Favorite Face Makeup of 2018


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One of the most fun parts of what I do is being able to try so many new products throughout the year. I love makeup and the challenge of finding the best of the best in order to share it with you here on the site! So, without further adieu, here are my top face makeup products of the year.

BUT REALLY QUICK-I’m sure I’ve raved about something that I’ve forgotten to mention here so this is the best I could do from memory!

Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer –  This is a full coverage concealer that works for under eye areas as well as blemishes or dark spots. It’s a matte finish and does.not.move until you remove it with makeup remover. This is the only reason I actually looked awake after my daughter was born 😉

Sephora bronzer – I love this bronzer. It’s not overly shimmery or reflective and adds the nicest warm glow to the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow – A very indulgent purchase but perhaps one of my favorite makeup products ever. I absolutely love my makeup on days when I use this palette, it’s beautiful.

Laura Mercier Secret Under Eye Brightening Powder – If you aren’t setting your concealer, you’re doing it wrong. This translucent powder doesn’t settle into fine lines, it simply sets the concealer and takes away any tackiness that may be left behind. It also brightens that area as well!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation – This is such a great find. It’s a medium buildable foundation that looks so natural on the skin. It feels light, lasts all day, and makes your skin look glowy and healthy.

Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder – This makes any makeup, from the lightest coverage to a full coverage, last forever. It was my go-to on humid days in the summer when I wanted my makeup to last. It has a touch of color but is very light.

Becca Secret Brightening Corrector – I’ve found that I like this best when it’s applied more towards my inner corners versus all the way under my eye but it adds the nicest glow and reflection to look awake and rested.

Becca Glow Glaze stick – On days that I’m not working I keep my makeup really simple/minimal. This glow stick, whether applied on my naked face, or on top of concealer, makes my skin look like I just had a facial and is super healthy and youthful.

Becca Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder – I wore this setting powder a lot during my pregnancy with Emily and always got comments about my skin. I swear it was this stuff and not the “pregnancy glow”!

L’Oreal Magic Lumi highlight – This is a creamy highlight serum in a tube that adds a healthy brightness to dark areas of your face.

Becca Skin Love foundation – A creamier option than Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, with more coverage and a slightly more glowy finish.

NARS liquid blush in Orgasm – This is such a pretty pink color for blush, I wore it so often! There is a powder version as well.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer – A very natural, brightening concealer that covers beautifully. I would say this is medium natural coverage.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowing Face Palette – A gorgeous palette, like everything from CT, that is perfect for traveling. I use this almost daily!


p.s. A recent makeup routine video , some new skincare products I love for my face, and how to conceal blemishes!

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  1. Posted December 27, 2018

    I’m actually thinking of getting the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder or the Spray – I’ve heard such great things about the products! Seems like they really are worth it. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      My sister loves the spray!

      • Heather Mae says
        Posted December 27, 2018

        Does that mean you don’t use it? I don’t understand linking to things that you don’t use yourself. Well I guess I do in the sense that if someone purchases it then that’s money in your pocket. Shady to add things to the list that you don’t use so you can potentially make money off of it.

        • Kate says
          Posted December 27, 2018

          I use the powder, as I said in the post. My sister just told me today she loves the spray.

  2. Anita says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Thanks for this, I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas. Your recommendations have never steered me wrong! Thanks also for including some budget friendly options.

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      For sure!

  3. Sarah says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Have you ever tried the MAC setting spray? I keep hearing really good things…wondering if it’s worth the price?

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      I haven’t!

  4. Jenny says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    What color do you use in the Sephora bronzer?

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      The lightest, one!

  5. Monica G. Bing says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    How shady deleting every comment that isn’t a positive praise to you. Speaks volumes about you and your business practices!

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      I don’t know what you are talking about, I didn’t delete a single comment. I closed comments but didn’t remove a single one. It’s an ugly display of judgement and hate which sadly comes with sharing a very small portion of my life online. My recommendation is to move on, find something productive, and perhaps it’s best that you stop following as it doesn’t seem beneficial for you. To me, if something is causing frustration and anger in my life, I find a way to work through it or avoid it, instead of driving into it. Again, that’s just me.

      • Monica Bing says
        Posted December 27, 2018

        I’m not talking about that post. I’m talking about this one. You’ve deleted some comments that were there earlier. And you don’t share a small portion of your life. You share almost 100% of it.

        Also, not frustrated or angry. Just trying to point out and wake people up and realize that they’re being lied to and mislead. Just doing my part! 🙂

        • Kate says
          Posted December 27, 2018

          Monica, this is going to be my last comment here. I’m enjoying time with my family right now! I don’t share my full life and the fact that you think I do tells me that you don’t understand much about me.

          • Leah says
            Posted December 27, 2018

            Kate, when you close comments you by default remove them. Nobody can see the comments left on the trunk post now that you’ve closed comments. I’m going to assume you see a different view as an admin and are unaware of how it works.

