The Double Bun

Gussy Sews Winner
I’m back from Blissdom, my first blog conference. It was incredibly inspiring and motivating, and I met a lot of great people. 
The first day we arrived, my hair was pretty much a disaster. After the airplane, a ride in a taxi with the windows down, and walking through the humid jungle that resides in the lobby of the hotel, I knew I had to do something about it before I actually met people. I mean, it’s kind of my best advertisement.

So my roommate and I dropped our stuff in our room and I threw my hair up in this double bun style. It took all of 5 minutes. 

I love messy, but stylish, pulled up hair. This is a technique for styling hair that encourages a nice, full messy bun in the back with soft and pretty sides. You can center it, or move it to either side of your head for something different.

Refer to this post to see what’s in my hair. 
Refer to this post to see how my hair is curled. 

Polka dot top: TJ Maxx
Blazer: Gap


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Samantha Roberts says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate, I just started following your blog, and I love it so much! I’ve been styling my hair even with all your tutorials. (trust me, no small miracle, and my husband says thank you ;D). Thanks for your fun posts. Can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚


Anonymous says · 02.27.12

Love it! Your tutorials have given me so much more confidence and inspiration with my hair…I am a mom of four little boys and I have worn way too many wet ponytails, but not anymore! Thanks! – Lauren in SC

Elizabeth Benfield says · 02.27.12

so pretty. ill have to try this next time i curl my hair.

Sarah says · 02.27.12

I love that look!! I don’t think my hair is quite long enough to pull it off though πŸ™

jesi4 says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate,
I’m new to you’re blog and YouTube videos!!! I absolutely love everything you have posted. I’ve been practicing on my 13 yr old daughter and myself. She asks me daily if you have posted anything new? Today my answer will be YES… Thanks for all the post and your time.

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says · 02.27.12

Love this! I want to try it sometime soon, and hopefully my hair is long enough!

jesi4 says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate,
I’m new to you’re blog and YouTube videos!!! I absolutely love everything you have posted. I’ve been practicing on my 13 yr old daughter and myself. She asks me daily if you have posted anything new? Today my answer will be YES… Thanks for all the post and your time.

jesi4 says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate,
I’m new to you’re blog and YouTube videos!!! I absolutely love everything you have posted. I’ve been practicing on my 13 yr old daughter and myself. She asks me daily if you have posted anything new? Today my answer will be YES… Thanks for all the post and your time.

Janie says · 02.27.12

I have that top too! Love it!

{annie_loo} says · 02.27.12

This is wonderful! I wish my hair would grow so I could do all of these wonderful styles! So glad you had fun at Blissdom! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Kait says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate,
Thank you so much for all your tutorials! My hair has a mind of its own and trying some of your styles and techniques have really helped put me back in control of my hair! Thank you!!

vicky1970 says · 02.27.12

Kate – that is adorable! I love the messy bun look and you pull it off beautifully! I always look forward to your tips. :o)
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

THE ABBEYS says · 02.27.12

Love it. The messy bun is my go-to-updo so I’m excited to try this for some variety. πŸ™‚ LOVE the polka dot top!

Anonymous says · 02.27.12

Love this!
I have blonde hair like you….do you recommend using bobby pins that are bronze colored? Do you just use the black Diane bobby pins? I always worry about bobby bins showing well against my blonde hair.

Kate says · 02.27.12

I use the bronze colored ones!

Anonymous says · 11.20.12

Hi Kate I just started watching your blogs sunday. I started off easy with just learning how to curl my hair and I have tried every hair style and I can honestly say they all came out perfect. I was wanting to grow my hair out but it is shoulder length and I could never figure out what to do with it so this helped me a ton. Thank You so much and I can’t wait for new ones:)

C a n d a c e E v a n s says · 02.27.12

that super cute!

Christi Lynn says · 02.27.12

love it! i will be trying this hairdo!

Dani Jonsson Lopez says · 02.27.12

Love the earrings too!

Alyssa says · 02.27.12

I googled “February Birchbox” and found your page today and saw this post and said “hey – those are Stella & Dot earrings!!” (I sell Stella & Dot). I guess it was meant to be. πŸ™‚ Happy to be a new follower!

