New Years Eve Outfit (mine + similiar options!)

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dress, clutch, block heel sandals, earrings

I’ve been using Trunk Club on and off for a few years and as soon as Justin and I bought tickets to go to an event downtown for New Years Eve I reached out to my stylist asking her to send me options! She knows my style really well and the trunk she sent me was so much fun to explore.

You can read more about Trunk Club here if you aren’t familar with it!

I’m probably her worst client right now because clothes are a bit of a challenge as I’ve just really started to try to drop some baby weight, but she found great options and ultimately I picked the dress, shoes, and clutch that she sent to make up my outfit for that evening!

The dress needed a little altering for my personal preference, so I’m having the neckline taken up a bit and sewn slightly more shut, but otherwise everything else is perfect. I found fun earrings at J.Crew on black friday and all I need to decide now is my lipstick color and how I’ll do my hair.

I had shopped for dresses myself and was looking for some really fun options because #yolo, but I love the classic black and the fit is very flattering! It’s been so long since I’ve dressed up, I’m looking very forward to the evening!

The items I chose from my trunk were a bit expensive, and some credit that I have earned helped cover the cost a bit, so I wanted to find some budget options to create a similar outfit if you have New Years Eve plans as well.

 1. black dress, 2. lace dress, 3. metallic shoes, 4. black clutch, 5. black dress, 6. tassel earrings, 7. sequin clutch, 8. glitter heel sandal

I love the sandals from Target. They look SO fun for New Years Eve. And the sequin pouch is perfect as well, and it helps that it’s only $15! So many stores are still running great deals and sales right now so if you have new years eve plans, or frankly if you know you’ll be attending any weddings in 2019, these would be great options. The black dresses + silhouettes are classic and timeless so you really can’t go wrong!

I also found a few great options on Amazon if you want to try Prime Wardrobe! This is a classic black dress, and this lace option is a bit more fun for a party. I love the cut of this dress as well! A classic block heel that you can’t go wrong with, and a metallic version. And these would be a fun earrings option!