Surprise from my Husband

DIY Coasters

I was at a Womens Bible Study info meeting until about 9:00 last night. On my way home, I figured my husband, Justin, would be either in bed or heading to it very soon. He has long days, so he goes to bed at 9:00p.
I walk inside, he comes down to greet me, and I begin telling him about my day. Finally, after I finish all of my stories, he tells me he’s been working on my new office upstairs.

{ Back story: We were talking yesterday about how he doesn’t use his office anymore for studying, he’s in school, so if I wanted to move my computer and craft-ness from the guest bedroom to his office that that would be fine! We didn’t share an office before because, well, he was studying and I was listening to music gluing things together. Kind of different levels of work. 🙂

I told him that sounds great, and as soon as I can have a day to do the move I’ll do it! I’m going out of town tomorrow so I figured it would have to wait until I got back! }

So we walk upstairs, and he has moved almost all of the stuff I had in my craft corner in the guest room into the office! He cleaned out a bunch of his stuff and made room for me! I was really touched that he took on this project by himself!

So here is the work in progress:

{like my screen saver? Click here for your own!

That little slice of wood that is acting as a coaster was taken from clean up day after the Raleigh tornado’s in April. It’s become a little reminder to appreciate the things you have, because in an instant, they can be gone.
Sorry about the lighting in the photos. . .its kind of dark in here in the morning. 
But I absolutely LOVE my new space! And I love that we can have a clean guest room that is ready for our guests! And I LOVE my husband for surprising me with this!! He’s great.
I’m thinking of hanging a large canvas that I’ll paint using my Cutting Edge Stencil that I won over at Hyphen Interiors! Have you seen Cutting Edge Stencil’s website? They have GREAT stencils for great prices. I cannot wait to get mine!


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Hyphen Interiors says · 08.31.11

I get so excited when my husband does stuff like that to make my life easier! That is so sweet. Hope you enjoy making it (partially) yours!

Kayla says · 08.31.11

What a sweet sweet hubby!!!

love it!

Cherie says · 08.31.11

Newest Follower! I too am in Raleigh!
I volunteer with Alley Cats and Angels as a foster mommy.
really liking what I am reading on your blog.


Deb says · 08.31.11

Kate, that is so sweet of Justin! I love you’re new space!!

Lauren says · 08.31.11

My sister just sent me over to your blog. I love what I am seeing. Super cute stuff!

theschultzs says · 08.31.11

Hey! I know this is super random, and doesn’t really pertain to this post (but cute office nonetheless!!) but I found your blog (on Pinterest, which practically makes you a celebrity in my book) and you have already been such an inspiration to me. Here’s the back story (which you could read about in my recent blog posts): I’m 6 months pregnant, and work in a privately owned boutique, so I see tons of people on a daily basis, and everyone, it seems, comments on my pregnancy. Particularly, my weight gain. Now, I know I’ve gained some significant baby weight, but I was smallish to begin with, and it’s very obviously pregnancy weight (unlike certain women, who unfortunately start out so heavy that you can hardly tell they’re pregnant and not just obese). Well, this week in particular I was receiving some comments that just kept beating on my self esteem (“You’re so big for 6 months/your baby is going to be huge/you’re so pointy”) and on top of all that, I’m growing out my hair and it feels very in between and FRUMPY right now. So I find your blog and the tutorials, and it seriously has changed my whole outlook on the pregnancy appearance blues that had me so down this week. I got my bangs trimmed and am trying to work a slightly new style with that, I’ve spent more time working on the parts of my appearance that I can control (like my hair), and I can’t tell you how much better I feel already. You have been a Godsend, and your blog found me at the perfect time. So thank you 🙂 I look forward to following your blog.

Blog love,

Candice Craig says · 08.31.11

That is so sweet! Sounds like you have a great husband! Did you see YOUR shout out on my blog this week??? http://Www.toddandcandice.blogspot. All my friends love you now too! I still need your salon info because I may have some potential clients coming your way!

Vanessa says · 08.31.11

I just found your blog (through it was absolutely perfect timing. My blah hair is driving me crazy! I just moved to a new place and am still trying to figuring out where I should go for a haircut. I have never really known what to do with my hair and just the few posts I have read have been so inspiring! I actually think I can do some of the styles! Thank you!

ps what an awesome husband!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.31.11

Candice! Thanks for the mention!! 🙂 You’re too sweet!

Okay, I actually looked you up on facebook and sent you a message because I couldn’t find a way to contact you! Leave me your email address and I’ll send you my info!