Kalle says · 02.27.12

I love this look. Thanks to Pinterest I found your blog a few weeks ago and I must say it has changed how I look at my hair. Your bouncy curled under turtorial has literally made me fall in love with my hair again. Thanks so much for all the great tips.

dana says · 02.27.12

Kate- Your hair is looking longer…Are you growing it out?

Kate says · 02.27.12

It is longer, but I’m thinking about keeping it around a mid-length.

Motivated Mommy of two says · 02.27.12

I love this style I am usually in a hurry in the morning and put my hair up in a bun(and it does not look pretty) I am going to try this look and now I can look stylish. Thank You

Karisa Carlos says · 02.27.12

This is gorgeous! I have pretty long hair, it’s down to about my chest when it’s curled. How would you gather the hair in a messy bun if it’s longer? Thank you! & I love your blog

Kate says · 02.27.12

I’d gather the hair the same exact way!

MaviDeniz says · 02.27.12

Thanks for showing us so many beautiful hair styles


Fashions by Cashlynn says · 02.27.12

Love it!!! Can’t wait to try it!

Tairalyn says · 02.27.12

Love the Polka Dots, the Blazer and those earrings are TDF! Lovely.

Come on by Little Miss Mama and see my take on what WORKED and what DIDN’T at the Oscars Red Carpet {}


JMa says · 02.27.12

Hi Kate, love this smooth undone style. Have to try it tomorrow! πŸ™‚
You are looking absolutly business like in this blazer but feminine all at the same time. Really great! That´s what I need, too!

Allyson says · 02.27.12

This looks so great! I’m looking at a slightly (but not much) more structured version of this for my wedding!


Lauren says · 02.27.12

Your hair is so pretty and you are so talanted! I wish you could come to my house and do my hair for me every day! It looks like crap when i try to do it! Ha!

Carrie Nicholson says · 02.27.12

So cute! It make it look SO easy!

Oh! Baby Designs says · 02.27.12

Seriously, so beautiful!!! Not to mention those earrings… Totally to die for πŸ™‚
And check out my blog as well!

jodi says · 02.27.12

I saw this before I left my house this morning and did it. I loved how it looked and it turned out great even though my hair is not as long as yours. Thanks for the inspirations. I have had many compliments on my hair since I have started following your blog. Thank you!!

Colleen Sullivan says · 02.27.12

I love your earrings, hair and color combo! I wish I could do my hair like yours!

Sara R. says · 02.27.12

The double bun was a success! Your blog (and your sister’s) is amazing! Thanks for so much greatness in hair, style and beauty.

Alicia says · 02.27.12

I also found your blog thanks to pinterest! Your hair is so awesome. I always envy everyone else’s hair. I have super long brown hair. I love the messy look on other people but then I try it and feel it’s a disaster. I feel like you can see the rubberbands and pins and it’s just not working. So I wear it down and curled every single day at work and as soon as I get home it’s up in a knot. I’m going to keep watching so maybe I’ll get the confidence to keep trying and finally be happy with it. Could you do some demos on someone with long hair and maybe brown? Mine isn’t all one color, which I feel works best with hiding pins, I don’t know I must just be too picky to do the messy look… But if you could show styles on longer hair it would help me. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog though!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels says · 02.28.12

Adorable!! I think my messy buns always look too messy.

Can’t wait to hear more about Blissdom. I’m definitely going next year!

Anonymous says · 02.28.12

Do you think this look will work with my hair straightened? I rarely wear my hair curled and would love this for a second day look for work instead of the basic ponytail! Thx, Tiffany

jlynne1027 says · 02.28.12

I’m still working on mastering the curling of my hair so I can do these cute updos! All I ever do is flat iron and go. I’m hunting around for the volume foam you use but also, how do you tease it? I’ve gone through 2 backcombing brushes and they don’t work. Help?!!

Danielle says · 02.28.12

Kate, you seriously have the BEST hair!! I’ve done the “weaved” Updo (not sure if that’s what you called it) and i loved it! I tried the fish tail today but my hair is a little shorter than yours and it didn’t work. I also did the smokey eye today!! So basically, you rock πŸ™‚

Danielle says · 02.28.12

Kate, you seriously have the BEST hair!! I’ve done the “weaved” Updo (not sure if that’s what you called it) and i loved it! I tried the fish tail today but my hair is a little shorter than yours and it didn’t work. I also did the smokey eye today!! So basically, you rock πŸ™‚

Harpers-shadow says · 02.28.12

SO pretty! Your hair always looks perfect! I love your highlights too, it makes the up-dos more striking

Anonymous says · 02.28.12

Hey Kate,

Could u a pic of the bobby pins you use?


