Which eyebrow product is right for the look you want?

An invaluable skill that I’m trying to improve

Eyebrows have always been important for completing a makeup look, but thick statement brows really hit the scene a few years ago.

And a lot of people were going a bit overboard with them, or so I thought.

I’ve always preferred a quite natural looking brow, but I have such tiny eyebrows to begin with.


So I’ve been filling in my brows for years, but it really wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started to pay closer attention the shape and making them look a touch fuller.

Filling in and shaping brows can be an intimidating beauty step for some, so I wanted to compare 2 different eyebrow products today to show you what result you’ll get from both!

First up is Anastasia dipbrow pomade in blonde.

I loved this product. Prior to this I was using a L’Oreal brow kit (that I would still recommend) where I would press the brush into the wax, then pick up powder, and apply to my brows. I figured there had to be a product out there that combined the wax and the powder/color and in fact the Anastasia brow pomade is it!

The smaller the brush the better in order to get a very clean line. What I found is that this is the product to use for sharp lines. The color is a bit dark, I’m wearing blonde, but it went on so easily. I had to work a bit to get a clean finish at the end, which is the hardest area for me since my eyebrows taper off into nothingness, but after a bit of focus I achieved the look I wanted.

Raking through the brows with the spooly end of the brush will help soften up any lines left from the product. I really loved using it, found it to be fast, and would recommend to someone who likes precision and control in their eyebrow shape.

Next up is Estee Lauder The Brow Multitasker 3-in-1 tool in light blonde. This product came with an angled tear drop shape pencil, a soft foam cone shaped powder, and a spooly. Think of this as the all-in-one tool.

I loved the color of this as it was light enough for my light skin and light hair, and also was cool enough in tone. The pencil wasn’t waxy in a way that left thick strokes, but I wasn’t able to get as clean of a line like I did with the pomade and angled brush. I wasn’t expecting to, but I just want to make that clear.

The powder aspect of this tool didn’t blow me away, but it did add a bit of thickness to the brows overall. I think I could live without it, but it would be a great option for filling in holes or gaps in your brows if you have that problem.

The result was a softer finish in general. The end wasn’t as crisp, it sort of simply faded away, but I liked that it looked quite natural.

Between the two, I liked the Anastasia dipbrow pomade better for me, but I would happily use and recommend the Estee Lauder The Brow Multitasker 3-in-1 to anyone who doesn’t want either the requirement of a brush (yet one more to wash!) or the crispness of the finish.

p.s. I’m wearing Lancome Monsieur Big mascara NARS impassioned blush, and PIXI gel tint + gloss in berry. Also have my eye on this black and white stripe top


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.11.17

Great tutorial! I usually just do my brows the same no matter what look I’m going for, but maybe I’ll step up my game!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lisa says · 09.11.17

What brush did you use for the pomade?

Karly says · 09.11.17

Love both looks! I’m curious how you feel about micro blading? I know you are all about beauty and the latest trends. I recently had mine done (also touched up) and its the best beauty decision I’ve ever made! Cant believe I waited this long to do it. Coming from someone who didn’t have much brow to begin with. I got tired of penciling them in and them sweating them off during a workout. Lol.

Sadie says · 09.11.17

I’ve been considering micro blading as well. Thanks for sharing your experience with this technique. Would also love to hear Kate’s thoughts on this.

Judy says · 09.11.17

I have also considered having the micro blading done and would also like to get Kate’s thoughts, too. Have very thin brows, not to mention bad eyes!) and would love to have something done to make the brow process quicker. Thanks so much!

Jessica says · 09.11.17

wow Ashley. It’s 9/11, hurricanes have been beating down the southern US for weeks, and you’re going to be that critical of eyebrows? Maybe the color isn’t coming through on your screen, or photographs differently, or there was a better way to phrase your concern. Take a deep breath and prioritize the snark today.

Crys says · 09.11.17

Lol. I’m in FL too.

Caroline says · 09.12.17

I think the comment was removed– what a jerk. Some people are never happy and do everything to bring others down. I was so happy to see your comment to put things into perspective 🙂 Plus Kate is awesome. I hate trolls.