Thanks again!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.31.11

TheShultzs: Wow. What can I say. Thank you for taking the time to share what is going on with you. I’m so glad that you are feeling better about yourself! There’s nothing quite like a good hairstyle, huh?

Your comment really touched me. Thank you, again, for reading and for writing me your note. 🙂

kadie dahl says · 08.31.11

Aww How sweet! You gotta love it when your hubby does sweet stuff like that!

honeyinmyheart says · 08.31.11

Hi Kate,
I discovered you on Pinterest…and boy, am I ever grateful! You are an incredibly talented woman who I am excited to learn from. You make learning about new hairstyle techniques less intimidating and make me feel that I can have gorgeous hair like yours! Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog…it’s such a joy to read it each day, now that I’ve found it. Life is so busy, so chock-full of things to do, diapers to be changed, meals to be made that it’s a pleasure at the end of the day to drop on the couch and learn something new to do with my wavy mop.

Question for you: my scalp tends to sweat; not like “ew, she’s so gross” sweating, but I can feel it, no one can see it (well, maybe on my temples…) So the style I achieve while blowdrying goes limp about 30 mins after I’ve done my hair. I completely dry my hair and don’t leave it damp bec it’s wavy and I wear a relatively straight style right now. I use a serum to protect from heat and humidity right after the shower; do my front section first to prevent cowlicks from controlling the look and then flip head over to dry a little bit. Then I flip back over and start drying/styling in sections. I use hairspray to hold the look (definitely switching to your suggested Kenra). But it never holds….I look limp in 1/2 hour. Any suggestions??

Also, fyi, the cut I have is a mid-neck length slightly textured bob that I’m growing out to just above my shoulders (kind of like the length of your bouncy bob tutorial!). It’s highlighted w/caramel and beige blonds and I have a “french fluff” of a honey color.

Thanks again! And can’t wait to keep up with you!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.31.11

Honeyinmyheart: Thanks for your kind words!

It sure sounds like you are styling your hair well! A few tips: try doinga “cool shot” of cold hair around your scalp right before you finish. That will cool your hair and your head down and prevent your hair from “melting”. Also, maybe keep a little baby powder on hand to tap into your roots if you get a little sweaty. That will help dry a few of the visible areas.

Hope this helps! Your color sounds beautiful!

Christina says · 08.31.11

What a great hubby!

Jennifer says · 08.31.11

Hi Kate…thanks for your FAST response!! Wow! Meant to also tell you that I tried to email you at the address on your blog but gmail said there was some kind of error with it…(didn’t want to post such a loooong comment but had to!)

Do you think you could do a tutorial on using the baby powder? I’ve never done that and don’t know how! Also, wonder how I won’t look like I’ve gone white at the roots???? Any help is greatly appreciated! You rock!!
Thanks! Jennifer (honeyinmyheart)

Abbey says · 08.31.11

Such a sweet thing he did for you and it looks great! I am a new follower and absolutely love your blog!! 🙂

Kate says · 09.01.11

Jennifer: I will do a tutorial with using a powder texturizer which will be the same as a baby powder tutorial! And you only need to use a little tiny bit so it won’t look like you are grey at the roots! 🙂

carolyn bradford says · 09.01.11

love your blog and so glad I found it through a friend!!! check out our shop at when you get a chance!
love, love, love the hair videos!!! I need it so badly!!!!
Carolyn Bradford

Sherry says · 09.02.11

Wow!!! What a treat to come home too!! You are a lucky lady! Love the flowers on the wall! Just found your blog and I love it! Your hair is adorable and I love the color!! 🙂

TheRisners says · 09.28.11

So sweet of your husband! I love your clock display. How did you get it? I got my mac last month and I’m still trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 09.28.11

The Risners: Here–


Shasta says · 10.26.11

How sweet of your husband to do that for you!!!

genene says · 01.21.12

I love,love,love all the hints and different insights I am getting from your site. I found you on pinterest and am trying all your hairstyles. It’s been so fun because I am growing my hair out, and have so many fun ideas. The only problem with it, is that I am spending way too much time on trying this all out. I have really thick hair, so it does take a bit more effort to get the finish product. I love that you share you are a believer. That makes it even greater, knowing that. Thanks for sharing!

Medecor says · 06.19.12

Hi! Love your blog! Love your coffee mug! Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks!

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Connie says · 11.16.14

Hi Kate, I just finished watching a lot of your tutorials. You are so cute and sweet!! I know I read somewhere that you cut your own hair. I’m sure that you don’t color it yourself, do you? Would you mind emailing me back and tell me about ho it is cut and the colors that you use?…. It is very pretty!! I look forward to hearing from you. Your hubby is one of the good ones!!