Kristi says · 02.28.12

Where do you get your bobby pins? The cheap-o ones I use don’t seem to cut it.

Love your blog!

MelyndaB says · 02.28.12

Hey Kate,
My hair is about two inches longer all over compared to yours, do you think it will work? I am going to try though!!! :]

Joanna @ Southern Daisy says · 03.01.12

My hair goes half way down my back and I was able to do it! πŸ™‚

Pavan says · 07.10.14

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Stephanie Basham says · 02.28.12

I tried this tonight and you were not kidding it’s super easy! I’m going to rock this look tomorrow. Your blog is my new obsession! Thanks!!

Alex and Andrew Sorensen says · 02.28.12

How Cute! I Will have to try that out. you are beautiful!

Molly says · 02.28.12

What a great tutorial. And those earrings are a showstopper!

Sara@iSass says · 02.28.12

You are fabulous! You are so easy to follow and adorable.

Sara Beth says · 02.28.12

I really like this updo,because it is a very soft look. I haven’t really ever been a fan of updos with my hair,but I am excited to give this look a try. Thanks for all the great tutorials, you make it look so easy! I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! I am excited to check it everyday to see what is new!:)

Selah says · 02.28.12

I love this look Kate! I have been growing my hair out for years and now that I have long hair I’m so excited to be able to do fun hairstyles like this one. Your blog has been such a joy to find because you have helped me love doing my hair! Thanks so much! Selah

bethanyp says · 02.28.12

I adore your hair and hairstyles!! It always turns out so perfect and you make it look effortless. I’ve tried a few of your hairstyles but can never make my hair look like yours. It always just turns out to be a mess. πŸ™ I probably need to just practice more. Anyway, love this hairstyle and your jacket!!

Emily Rose says · 02.28.12

Saw this post yesterday, did the style today. So cute! I have gotten many compliments on it today at work. So, thanks for the idea and the tutorial! I’ve been sending people your way!

kristinwithani says · 02.29.12

“I’m going to ask that you NOT leave those down” was my favorite phrase of the whole tutorial. YES! Obliterate tendrils. πŸ™‚

Kate, this is a fun one. I may have to try tomorrow… day 5 and today was a pony day. Just too lazy to wash and style and my hair holds curl for at least 5 days.


Devin says · 02.29.12

I did this style today and I loved it! It was so very easy to do and your instructions are very easy to follow. I have fairly thick, heavy, coarse hair and it has stayed in place for more than 12 hours. I love your tutorials!

Hannah says · 02.29.12

Love the hair & earrings! Super cute!

Anonymous says · 02.29.12

I have been following you for a while now and while most my hair is one length past my shoulders I was inspired by your cute side bangs so tonight I did it myself!!! Turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration!!

katie says · 02.29.12

You are darling!

Aline @ Tamed Musings says · 02.29.12

Hi Kate!
Your tutorials are great! I followed this one and posted the pics on my blog (linking back to your tutorial). I´ve tried other tutorials you´ve made and I always love the results. Thanks!!

Jones says · 02.29.12

I just discovered your blog and it has changed my hair! Thank you! Would you do a tutorial about how to tease hair? I know it sounds simple, but that is the one thing I can’t seem to get right. Maybe I need a different comb?

Miracles of the Moment says · 02.29.12

I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I had a moment yesterday that I feel needs to be shared.

I was leading a conference and I hear, “Stop! Turn around and let me see the back of your hair!” and then from another person, “Michaela always has great hair.”

At that point I knew I had to fess up and share your blog with them. I pointed out the Double Bun, which is how I did my hair yesterday, and I believe you have 2 new followers!

Cheri Fiorucci says · 02.29.12

I stumbled upon your blog somewhere along the line and never realized how much of a rut I had gotten in with my curly – but fine – hair. THANK YOU for your great and easy tutorials on how to do fun things with hair like mine. I tried the double bun today and love it!! Thank you Kate!

Heather G. says · 02.29.12

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! just got done trying this style out on my hair and it looks amazing. super easy too! as a mom of 2, i need new quick easy ideas!

whatnowtina says · 02.29.12

I am rocking this ‘do today! Thank you so much for the video!

