Best Base Coat/Top Coat ever.

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Probably one of the most frustrating things in the world is chipped nails the day after you polish them. I’ve tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I mean it. I always end up with chipped nails the day after I polish them. Part of the reason is because my hands are in water all the time (washing clients hair) and that weakens your nails. The other part is that I just have really worthless nails! 
So I tried this 3-way glaze by itself. Just 2 layers on my flimsy little nails. And they were instantly stronger. Then I tried using it as base coat and top coat, with 2 layers of polish (OPI) in between. 
My nails didn’t chip for 4 days.
That, to me, is groundbreaking. I was so impressed. And when they did chip, it was just a minor little flake on the end of the nail that could be touched up. 
One of the reasons why this 3-way glaze is so good is that it isn’t “quick dry”. A lot of the polishes that focus on instant drying are notorious for the most amount of chipping. 
Anyway, if you have chipping problems, check out this product. It’s the best I’ve ever used!


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Ava says · 08.31.11

I just found your site and I’m loving it! I need to try this. My nail polish always chips after about 24 hours! Even if I use a more expensive brand of nail polish.

karah says · 09.05.11

Where can I buy this? I couldn’t find it at walmart

Anonymous says · 10.17.12

They have them at ULTA, an insane amount of Essie products, although they are a bit pricey.

Hi, I'm Kate says · 09.05.11

Karah: try target. They have a bunch of Essie products!

Jessica says · 10.05.11

I am now a mega fan of Essie. My mom first told me about and I just thought to myself “I don’t really like painting my nails because they always chip so quick and I’m not very good at it anyways so I’m not going to spend $8 for a bottle of polish”. Well then I saw this here and thought maybe I would give it a try. I ended up having to get it at Ulta because none of the Target’s, Walmart’s or Walgreen’s in my area carried it and now I am obsessed!!!! It’s been 5 days and not a chip!! I’m still kind of sloppy with the paint brush but that’s what Q-Tips are for. So Thank you! I now have (almost) salon beautiful nails without the price =D

Brooke Carlock says · 10.16.11

Thank you for recommending this, I’ll have to give it a try. Just earlier today I was thinking how much I’d love to paint my nails but that it just isn’t worth all the effort when it chips less than 24 hours later. Going to hunt this down tomorrow! 🙂

Anita says · 10.28.11

I am a nail tech (have been for about 10 years). These are the products I have always had luck with: on clean dry nails apply opi bond aid, base coat (I like nail tek), 2 coats of polish (will use essie or china glaze but I think opi is longest lasting) and then seche vite dry fast top coat. You’ll have to let me know if you try or have tried any of these products.

Alli says · 12.07.11

Seche Vite is the BEST top coat, but it says it causes birth defects and reproductive harm right on the bottle. Definitely a deal breaker. I’ve been looking for a good replacement. I can’t wait to try this one!

Ashton says · 04.02.12

Thanks for the suggestion Kate!! I decided a few months ago to stop wearing pink and white nails and experiment more with color, so I took your advice and ordered from Amazon. I have handwashed some pans twice in the last 5 days, and the tips of my right hand are just BARELY chipping!! I love your product suggestions, they are always perfect!!

Dana says · 04.23.12


Do you know of anywhere else I could find this base/top coat? I have looked at all my local targets, walmarts etc…and they don’t have the 3 in one. I couldn’t even seem to find it online…any suggestions?

Anonymous says · 10.17.12

hey have them at ULTA, an insane amount of Essie products, although they are a bit pricey. They aren’t mixed with all the polishes up top, but towards the bottom sections.

Anonymous says · 06.21.12

I cannot find this either. I’ve checked Target and Ulta. Any other suggestions? Can I order it online?

Unknown says · 06.24.12

Ladies, I found it on

Anita Robinson says · 06.25.12

I also never painted my nails before due to chippingwearing the next day or two. Until I discovered Essie and OPI. However, my best find for a top coat is Orly Second Dry. I can now wear my polish at least a week (sometimes with a touch-up, sometimes not). I usually buy it at Ulta but I’ve also seen it at CVS.

AngieBee says · 12.15.12

you can find it at

Rebekah Dunn says · 01.24.13

I have dried the essie 3-way glaze and the no chips ahead. They both seem to be similar in lasting and no chipping, however it seems to take an extremely long time to dry and after waiting a few hours at least I get sleepy and end up waking with indention’s on all my nails from the sheets. Anyone know how to fix this problem? I use essie nail polish also….thanks!