Scarf Pins

Flat Iron In A Bottle
I’m very, very ready for Fall. I’m ready for scarves, and even more Starbucks drinks (Caramel Apple Spice & Hot Chocolate). 
And to prepare, I made a larger Ruffle Flower and put a pin on it so I can attach it to my scarves (or sweater, or necklace, or hair, or shoes, or purse, or gift, or a belt, etc.) this fall!

I’ve got a few for sale on Etsy, and also a ton of new jewelry! 
It’s Gravy’s birthday today! Yes, I am that person that celebrates my cats’ birthday. No, not the kind that makes them a cake or anything. . .we just tell them “Happy Birthday”!
I would have taken a photo of him this morning but he’s asleep on the work bench in the garage and I hate to disturb him.
Plus, I stumbled across this photo of him and it is perfect.
Gravy is the calmest, sweetest, easy going cat. We got him in December 2009 from Alley Cats and Angels (want to win some cash? They are hosting a raffle!). Today he turned 2!
In other news, any big plans this weekend? Living on the East Coast means we are all waiting and watching for Hurricane Irene. Although, Raleigh is in far enough that I don’t think we will see the worst of it. BUT, we did have an earthquake tremble here earlier this week so who knows what to expect! 
Have a great weekend, stay safe and dry if you are an east-coaster {or wherever you live. . .you can stay safe and dry too:)  }, and make sure to check back MONDAY for a new hair tutorial!


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hi, i'm lauren says · 08.26.11

happy birthday gravy baby!

Lindsay says · 08.26.11

What an sweet little pin! You are so adorable, you know that. 🙂

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.26.11

Lindsay: thanks! Your sweet!

jennifer adams says · 08.27.11

Beautiful! Im so ready for fall too!

Aspiring New Moms says · 09.01.11

I love it!!

sarah, flourish design + style says · 09.29.11

Ok miss! I had to stop my reading to leave you just one comment telling you I adore your blog! I cannot believe I am just meeting you.. SO nice to meet you 🙂 x Sarah

Anonymous says · 10.21.11

I have two things to say:
1. I celebrate my cat’s birthday also
2. He looks a lot like my gray kitty, Jackson.
🙂 🙂

Anonymous says · 01.18.12

I’m new to your blog and I just love it!!! Thank you for the time and energy you’ve put in to making the tutorials and posts clear and practical! I’m learning sooo much!!!