Amy says · 03.01.12

My hair is styled like that today and I”M LOVING IT!!! My new fav, easy, go-to, hairstyle!!! Thanks for the tips…

Joanna @ Southern Daisy says · 03.01.12

Thanks for the tutorial! I combined this style with your Elegant Half Up do, and it looks great!!! Wish I could post a picture on here to show you. So much prettier than just throwing it up in a messy bun!

KK's Musings says · 03.02.12

Love this hairstyle. Will you please also post some videos for people with straight fine hair? Thanks!

Lauren says · 03.02.12

I love your blog, it has given me hair inspriation! I am in wedding in a few months and was going to try and do my hair myself and was wondering if u have any wedding updos tutorials
or suggestions??

Anonymous says · 03.02.12

I have scoured every TJ Max in my North Texas area for this polka dot blouse!! Love it.. now I wish I could find it!!!

Brittany says · 03.03.12

I have been following your blog for a few months now and have finally grown my hair out enough to attempt a new style! Wore this to work yesterday and everyone couldnt stop talking about it! Sent them all your way! THANKS!!!!!!

Anonymous says · 03.05.12

Love it!!! Thanks for posting this!!!

Anonymous says · 03.10.12

Dear Fairy-hair-godmother; After watching a few ( and by a few I mean like 12) of your hair tutorials, I noticed how you make it clear that leaving a bunch of hair by your face is NOT ACCEPTABLE…. I honestly couldnt agree more and I think it’s absolutuly hilarious πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and ps- Im SO doing this for school SOON! πŸ™‚

Kristen says · 03.15.12

Tried this out yesterday and got so many compliments! I love that its simple to do but more chic than a boring ponytail! Thanks πŸ™‚

Traci Lewis says · 03.19.12

LOVE this style! I’ve used this one twice in the past 2 weeks as second day styles. The time change has my routine all messed up, so this has been a lifesaver when I’m short on time! Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous says · 04.07.12

I was just curious, but I’d like your opinion on this. Do you think this hairstyle would be too casual for a prom updo? I don’t want my hair too formal, I’d prefer it more relaxed.

smrouill says · 04.09.12

Your hair style is wonderful. How do you get your hair to curl first? Curling iron? Straightener? My hair is pin straight with NO basic wave to it or anything, so I’d like to know what is the best style to do this to my hair would be?

Susan says · 05.02.12

Love this hair style! I have tried many of your tutorials, but this one and the ponty tail are my favorites. My hair is a little longer that yours, but pretty much the same effect. Thank you so much!

Jodi says · 05.06.12

We found this tutorial and I did this for my daughters prom hair. It was so easy and turned out absolutely amazing!! Her hair looked better than most of the other girls that spent tons of money at the salon for their styles.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous says · 05.10.12

Love your tutorials! Do you think you could do this one of Julianne Hough>

Anonymous says · 06.01.12

Hi Kate –
I just wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and your tutorials!!! I did the double messy bun today and it turned out great!!!

Kerry B. says · 08.14.12

GREAT tutorial! Not that a one of them are bad. I’ve tried several πŸ™‚ I have hair way longer than yours & with a little extra teasing I was able to this style with 2 buns. We’ll see how it lasts through the day… Thanks for all the great tips!

Adrianna says · 08.28.12

Just found your site and it’s AWESOME!

I was just wondering if you think the double bun is fancy enough to wear to a wedding this Saturday!

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous says · 09.08.12

My 3 daughters and I are having so much fun practicing all these new styles! I haven’t quit mastered this style of rolling it into a ball… Can you give me any other hints as to how to do this? Am I rolling the hair around in a circle before attaching the rubber band?
Thank you so much for posting these!

Rachel says · 09.12.12

Tried this the other day, and it was SO easy I was able to do it on first try & walk out the door (normally I am a perfectionist and have to attempt a new hair-do a couple times before I’m happy enough with it to go out in public).My hair is thicker & longer, so I was worried the double bun would be too huge, but I still think it worked. It’s perfect for those “no wash” days when I don’t want it to be terribly obvious it was a no-wash day! This is much better than the “messy buns” I’d previously done. I wonder how well this would work with damp hair? hm…

Kerri says · 10.14.12

LOVE your blog, thanks so much!!!!

