New & Old Christmas Decor

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My mom was in town last weekend for my sister’s birthday. We made the trek (50 minutes) out to Hobby Lobby and it was totally and completely worth it. Have you been to a Hobby Lobby? It has everything. Like Michaels, Jo Ann Fabrics & Home Goods on steroids. And they always do great sales.

When I decorate for Christmas I usually go for snowflakes or snowmen. I’m not much of a Red & Green + Santa kind of girl. 

I bought the large snowflakes from Hobby Lobby last weekend. Pretty sure they were 1/2 off or something and approx. $12-15.00. The small snowflake tree’s came from a local antique store called “Revival Antiques”, however I saw the exact same trees at another store that is NOT an antique store. So I’m pretty sure they are not antique. . .and it’s a good thing I didn’t pay a ton for these “antique” trees. (has that ever happened to you?)
The chalkboard frame and Christmas trees are from this project
The snowmen are from Home Goods, and the votive holders are from Michaels last year!

While my mom was here, we also ventured over to Furbish. Furbish is a home decoration store in Raleigh. It’s very unique, with bright colors and loud patters, but somehow it all works together to create a really cool look.

I picked up these wooden Snowflakes and updated the old jewelry tree design!

Even though I had plenty, and I mean plenty, of Christmas decor from last year, I still needed (read: wanted) to buy new accents for this year! I’m sure that will never go away. 🙂


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Jessica says · 12.08.11

I love it! you are so classy. Furbish seems like the anti-kate store!! It’s beautiful, but SO colorful.

Michea says · 12.08.11

Very cute! I’m also a snow flake and snowman kind of girl. Santa is kind of….creepy to me LOL

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says · 12.08.11

Love the snowflakes! We did a red & champagne/gold “theme” and I love it…just no Santa. 😉

Christina says · 12.08.11

I’m in the same place right now! I have plenty of Christmas decor, but I absolutely need (want) something new. I’m tired of looking at the old stuff from the last few years.

I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of sprays (I think that’s what they’re called) and decorated a plain wreath I had. It seriously cost about $5 total and satisfied my itch for new decorations…at least for a day or two! 🙂

modern jane says · 12.08.11

I hear you with the color schemes! Love your little snowflakes on the tree!

Deb says · 12.08.11

Trust me, you’ll ‘need’ a few new items of Christmas decor every year…for the rest of your life! That’s just how it goes…take this from someone who knows!!

Brenna says · 12.08.11

Your decorations are beautiful! But I’m actually mostly in love with that table!! Where did you get it?

Shannon says · 12.08.11

Beautiful! Makes me want to go outside my normal red and lime green.

Whitney says · 12.08.11

all the decor looks lovely!

Angie says · 12.08.11

I love it! I’m not a red/green Santa person either! Snowmen are my Christmas loves! Love the snowmen and snowflakes.

lori says · 12.08.11

i love your decor! the snowmen are my favorite. so cute and classy.

amber says · 12.09.11

Hobby Lobby is one of my FAVORITE stores!!!!!!!! I could spend hours in there every time I visit!