Ruffles and Bacon

Recently, I made a ruffle pouch that is for sale in our Etsy shop. My sister wanted me to teach her, so we spent friday night eating homemade pizza and showing her how to make the ruffle. And she’s a quick learner. Here she is celebrating with her newly handmade ruffle pouch!
Last night, we had some friends over for burgers after the boys golfed. Our neighborhood golf course just reopened for the summer (they were redoing the greens earlier) so the boys took advantage immediately!
I made another fresh batch of Homemade Ice Cream with my brand new ice cream maker for dessert! After everyone had their “normal” ice cream, my lovely husband decided to try some with BACON. And he loved it!
With a quickness, everyone was dipping a piece of bacon in their ice cream to see what the big deal was. I had to make another few strips so could all get the full effect! 
Steven loved it, but not nearly as much as his wife Julie did. She horded the rest of the bacon and was scooping the ice cream with it like a spoon. 
Lauren, my sister, ate it but wasn’t pleased. I, too, didn’t enjoy the combination and was mostly horrified that we were “wasting” all my slaved over homemade Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream on BACON!
The only reluctant one of the group was Chris. With much proding, we got him to place it in his mouth, savor it, and swallow it. It did not go down easy.
(the expression says it all)
So, while we all discovered a new combination of foods, you can be sure this won’t be happening often. Or at least not as often as Julie and Steven will be enjoying it. 🙂


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Unknown says · 07.02.12

Try candied bacon in maple ice cream, it’s amazing!