Jessica says · 09.13.17

the comment was removed, but I couldn’t figure out how to delete mine so there’s no context anymore 🙁

Louise says · 09.11.17

Great post thank you.
I always enjoy your makeup posts as I have a fair complexion/hair color similar to yours so I find your product choices & colors suit me well. I can relate to the fair smaller eyebrows – it makes such a difference when I take the time to do them right. It seems the ‘blonde’ version of all the brow products can vary so much as well. The Anastasia dipbrow pomade is a favorite of mine. I will have to look into the multitasker 3- in- 1 as well as that is probably handy to keep for on the go.

Have you had any experience with eyebrow tinting? I have heard that ULTA has a Benefit Brow Bar that is supposed to be good.

Molly says · 09.12.17

I’ve tinted my blonde eyebrows for years. It’s amazing how much of an eyebrow I actually have when they’re dyed! The color lasts for weeks but…. the first couple days they can be quite dark. It takes washing your face a few times to tone it down and then they’re great! Try to find someone who can mix colors, not just one shade fits all.

Mia says · 09.11.17

I’m also interested in hearing what brush you used for the Dip Brow 😉

Kate says · 09.11.17

It’s an older brush from Tarte!

Eva says · 09.11.17

You do a great job with your brows! They are SO difficult to get right, and it’s such a personal thing that no one else can tell you what’s perfect for you. I did my own brows on my wedding day because I didn’t want my (very capable) makeup artist to get them wrong. I have literally the opposite brows as you, nearly black, full (but never full enough, of course!), and they’re pretty grown out. I’m not sure if I want to keep them a little natural and messy below, or tidy them up. I feel like when they’re too tidy they look harsh, but at the same time, when they’re messy they can look crazy too. I guess you could say I’m in between brows right now! Haha!


Christy says · 09.11.17

I’m going to try Anastasia (I used her brow pencil before) because I’ve been using a MAC two tone palette for eyebrows but, like the second product, it doesn’t give me the sharpness that I want when I need to look a little more polished. Thanks Kate!

Myra says · 09.11.17

Ok, so I have blond hair (dyed of course) and really dark eyebrows. I always think it looks to harsh. Can you lightening your eyebrows? I mean, I don’t want them bleached but would like for them to be a little lighter. Any suggestions?

Kate says · 09.11.17

You can lighten them for sure, ask your stylist!

Angie M says · 09.11.17

Yours look great! I used the dipbrow pomade for a while, but I travel a lot for work and wanted to not worry about two pieces. Lame, I know. I love the Anastasia pencil-the brow definer is my current favorite, it goes on like butter.

Kristina says · 09.11.17

I’ve been using a Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil/spoolie combo that seems to be quite similar to the Estee Lauder one you used and really love it, but I’m definitely into the less defined eyebrow look as opposed to the sharp line.

Kristina does the Internets

Kate says · 09.11.17

I hear ya, the sharp line can look a little severe!

Melissa says · 09.11.17

I really enjoy Model Launcher eyebrow pencil in taupe! And your Pixi tint and gloss reminds me a lot of MAC’s It’s Really Me patentpolish pencil, my go to 🙂

K elly says · 09.12.17

What eyeliner are you wearing? Looks great!

Stefanie says · 09.13.17

Did you apply both sides of the Pixi lip product to your lips for this look?

J says · 09.14.17

I need to try this product. Right now I use a brow pencil by Benefit along with their product Gimme Brow (which you should try!). The Gimme Brow is like a brow mascara with microfibers, so it actually makes your brows looks fuller/hairier.

Amy @ SimpleandSweetFood says · 01.24.18

Thank you for the recommendations! I have never filled my brows, but since having kids, they have thinned out a bit. I got the L’Oreal to start and I love how natural it looks. How often should I replace it?

CookieMom says · 06.07.19

I really need advice on how to cover white eyebrows. I am a mature-aged brunette with dark brows, however, my brows have thinned with age and I now have a lot of white eyebrows that are quite noticeable. I have used different brow mascaras but some do not last all day and the white brows are visible by late afternoon.

Kate says · 06.07.19

Have you considered having them tinted?