A super matte-ifying setting powder


I found the most matte-ifying translucent setting powder in history. It’s no surprise that it comes from IT Cosmetics, they have a huge line of products that work really hard to live up to their names. Their bye bye under eye is the brightest under eye concealer I’ve ever used. And I love their CC+ foundation too!

I needed a setting powder that would take away a bit of shine but not add another heavy layer of foundation on top of my skin, and Bye Bye Pores did just the trick. And I have to say, after the first few times that I used it, I would catch myself in the mirror during the afternoon and really notice that my skin was still matte and my makeup hadn’t budged! Color me impressed.

I apply it with a fluffy brush by Sonia Kashuk and lightly tap it into my skin. I LOVE that this isn’t a loose powder so I don’t feel like I’m wasting the product. This also works wonderfully to set under eye concealer so you don’t get creases or mascara smears under your eyes!

If you like the look of matte skin, this product will rock your world. Also pick up that CC+ foundation while you are at it because I’m certain you’ll love that as well. It smells like lemons!

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Comments (29)

  1. Posted October 3, 2017

    I should check this product out. It looks flawless on your skin!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Michele says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Yes!, the CC cream DOES smell good! I thought I was crazy…makeup usually doesn’t have a scent! Thank you for confirming that I’m not imagining things!

  3. Heather says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Pull you also please tell me the brand/color of your lip/brush color? Beautiful eyes colors!! Thanks!!

    • Heather says
      Posted October 3, 2017

      Good grief.. auto correct. That should read could you please tell me the brand/color of your lip/blush colors?

  4. Becky E says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I got a sample of this when I re-ordered the CC cream, and love it! I’m hitting the pan so I need to try the full size out!

  5. Alyssa says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I used the loose version of this powder for my wedding and loved it. It does make my face pretty matte, but not TOO matte. My skin still looks like skin, which I like and it really does blur your pores a little bit.

  6. Mara says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    AWESOME! Thanks so much!!!

  7. Ashley says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I’ve been wanting to try to this! Thanks for the recommendation. Is the CC foundation good for oily skin?

    • Katie says
      Posted October 3, 2017

      I’m an oily skinned girl and HECK YES, it works great! All time favorite for sure.

      • Ashley says
        Posted October 4, 2017

        Thanks! I’m going to try it out!! 🙂

  8. Kendal says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I want to try the pressed powder! I have the loose powder but I’m not a big fan of the kickback of it, etc. I will definitely have to try this out!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  9. Kaela says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Agree! This is by far my favorite setting powder.

  10. Marie says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Dang it, I just bought some Tarte color corrector and Nars soft matte concealer. LOL. I have dark, under eye circles and am always on the look out for something better. I was using the Bobbi brown corrector and Arbonne creme concealer before and liking the new products but it does seem a little bit drying. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beth says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Yep, I’m intrigued now. Adding this to my list to try. I currently use their CC+ foundation and the Bye Bye Under eye concealer. Should have known they would have other great products. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Kim says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I love matte makeup products – thanks for the suggestion!


    http://trendkeeper.me .. A Fall take on blazers!

  13. Angela says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I really want to try out IT Cosmetics! This might be a good one to try out when my RCMA No Color Setting Powder finally finishes.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  14. Bonnie says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    How have I never noticed the CC+ smelling like lemons?!

  15. Holly says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    I have never tried IT cosmetics, despite hearing so many great things about them! What am I doing! This looks amazing, I will 100% be checking it out, it is so hard to find a good, long lasting setting powder. I can’t wait to give it a go.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  16. JTL says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Do you have any recommendations for make up (foundation/powder) that stays in place in humidity? I live in the Caribbean and have yet to find something that works. Without sounding too gross, my face sweats and nothing lasts. I haven’t worn make up properly for years, but feel I now need a little something! Thanks!

  17. Katie says
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Yes!!!! I LOVE the IT Cosmetics setting powder! Nothing even compares. I’m also a big of thgreat CC+ cream too 🙂 such great products!

  18. Evelyn says
    Posted October 4, 2017

    Thanks for the tip! Also like other It products, will try this one!

  19. Posted October 5, 2017

    Really interesting… I will try to do the same….

  20. Stephanie says
    Posted October 5, 2017

    Do you apply the pressed power before or after foundation?

    • Kate says
      Posted October 5, 2017


  21. Nicci says
    Posted October 8, 2017

    Looks great on you! I tried the one from Mac yesterday and it actually worked. Wonder witch one I should get now:) Thanks for sharing this.

    • Margaret Mills says
      Posted August 21, 2018

      Mally Poreless Face Defender is a great one too. Try it, you’ll like it!
      PS: i’m a consumer and found this one by accident.

  22. Laura says
    Posted December 31, 2017

    As I agree that it is a good product the first one I had cracked into pieces. I exchanged it and the same thing happened.

  23. Jess says
    Posted March 3, 2018

    I’m new to make up and I’m looking for a guide in what I need to get started. Just basics and how to apply. I love all your different styles of make up you do. I’m just looking for the quick practical flawless every day look. Do you have some posts on that?

  24. Jess says
    Posted March 3, 2018

    What lipstick are you wearing? I love it.