Lena says · 11.04.12

Howdy Kate!!! Love your blog!!!! Love your tutorials!! Can you tell me what color lipstick you are wearing. It looks so pretty.


evpez says · 11.09.12

Hi Kate! Just want to start by saying I love your tutorials and thanks so much! I have done this style before when my hair was shorter. Now it is getting pretty long. Do you have any tips for longer hair that would help out with this style?

DR Bound says · 12.22.12

Kate- Love your blog! My naturally curly hair shouldn’t be washed every day, and your styles have helped me to mix it up quite a bit on day 2. I also love that in the “About Me” section, you have faith as your first priority. As a fellow Christian, it’s cool to see someone be so open about faith in their profile! Thanks for what you do.

Melissa Ruth says · 04.19.13

Just did this hair style and it was easy and I love how it turned out! Now that summer is almost here, I am so thankful for more options to put my hair up!!

Amy Triggs says · 05.10.13

I put my hair up in this double bun today and it was so cute! I just took it out and I had 19 bobby pins up in there! My hair is significantly longer than Kate’s, so I guess that makes sense.

Brittany0129 says · 05.15.13


I want to fix my hair like this Saturday for my boyfriend’s Birthday. I have reallllly long hair. Its past my mid back. After I gather my hair in to the messy buns, how would you pin back the side pieces next to my face? Those pieces will be pretty long. If I just pin them back the way you did, I will have a lot of hair still just hanging there out of the other side of the bobbypin. Does that make sense?

Brittany0129 says · 05.15.13


I want to fix my hair like this Saturday for my boyfriend’s Birthday. I have reallllly long hair. Its past my mid back. After I gather my hair in to the messy buns, how would you pin back the side pieces next to my face? Those pieces will be pretty long. If I just pin them back the way you did, I will have a lot of hair still just hanging there out of the other side of the bobbypin. Does that make sense?

Melissa Ruth says · 05.25.13

This has become a favorite updo and afterndoing it a few times, ive perfected the look. I love being able to put my hair up but not just in a boring pony tail!! Thanks for your awesome tutorials; keep them coming!!

Tina at Books and Marks dot com says · 11.29.13

I have long, thick, curly hair and this was perfect for me. When I just have one bun, it is heavy and falls all over the place. With two buns, I felt that my hair was more secure. For the long side pieces I put a bobby pin behind my ear then pulled the ends around, and under the bun, hiding them with another pin.

Felicity says · 06.19.14

Hi, I live in Oxfordshire in the UK and fell upon your blog. I did this style for Royal Ascot today and it was absolutely perfect and lasted all day under my hat! I have another event tomorrow night and am looking forward to trying another style. Your tutorials are great, so easy to follow, thank you! πŸ˜€ x

Jessica says · 06.27.14

I LOVE all of your hair tutorials. So easy to follow and such great ideas! Thank you!!

Robin says · 07.18.14

I have shoulder-length, super-coarse hair with loose curls/big waves and no style EVER works with my hair. I tried this, not holding out too much hope, and it actually worked out really well the first time around. I’ll have to try more of your tutorials! Thank you!

Genelle says · 07.25.14

Hi Kate!

I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and I always go back for new ideas! I get many compliments on my hairstyles, most of which I owe to you!! Thanks for saving me when I have a wedding, graduation, or just want something different with my hair! I have passed your blog on to so many friends here in Canada. You are so sweet! God bless you and yours!

Lori says · 08.17.14

I just happened upon your blog and it’s quite refreshing! I’ll be back for sure!

Shelley says · 02.09.15

Hi Kate. LOVE your hair tutorials so much; I never thought I could get looks like these. I posted some pics of updos I’ve managed from following you on my blog (with lots of links back of course). I hope my friends love you as much as I do!

Laura Flanagan says · 02.13.15

Hi Kate, I absolutely love your blog. Your hair tutorials are the best! I’m a hairstylist myself but I get stuck on getting creative with updos and shorter hair. I just love you messy/ undone technique. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Natalie says · 09.24.15

Following your instructions, I wore my hair like this for my wedding day. This hairstyle is simple enough for anyone who does not normally style their hair, yet is pretty enough for a formal event. Thank you for this tutorial!!!

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Mary says · 04.27.16

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