          • Pizzakate says
            Posted December 27, 2018

            Pizza Kate is back at it.

        • PizzaThighCheese says
          Posted December 27, 2018

          Kate can’t handle any criticism because her entire life is dependent on selling herself for a buck. Air filters today. Maybe adult diapers tomorrow? She really needs to start selling weight watchers. At least that might ring tru with readers.

          • ClickMyLinkKate says
            Posted December 27, 2018

            I think I shall refer to her as ‘clickmylinkKate’. Seriously. At this point she is worse than QVC.

  6. Sherry says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    What shade are you in the Becca foundation? They tested me at Sephora and I apparently have yellow undertones – but I was still lost!

    • Kate says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      I wear either cashmere or vanilla!

  7. Lisa Harrison says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    You do a great job, thank you. I love reading your posts and appreciate the insight! Haters gonna hate. Kind response, well said.

  8. Beth says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Hopefully people see past her bullshit and lies for once. Just like the PJ pic she posted. Its clear she tried to slim herself. If you look at Lauren’s post you see how big Kate really is. People aren’t stupid Kate, well except your fangirls who think you are so sweet and mom of the year.

    • PepperoniPizzaThighs says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      Kate always hides behind her kids or other people to try to disguise her pizza thighs.

  9. Amy Skalla says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Some of these comments are mean. Especially the body shaker ones!

    There is some truth though- your whole life appears online via stories.

    Emily Elizabeth in dirty diapers 🙁 coming from a pampers employee who is obviously comped diapers to ensure your child should never be sitting for a photo with a soiled bottom.

    Did you need to share your recent purchase of another house?

    Every time you or your children are ill.

    Lots of oversharing *shrug*

    • Yellowstripe says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      I think some people have brought up fair points, but I assume mentioning Emily in dirty diapers refers to the sponsored post a few days ago on Instagram. As someone who actually uses pampers, what you see there is a yellow stripe indicating the diaper is dry, and it turns blue when the diaper is wet. Snark on, but definitely not about the diaper!

  10. Kristen says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    I agree that she’s completely sold out and out of control with the sponserships, links, ads, etc. I understand this is how she makes money but other “influencers” do it tastefully. Anyhoo with that, some of these comments are really unnecessary. I’ve got baby weight to lose myself, and mine is 15 months!

    • Shelly says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      Totally agree, Kristen! My youngest is 15 months, too, and I still have a few pounds to go! People need to stop the body shaming, it’s unhealthy to EVERYONE reading this!

      I’m pretty sure Kate gets it, folks…you’re tired of the sponsored content and are annoyed about the oversharing and stuff. I am, too. I just don’t read those posts, and I don’t click on the links, which would enable money to be made. Simple.

      But don’t blame me if I don’t believe for one second that you all stumbled across her “bouncy curled under” cut and style on Pinterest and DIDN’T immediately run to your stylist and ask for it (yes, I’m guilty. Nope, not ashamed.)😉

      • Shelly says
        Posted December 27, 2018

        And I mean that in the nicest way possible! Kate owned that cut, and I rocked it pretty well, too. Because it’s awesome.

      • SiriusB says
        Posted December 27, 2018

        Years and years ago, long before the kids were born, I found this blog because members of an online group nowhere near “beauty” blogs recommended this one for hair. I followed for years – because it was about hair with tutorials and recommendations more than anything else.

        Now it’s someone who has misused makeup to the degree that she must paint on her eyebrows, glue on/lift her eyelashes, and use a dozen concealers/contours/highlighters/etc to be recognizable but thinks she’s a skincare/makeup “influencer” (kinda like taking hair advice from someone who’s fried their hair with heat and dye, no?); tries to be a parenting “influencer” but posts Instagram #ad #sponsored pics of her poor kid in an obviously urine-soaked diaper; and tries to be a style/clothing “influencer” but can barely handle pairing basics that actually match, fit, or flatter (as evidenced by needing to pay a Nordstrom stylist to send her a plain black dress she doesn’t like and basic metallic dress shoes #truckclub).

        I check out this blog once or twice a month to see if there’s anything about hair, but it’s no longer on my feed (Amy Jackson for style and Joanna Goddard for content easily replaced this one and her sister’s Cozy Polyester Frumpalooza blog #walmart #ad). Rarely is there. I’ll take Kate’s advice from above and remove this one from my bookmarks. It’s been a long time coming. There are so many quality bloggers out there who are experts in what they post about – and still really care and invest time in that niche content. Once you find them, this one seems like the junk food of blogs.

        • KateIsASellOut says
          Posted December 27, 2018

          Hit the nail on the head! Amen, sista. Kate is the Bojangles of blogging.

  11. Monica G. Bing says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Shocking. I was blocked from Instagram. I’m not sure why you needed to block me there? I’ve only asked you questions. Why couldn’t you just answer them honestly instead of blocking me?

