Ruffles and Bacon

My birchbox is here! My birchbox is here! I’ve been waiting for this package for a month! Birchbox is a monthly subscription of sample size beauty products delivered right to your mailbox. At just $10.00 a month, you get access to the latest and greatest beauty products for hair, skin, and nails. Read more about it here.

I thought I would take you along with me as I open my first ever Birchbox. I was just a tiny bit excited.

This month Cynthia Rowley hand picked each of the items. 

And she did good! 

I was happy to see Redken’s Shine Flash in there! That is a winner in my mind already. She also had a great neutral color of nail polish, hand cream, a fruit and nut bar, and a Philosophy Facial Cleanser. Love EVERYTHING Philosophy. I mean, I majored in it just so people would think I was somehow associated with the prodcuts. 

I’m so excited to see what other products I’ll get in the future months. And I’ll make sure to share with you all what I get so you too will be tempted to subscribe to Birchbox!


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Caitlin Erin says · 01.19.12

Philosophy Purity is the all time best cleanser ever! Thanks for sharing your Birchbox each month. I’ve been thinking about signing up, but now I’m convinced I need to!

April Garcia says · 07.18.12

I like the things you get in your Birchbox better than what I get…I need to change my settings!! What did you put??