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If you’ve met me in person and spent more than 15 minutes with me you would have learned that I have a love for Pioneer Woman that runs deep. She’s great. I will always be grateful to my friend Allyson and my client Pat for making very sure that I knew who she was.

Her Food Network show premieres today and I am SO excited. You can really see in her blog writing that she’s witty and I look forward to seeing that play out in the show. AND I’m excited to see her cook!

So click here for details about her show and make sure to watch it if you are able!


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Anonymous says · 08.27.11

OH how I LOVE anything Pioneer Woman. I am almost crying right now because I don’t have cable to watch her. 🙁

P.S. I love your blog. I found it via pinterest last week. AND I don’t know why blogger won’t let me leave you a comment when I’m signed in ( I’m hoping this works. [email protected]

Candice Craig says · 08.27.11

Hi Kate- I just found your blog this week from a picture on Pinterest. I was shocked when I realized that you were in Raleigh. I live in Apex. We have a TON of stuff in common- love blogging, love hair and love the Pioneer Woman! I absolutely love your blog and wondered where your salon is??? Like the woman above, I too am having problems leaving comments this week. Have NO clue whats going on. Anyhoo- here’s my blog-
Take care,

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.27.11

Hi Candice! Thanks for reading! Did you watch Pioneer Woman’s show today? I loved it! I’ll send you a message with my salon info!

VickiT says · 08.27.11

LOVE Pioneer Woman myself and have her cookbook that hubby surprised me with. Her show was AWESOME today. Hubby even watched it and reads her blog once in awhile too ’cause she’s so funny.

Melissa21 says · 08.28.11

I love her too. She’s awesome. I did miss the show but I’m definitely going to set up the DVR. Just wanted to say I also found your blog through Pinterest a week or so ago. I love it! 🙂

Holly says · 10.10.11

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman! Her chocolate sheet cake and chicken and noodles might be my most favorite foods ever! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I followed AND I’m reading all of your posts as we speak…or type. Love it!

WenDee says · 10.27.11

i have been following you for a bit when i discovered you thru pinterest–i also love PW and have her cookbook and first novel—they are both signed–however–i wasnt lucky enough to actually see her in person~i just mailed the books to her and she sigend them!!! love your blog

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