    • Sunny says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      Because Kate loves to complain about everyone and everything and when it comes to hearing the harsh truth she can’t handle it.
      Why she feels like she can constantly criticize businesses or service providers but never hear any feedback is beyond me.
      Kate listen to some of these comments because your livelihood depends on them.
      Be more careful who you partner with and make sure it fits with your brand otherwise it makes it look like you’re just desperate to make a buck.
      And please for the love of god be nice to service providers you come in contact with and don’t blast them to your followers if they don’t meet your incredibly high standards.

  12. bummed says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    I’ve followed this blog since the very beginning and I enjoyed it for a long time. The body shaming comments are completely unnecessary.

    Most of these comments are fair, though. A swipe up link on a sweater that was a gift? Come on. This blog is nothing but one advertisement after another. Anything that isn’t sponsored just seems phoned in. How many plain tees and layering tanks have been your favorites over the years? Another day, another grey shirt, another swipe up.

    All the complaining on instagram is the epitome of first world problems. The privilege is astonishing. And I understand turning off yesterday’s comments, but I think it’s time for an acknowledgment of all the fair criticisms that have been left.

    I get that this pays her bills, but this blog has lost its way.

  13. Freckles says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Much like everyone else it seems, I also found her for hair tutorials. I still found Kate interesting enough to keep reading when she started having children (as that was the time I also was having children). Lately, I just can’t stomach anything she writes. And I certainly can’t even take anything seriously that she is trying to sell on her blog, as she isn’t loyal to any brand ( as we have all seen).

    It’s clear she’s needing to pay the bills with all the ads, ads, and more ads. And for her to say she’s not exposing her full life on the interwebs is so far from the truth. If this is the direction she plans to keep going with her blog, that’s cool, but she should really re-brand herself then as a mommy blogger. Because as others have said, there are many other TRUE fashion bloggers to follow who I can look to for style help, hair help, etc.

    • Bummed says
      Posted December 27, 2018

      She’s not even a mommy blogger, though. I’d enjoy that. Just shilling diapers and admitting that she doesn’t travel with the necessities for 3 kids isn’t blog content. She’s not even a blogger at all at this point. Just an advertising channel.

  14. Kates Komplaining says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Truly, Kate needs to step away and get a job that does not involve instagram. If she isn’t complaining, then she is being disrespectful of her husband. If she isn’t doing that then she is whining about tradesmen. If she isn’t doing that, she is linking up presents that were given to her so she can make a buck. If she isn’t do that, she is complaining about not getting her free ice cream.

    Seriously. She has no gasp on reality. Or what life is like for many of her followers. She has no fashion sense, her sperm bows are a joke, and she has no clue how to dress her body.

    I am sure Kate has some redeeming qualities. What they are, I have no clue. But she is in over her ahead and is a laughing stock. Time for her to move on.

  15. ClickMyLinkKate says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    And 12 stories in a 22 hour period? Thats overshare.

  16. MoonsOverMyHammy says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    I, too, feel the same as most other commenters. Kate continually ignores her children as she talks to her “fans” and stares at herself in her phone (“hold on buddy, mommy is busy”, “oh wait, I think Dave needs me” *continues recording*). She would do well with having a day or five a week she worked outside the home, because I feel it would then truly give her full appreciation of both her husband AND her kids. She was so much more relatable when she still was working “behind the chair”. She needs friends, a hobby, a life… SOMETHING. And oh my God, someone PLEASE give this woman some color besides grey, ivory, or navy in her wardrobe. I miss the old Kate, who seemed to truly cherish her followers. Now? Not an ounce of care for any of us still hanging on. At all. And Croc-Ethan needs find a job, too. He also need not appear in stories with his mansplaining. It is so, so bad. Neither of them realizes what they have. Kate is 100% complaints and swipe ups all the time. It is sad.

  17. TheLaurenElisabeth says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    Awwww. Kate is actually reading the comments, although stops responding and claims family time when it’s no longer blind praise from her suburban mom entourage. I wonder how long until the comments get shut down today?? Probably soon I would say.

  18. Tuna jeans says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    I left a comment and it was deleted. I asked why you didnt think taking care of your dead tooth was a priority but buying all your needless crap is? Do your kids go to the dentist? Plaque and decay goes directly into your blood stream so if you don’t care about an early death, keep on doing you.

  19. Beth says
    Posted December 27, 2018

    I don’t know that Kate is reading these comments, but I really hope she is and that she takes a good, hard look at what she’s become and how people feel about her. These people are not haters. Every single one of them started following her because they liked her and what she had to offer and she offended them slowly, but surely–mostly over the course of the last year. I am one of them, but the cat vomit on the bed, the bathroom door slamming, the shaming of local businesses on social media and last, but not least, the constant prostituting of her children online for money–the final straw being her baby sitting in a urine soaked diaper for an ad–I am so, so disappointed. That’s it in a nutshell. Disappointed. The fact that companies are willing to partner with this absolutely baffles me.

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