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I shot the above photo in front of a window with the iPhone 11. Isn’t the clarity and detail pretty amazing? iPhone photos have come SO FAR from when they started. This is an interesting article that lays out all the models of the phone from 2007 until this year!

I can hardly believe we are all settled into October. I love the change of seasons even though it is a slow process here in the South. It’s been slightly chilly with a major drop in humidity for the past week or so and I welcomed that climate with open arms. I haven’t bought pumpkins for our front porch quite yet since it’ll still easily hit 80 degrees during the day and the pumpkins are prone to rotting if they sit for too long, but I’m hoping to put some out in the next week or so! Both of my boys have field trips to pumpkin patches through their schools so I’m sure they would like to contribute as well!

I’m listening to Where The Crawdad’s Sing on Audible right now. I think I have about 4 hours to go until I’m finished with the book. I’m very interested and will certainly finish it. I truly have no idea where this book is going to turn!

Justin bought some new shoes for himself that I showed off on stories. They are really cool. They were on sale at Cole Haan when I shared it but I’m not sure if that sale will still be going on by the time this post is live.

If you are looking for a good utility jacket for the fall, try this one from Amazon. It’s a really nice weight, comes in a few colors, and feels much nicer than you’d expect for only $32!

I have absolutely no use for this dress but I can’t stop staring at it.

Just as a friendly reminder: these are the best clear elastics, these are the best bobby pins, and this is a fantastic brush.

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  1. Posted October 11, 2019

    Your selfie looks amazing, wow! I want the iPhone 11 too now, haha! Thanks for the links and have a great weekend! 💕✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Celine says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Great makeup! What lipstick and blush are you wearing ?

  3. Kim Burleson says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Another great post ! Would you share where your sweater is from 😊

    • Kate says
      Posted October 11, 2019

      I found it at Marshalls!

      • JESSICA KELLER says
        Posted October 29, 2019

        Can you please post what brand the sweater is? I am seriously in love and have been searching everywhere!

  4. Posted October 11, 2019

    I am checking out all of these links! Especially Justin’s shoes (I just love shopping for my boyfriend!)

    K A T E L A T E L Y //

  5. Karen Ward says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    That is a great photo! My eyes, though, went straight to that sweater…gorgeous! And yes, the Wet Brush is a fantastic brush that can be used for both detangling and blow drying. It’s my favorite for my thick hair!

  6. Posted October 11, 2019

    Do you have the iPhone 11 or 11Pro? Curious about how much difference that third camera makes. Thanks!

  7. Mishelle says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THAT SWEATER CAME FROM!!!!! Sorry – I don’t mean to yell lol Please let it come in my size… (xxl) please please please…

    • Kate says
      Posted October 11, 2019

      I found it at Marshalls!

  8. DeLane A. Phillips says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Please share the lipstick brand/color you’re wearing today! Lovely.

  9. Charissa says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Where is your sweater from ?? So so cute!

  10. VONDA D GAFFORD says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Where the crawdads sing was an excellent book. It is not my normal genre but was very happy with the choice.

  11. Lara says
    Posted October 11, 2019

    Are the Diane bobby pins powder coated? I’m used to Martin Parsen’s which are so strong and powder coated. Yet, his font cone in a bronze/red color. TIA!

  12. Sarah Beth says
    Posted October 12, 2019

    After seeing you use Aquage Uplifting Foam for years I broke down and bought it after getting a new cut. So good!

  13. Amy says
    Posted October 13, 2019

    Love your look! Would you
    Mind sharing lip color and blush color? Also, what brand is your sweater? Thank you!

  14. Shannon says
    Posted October 14, 2019

    Just got done with Where the Crawdads sing. Definitely not what I was expecting in the book, but it was a good surprise. I am an avid reader and jump over to your sister’s blog to see try to give me ideas for my next book 🙂

  15. Andie says
    Posted October 14, 2019

    Love the shoes that Justin bought! He also shared his ‘drone flying in wet areas’ shoes that I would love to get a link to if possible? I think they were North Face? My husband is just as particular and if Justin loves those I’ll bet my husband will love them too!!

  16. Nicole Alford says
    Posted October 14, 2019

    The Blax hair elastics are the ones that used to be sold at Sephora and were branded by Sephora. They no longer sell them, but you can get them through Amazon. They! Worth the $$!