty much every year!

Aileen says · 05.13.12

Kate, I’m moving to your area this summer and was wondering do you take new clients at your salon? I would love to come and see you when I move. Or do you have a recommendation of somewhere else that I should go? Thanks so much!

Krista says · 05.14.12

1. That’s such a thoughtful gift!
2. I love the pillows on your patio, did you make them yourself?
3. I went to NYC last Fall and LOVED it! There’s so much inspiration there and I’m sure you, as a fellow blogger, will feel the same way
4. New Girl is my new favorite show. I can’t believe I hadn’t started watching it sooner.
5. I love the South Carolina/Plantation style architecture and scenery. Hope you post pics of your trip!

Sorry; comment overload, but I just really related to this post! Have a blessed day!

Taru says · 07.10.14

– I love the composition and frnaimg of each shot! But I think 4th one down and the black and white one are my faves! Seriously amazing work keep it up, hot stuff!

Szymon says · 07.21.14

– I love the composition and frmnaig of each shot! But I think 4th one down and the black and white one are my faves! Seriously amazing work keep it up, hot stuff!