Making Use of the Kitchen


Usually whenever my mom, sister and I have a weekend together we talk about how all we want to do is “cook and eat”. We usually end up shopping and exhausted and order pizza. 🙂

This weekend, however, we did some major damage in the kitchen. I mean, this kitchen was made for damage.

My sister and I found a delightful pretzel bite recipe on pinterest and decided to give it a try. This is a 2 person kind of recipe, I thought, so it was a good thing she was there with me. 

Thats one of the best looking balls of dough I’ve ever made. If you’ve baked before, you know that dough can sometimes be weird. This dough was wonderful. 

Here are our pretzel bites. We made Cinnamon Sugar, Sesame Seed and Salted bites. The Cinnamon Sugar were my favorites.

We also made some “Rosemary Bread” but instead of rosemary we did garlic. y.u.m. The recipe is from my friend and it deserves it’s own post. That will come soon. 

So all we ate for dinner was carbs. So much for the Food Pyramid. Well, at least this weekend that Pyramid consists of 2 sections: sugar and carbs. I’ll get back on track when I have to cook for my man back home. But I’m sure enjoying the sugar binge. 🙂


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Anonymous says · 11.03.11

Thanks for sharing! I will surely try the recipe for pretzels 🙂