What’s in Katy’s Purse?

First time trying Benefit foundation

Hello, everyone! I’m Katy and I blog over at Katy Loves. When Kate first asked me if I’d like to participate in the purse posts, I jumped at the chance. Then I realized that my main purse contents were swimming in a sea of receipts, business cards and the like. Still, I absolutely adore getting a glimpse into the bags of bloggers I love or new bloggers I had yet to meet. So, here I am! But don’t worry, I cleared away the messy seas and made way for only the good stuff. It’s not the most glamorous of purse content posts, but it’s definitely me.

I absolutely love my purse! I purchased it last summer from Forever 21 and is a dark chocolate brown, which makes it very easy to wear with everything. I needed one that wasn’t huge, but definitely bigger than what I had at the moment. I like a purse that, if needed, I can fit my DSLR in when I need to have it with me. It also has a ton of pockets and a few different adjustable/removable straps that help it to become a shoulder bag or crossbody bag.
{1} My wallet was a Christmas gift from Adam, my husband. It’s from Anthropologie and I love it! I love the vintage style of it and that it was tons of room for anything I need to store.
{2} I always have to have a journal near me. I carry this one with me in my purse and I keep one next to me on my bed stand. I love to write songs/poetry and the best lines usually pop into my head at the most random times and places. Having a journal always nearby makes it quite convenient. No more lost lyrics!
{3} I just purchased this planner from Target the other day. It took my a while to find one that worked for what I needed, but this one is small with just enough room to keep track of what I need to get done. I’m a social media strategist, so there’s always something to tweet/post about. I like having things at my fingertips electronically and use TeuxDeux on my phone, but there’s something about writing it down that helps it stick with me.
{4} This is a bit silly, but Nola’s tags broke off a few weeks ago and I just haven’t gotten around to finagling them back on her collar. This is sort of a reminder for me to get that done.
{5} My business cards live in a side-pocket of my purse. I’m always meeting people and it’s a great tool to have on me to spread the word about my freelancing business.
{6} My phone. My camera. My iPod. My GPS system. My mailbox. My computer. My right arm? My phone.
{7} For when I wear my glasses and they get a bit smudgy, this cloth removes those blinding clouds from my lenses. This is a must have.
{8} Headphones. Another must have. I actually usually have two pairs of these on me. My main pair and an emergency pair. Music is my passion and I love being able to listen to it whenever I get the chance, so I keep these on me as well as the emergency pair in case I lose the main ones.
{9} Larabar. I love having a snack on me, for those moments when hunger strikes. It prevents me from spending money I don’t need to spend and holds me over until I get home or to my next meal. This usually helps me stave off potential grumpiness as well. I’ll keep a bar on hand or some almonds and it’s definitely a good thing to have!
{10} Shout wipes, because I’m clumsy sometimes. True story.
{11} Quench mints. The gentleman who started this company spoke to us at Blissdom and I will always buy their products when I see them on the shelves. Definitely check out the website, Project 7.
{12} Orbit gum. Pretty much self-explanatory. I’m not a huge gum chewer, but I usually keep some on me for Adam(the husband).
{13} Shea Butter from L’Occitane. I love this little tin. It lasts forever and is great for moisturizing lips, cuticles, dry patches on skin, keeps eyebrows in place, it’s great do-it-all trick to have on hand, especially in the dry winter air.
{14} Bobby pins & hair ties because my hair and humid air do not mix.
{15} Revlon shade #651 “Porcelain Pink”. My favorite shade of Revlon lipstick right now.
{16} Sonia Kashuk lip pencil in China Red for when my lips need a bit more color.
{17} Bliss roll-on perfume . My sister bought this for me for Christmas and I LOVE it! Great scent and perfect for when I want a little extra fragrance that day. It’s small and a little dab is all you need!


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Brooke says · 05.13.12

I really like your wallet, super cute!

katy {of} katy loves. says · 05.28.12

Thank you!

Nadia says · 05.15.12

I love these purse posts!

Jen says · 05.18.12

Where did you get your awesome boots from?

katy {of} katy loves. says · 05.28.12

Those are from Target actually! SO cute and comfy, but I haven’t seen them since I got them in 2010. I wish they’d sell them again!

Nicole says · 05.23.12

I love this post idea! I just may “borrow” it 🙂