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8-30-2011 UPDATE: The jetta will be fixed! yay!

I got one of those calls this morning. The kind that nobody wants to ever receive. Especially when you are 1/2 way across the country from the other person.

“Hello”, I say, at about 6:30am. I was woken up.
“Kate. . .I just want to let you know I got rear ended, but I’m fine”, my husband says.
I shoot up in bed.
“What? What happened?!”

Justin was driving to work this morning when it happened. The person in front of him slammed on the brakes, so he swerved off to the right of that vehicle to avoid hitting them. Then 2 cars back, a commercial truck slammed into the car behind Justin, causing him to be rear ended and pushed up toward the nose of the car in front of him.

Are you following me?

The most important thing is that everyone is completely fine. No major injuries at all. The only fatality was the job that the man driving the company truck used to have.

I’ll let the photos do the talking:

This is where his car was pushed to.
This is the car that hit Justin. 
The collision both opened the trunk and the umbrella in the trunk. 

At the Towing Place.

So, there was quite a bit of damage done. We are waiting to hear whether or not our car is “totaled”. 
Hopefully NOT.
I loved my Jetta. 
Yeah, this was my car. 
I mean, we are married so what’s mine is his but I have been driving this sweet machine since  May 16th, 2009. The day after we were married. And I loved it. I had just given it a good deep cleaning, added a garbage can so I could keep it clean. . .it got the WORKS! I looooved my Jetta.
But, allow me to get a little sappy here, I love my husband even more. And you can always get a different car, but it would be impossible for me to find another husband that would measure up to the man that he is. 
So I’m glad he’s safe. I’m thankful that the Lord protected him. 
And I’m really hoping our Jetta isn’t totaled.


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Jessica says · 07.19.12

I was reading your blog about your new office today and stumbled upon this one. I’m so glad your husband, and others involved, weren’t hurt! Praise God! What a scary phone call to get in the morning!

Just curious what happened with the Jetta. We have a 2006 Jetta TDI. This was my first new car and I still love it! They’re so fun to drive! My husband is a big VW nut.

jennifer says · 04.25.13

I just stumbled upon this post – the first new car I purchased was a 2002 VW jetta and I loved it. VW’s are such cute cars! Glad your husband and the car are okay.

zoe8 says · 04.30.13

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