Loose curls with a headband

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I had to share this before the weekend simply because I cannot wait to share another hair idea until Monday!
I don’t have a tutorial because I didn’t plan on doing this, but I can explain what happened.
I curled my hair with a curling iron (see video here, also I’m remaking it to include my whole head, btw!) but I did it a little bit looser. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. So I grabbed my new headband and put that in.
The key to wearing a headband and not looking like an 8 year old is this:
style your hair as usual, put hair behind your ears, then slip the headband into it’s place. In other words, only use the headband as “decoration” instead of function. Use your ears as a guide and just slide it in right behind your ears. Is that making sense?
Let me show you what I mean: 

You can especially see here that the hair in front of the headband isn’t slicked back to my head. It’s soft and natural looking. It also doesn’t give you the headband headache that can occur when headbands are too tight. 🙂
Anyway, I hope this helps with headband wearing!
And have a great weekend!


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Aileen says · 08.20.11

This is so cute! I want to try it. Where did you find your headband? I love it. I can never seem to find cute ones.

Hi, I'm Kate says · 08.20.11

Aileen: thanks for reading! And I made my headband! If you would like one, I would be happy to make one for you! In fact, I might be able to do that today! Visit my Etsy shop (on the right hand side of this blog) and send me a message for a custom order headband! Thanks!

Corryn says · 09.19.11

I love this! its a nice for running late to work kinda day

Anonymous says · 10.30.11

Love all your tutorials. Thanks for sharing your secrets 🙂

Anonymous says · 11.03.11

I stumbled across your blog today Kate while looking for ‘long, layered hairstyles’. You are so talented at hair styling I am envious! If I could do what you do I would be excited to get ready every day! Your tips and techniques are SO helpful and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to help others go from ‘bad hair days’ to ‘good hair days’. Leslie

Anonymous says · 11.06.11

How do you get the headbands to stay in place? Mine are always sliding back off of my head! I sometimes wish I could just staple them in place!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 11.06.11

@anonymous: headband tutorial coming soon 😉

Anonymous says · 11.21.11

Hey katie your hair styles are amazing and easy you are so talented and creative me and my husband were recently assigned to fayetteville, NC I was wondering where you live in North Carolina and if you had a hair salon im looking for a new hair stylist up here =-]

Thanks, kim

Unknown says · 12.08.11

Thanks for the tip! I never wear them because I always put them in as a function to hold my hair back, but the way you explained it – Love it!

Anonymous says · 01.15.12

I know you said you curled your hair with a curling iron, but did you use a larger barrel curling iron then in the curling tutorial or do something slightly differnt? It is so cute with the large waves.

D says · 02.01.12

hi, i was wondering how you get loose curls like that. whenever i curl my hair i can’t get them loose. they aren’t kinky, just not loose. would love your tips or a tutorial on loose waves. thanks!

LoveLee Weddings says · 05.02.12

Hey Kate! I incessantly read your blog and watch all of your hair tutorial videos, and was wondering if you had seen any of the Head Band Curls videos floating around on pinterest and youtube and such? I would love to see what you think about them and their overall effectiveness! Thanks! ~Amber

Emily says · 12.22.12

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